Friday Catch Up: AdWords Overhaul Season

TGIF Friday Catch UpHey there everyone. These days seem to be passing by so quickly. This Friday kind of snuck up on us to be honest. Not that we mind it, the quicker the Fridays the better. As Halloween decoration has already started popping up in supermarkets, we’re not sure if time really is moving too fast or we are.

Google has been making some big changes to AdWords much to the displeasure or rather, fear of marketers everywhere. What is surprising however that these past few months have in fact brought updates that aren’t quite as bad as marketers tend to anticipate. Continue reading

7 Easy Steps to Launching a Facebook Contest; Increase Followers & Customers in Just 1 Week  

imagesWhen it comes to coordinating your own marketing efforts, you’re probably looking for the biggest bang for your buck.  What’s going to give you a quick business boost quickly and cheaply? Frankly, there aren’t a lot of marketing strategies that can be described as cheap, quick and effective.  But running a Facebook contest. When you do it right, it will dramatically increase your followers and customers without a great output of effort or money.  Read on to find out how. Continue reading

3 Ways Online Retailers Can Boost Conversion Rates

Promodo 1Anyone who takes a moment to think about eCommerce knows that conversion rates are a sink or swim issue. Either some of your virtual window shoppers become customers, or your business will be toast. Luckily, there are several things you can do to boost conversion rates. These tips can also cut down on cart abandonment–that dreaded thing that happens when online shoppers put something in their cart, but never end up buying it.

Continue reading

The Friday Catch Up: Twitter Unveils New Visualization Tool

Hey there! T497dd6f1626fa00c88b213d04dcc2312his week we lost a little bit of the magic we have in our lives as we said goodbye to Robin Williams. As we try to cope with this tragic news, a bit of internet gossip should be enough to distract us for a while.

Facebook seems to be adding to its shopping updates as they provide additional data to marketers, Google’s HTTPS algorithm continues to be a slowly unveiling mystery, and Twitter just unveiled a data visualization tool. Continue reading

Interview with Growth Hacker at TrueShip Michael Lazar

trueship_smEmployees are company’s greatest asset, we can judge about the company by the people it employs. We had pleasure to talk to Michael Lazar – a Growth Hacker, content marketing hero and top-tier copywriter. Michael is part of TrueShip’s team today; he promotes company’s services online and is in charge of driving targeted organic traffic to the company’s site. During the interview Michael gave us a handful of great tips and helpful tools which content marketers will love. So without further talk we propose to jump to the Michael’s answers. Continue reading

3 Ways You Can Supercharge Content Marketing with InPowered

lightbulbIn today’s post we would like to share with you a tool we have come across recently. It has so many uses in online marketing that we thought we should tell you about it.

InPowered is a tool that helps you find top stories leading experts write about you brand online and share these stories and the best quotes with your audience. The basic scheme is that you find the most positive experts’ opinion about your product and brand and promote it across the web and Facebook with multiple location and device targeting. And though promotional services are paid, other features from InPowered which help you identify top content and leading influencers are free and can be successfully utilized to amplify your content marketing efforts. Below are three ways we would use InPowered in our own marketing efforts. Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: Google is Your Knight in Shining Armor

c0eae0428c7231a7b0447eb5c7e98093So here we are again. Yet another Friday; yet another round of gossip from the internet. In all fairness, if the internet big wigs could spend one week without stirring up scandal or conspiracy, we wouldn’t be able to run this thing.

This week, Google gives a little more power to publishers and starts using HTTPS encryption as a ranking signal. The most interesting update this week however, is that facebook just became your new banking companion (if you’re in Japan). Continue reading

Webinar announcement: Boost Sales & Customer Loyalty by Integrating Social into Your E-commerce Sites

imagesWhat are your plans for August 28th? We invite you to come to our webinar to learn how social media hubs can help you increase online sales and foster customer loyalty. This time we are collaborating with a bright social media start-up Tint which knows everything about how to activate site’s target audience with social media. On our part, we will tell how to define and estimate results you get from your social media efforts. The webinar will start at 9.00 PDT. To reserve your seat right now, just fill in the form below. Continue reading

Webinar materials: B2С Start-ups: development and promotion – how to successfully launch your website

Hey everyonРисунок1e! Hope, you had a great weekend and now is ready to absorb new useful information about marketing stuff.) Last Thursday we had a webinar concerned B2C start-up development and promotion. During the session we talked about how to start B2C business online and market it successfully. Materials from webinar you will find below. Continue reading

The Friday Catch Up: Twitter Analytics Get a Makeover

Friday Catch Up PromodoIs it just us or are the weeks just getting longer every day? Mondays especially seem to be holding a personal grudge against us. Clichés aside, this Friday just could not have come soon enough or we may just have pulled a Milton.

This week we have Google making some very Facebook like changes whereas Twitter makes some changes that will definitely appeal to marketers. Looks like it’s time to venture forward into those treacherous lands and get the news straight from the horse’s mouth. Onwards faithful steed! Continue reading