The Friday Catch-Up: Find out who Google’s biggest competitor is and learn legal ways to gather intel on your competition!

1Welcome to the 99th edition of The Friday Catch-up! We are closing in towards an anniversary and like always, we will keep you updated with the latest trends in SEO, boosting conversion rates, and establishing yourself on the web!

In this week’s edition, we let you in on the some goodies Google has launched for its Tag Manager users and how the company is managing to keep its ground with its biggest competitor (you will be surprised to know who it is!). You will also gain valuable insight into the world of SEO, how you can keep up with the changes, by upgrading content, and using keywords like never before, to boost conversion rates off the charts!

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How to start a successful e-commerce project – interview with Luis Krug, founder of numerous retail projects

Luis KrugToday we are publishing an interview with an amazing and inspiring entrepreneur who has founded 9 (!) companies that were all successful and managed or consulted to help their growth 10 companies more. Please give a warm welcome to Luis Krug,lately CEO at Pixmania and founder of Incubout!  We were lucky to get to talk to Luis about what makes a good entrepreneur, how to avoid stupid mistakes starting up a new business and what marketing techniques have the biggest effect on start-up e-commerce projects.  Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: Google Ending Toolbar Page Ranking And Aggressively Working On HTTPS Validation!

f1Welcome to another edition of The Friday Catch up! This Friday, we have a lot more juicy news, and details that will surely keep you hooked! Learn about what’s happening with Facebook, of Google’s recent announcements, find out some great tips to help drive more online traffic, and to be able to create better content! Continue reading

Webinar announcement: Get Your Online Store Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

Pictures2014-10-03_14-15_Free Webinar- Get Your OnlineAs Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas are approaching, most of the people already dwell in a festive elation of pre-holiday shopping, gift-buying, home decoration and party planning. But for those who own an e-commerce store this season can turn be a real stress, as lots of activities and offers need to be planned, launched and executed.  Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: Google Cracks Down Private Blog Networks

2014-10-03_21-52_fridaycatchup3OctoberJust like you, all week we wait for Friday to come around so we can share the latest gossip making the rounds on the internet. We sift through countless articles until we finally hit the jackpot and find the most compelling piece of news to exhilarate you. We bet you’re aching to find out all the juicy tidbits, so let’s not make you wait any longer and let’s dive into it. This week it’s all about Google. The search engine giant is fighting back and targeting the shutdown of Private Blog Networks involved in duping Google to obtain a high rank in the search results. Continue reading

Webinar materials: Speed up Magento: Why and How?

Ebay shuts down Magento Go and ProStoresLast Thursday we have held a webinar for Magento site-owners with our awesome partners Magento support and development company Mementia. The webinar was very well-received as site speed is very well known issue for Magento e-commerce platform and, besides, site speed optimization is currently a trend among online marketers and SEOs too. Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: Buzz Sumo Buckles Up

friday Catch up Friday newsHey there everyone! We just cannot hold on to our excitement as we reach closer to our 100th catch-up. 100 weeks of Fridays especially dedicated to you and the gossip around the internet has been completely worth it. Before we start tearing up, let’s get on with the news of the week.

This week we have Google going head to head with Turkish news sites while Google also gets hold of a very important patent. Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: Data Galore for Google Analytics Users

Friday Catch UpWhether you’ve just woken up ready for your morning dose of internet gossip or have already ended your day to just kick back and relax, we are right here waiting for you, making sure that we leave no stone unturned in our quest for the latest and greatest on the internet.

This week, we have Google introducing a nifty new feature that is sure to become a regular staple on the search engine while Bing finally started stirring up controversy. Continue reading

Interview with Lead Community Manager at Prestashop Benjamin Utterback

PrestaShop-verticalWould you like to know more about Prestashop best features, its advantages over other platforms and new functionality that is going to be introduced? We had a pleasant talk with Prtestashop’s Lead Community Manager, Benjamin Utterback. So check out his interview for interesting ecommerce marketing tips and insights! Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: A Whirlwind of News and So Little Time

Friday Catch Up by PromodoHey there everyone! It feels like we just went through an eternity since last Friday. The weeks are getting longer and we just cannot wait that much to see you guys again. The noisemakers around the internet perhaps had a similar idea because we are simply
teeming with gossip.

This week, you’ll notice our news section is a bit fatter than usual. We have Facebook making stranger updates than usual and Google giving the axe to a much beloved feature. Twitter analytics also went global while LinkedIn also provided data control to its users. Phew! Time to take a deep breath, and we haven’t even started yet. Continue reading