The Friday Catch-Up: Facebook and Yelp Make Some Big Changes

Friday Catch Up PromodoWe love it when Fridays are a little nicer to us than usual. We hope that the weather is just as kind to you wherever you are as it is to us here. As the unforgiving sun releases the pressure on the pedal for a little while, let’s make the most of this sneaky moment to enjoy the smaller pleasures of life; a cup of steaming hot coffee, a great book, and some gossip about the internet giants that hold up our virtual world.

This week we have Yelp making some bold moves as Facebook rolls out some surprising changes. Continue reading

Interesting facts about brands that winning big on Twitter [Infographic]

2014-07-24_16-53_Which Brands Rule Twitter- atAnyone that has access to social media sites knows that Twitter has become a powerhouse for sharing information. In less than 140 characters, yes characters, not words, people are able to convey an assortment of information. People share personal information, compliments, jokes, requests, reviews, ask questions, and so much more than was ever expected.

The power behind Twitter usage may not affect everyone, but for the roughly 650 million users globally, Twitter is the place to go for the vital information they seek as well as a place where they can simply have some fun. One of the most impressive aspects to Twitter is that not only do the average man or woman take to Twitter to share how they think or feel about things, corporate giants, as well as those looking for their big break are also taking to Twitter in an effort to make their mark. Continue reading

Interview with 2Checkout’s Marketing Communication Director Sean Edgar

photoRapidly growing industry of internet retail requires reliable support in the form of online payment processing platform. 2Checkout is a serious player on this market that has a vision for future of ecommerce and stellar marketing strategy to survive in this business. Read the interview to find out about challenges the company faces and promotional tools it uses.   Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: Google Pulls a Hat Trick!

Promodo Friday Catch -UpIs it just us or do the weeks seem to be getting longer? While time seems to be moving at a snail’s pace over here, the big wigs around the internet have been rather busy.

It’s time to pop the bubbly everyone because we have finally hit the Google Trifecta! Google finally rolls out international targeting for webmaster tools, makes testing robots.txt easier, and even delivers some much needed information on delivering modern websites to users. We don’t know about you but we just cannot hold on to our seats with all the developments over at Google HQ. To the Batmobile! Continue reading

Mozcon 2014 Review: Best Tweets and Presentations Round-Up

Roger-Mozbot1The biggest thing Internet marketers were excited about this week, was, of course, Mozcon. Twitter community literally shouted about enormous amount of actionable tips and mind-blowing insights. So we couldn’t help but collect the most useful quotes and presentations from Mozcon speakers this year. Even if it won’t give you the same excitement conference attendees had, it will surely prompt you for new marketing ideas for your own project promotion. Continue reading

The Top 3 Ecommerce Pricing Strategy Trends

Promodo - 1Have you ever wondered how online retailers manage to differentiate themselves despite selling the exact same merchandise? Pricing in ecommerce is an essential way for retailers to stand out and secure customer loyalty. There are three different pricing strategies that online retailers have widely adopted, both historically and recently.

Loss leading is a strategy that top online retailers like Amazon use. These retailers continuously have the lowest price, but as a result also have slim profit margins. Another pricing strategy is psychological pricing. Researchers and pricing experts alike have noticed that “psychological prices” sell better because they are widely used, and are thus easy to recognize. Lastly, dynamic pricing is a type of price discrimination that changes prices depending on external factors, such as time of day, inventory level, and competitor pricing. I will go into depth about each of these three ecommerce pricing strategies below. Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: Trouble at Google HQ

Fryday Catch Up PromodoHey there our Friday darlings! How are you doing this week? No matter where you are, we are sure you’re doing much better than Brazil. At the end of yet another week of hard work and a little (ok, lots of) procrastination, we have managed to make it through to the other end with minor scratches and burns. What better way to top off this roller coaster of a week than with a round of gossip from around the internet.

This week we find Google joining the Dark Side and challenging giants where they live. Magento, who was rooting for the little guy, just did a 360 and we can barely hold on to our seats. Continue reading

Ebay shuts down Magento Go and ProStores: shopping cart migration tips

logo-magento-wuerfel-gross7Last week Ebay confirmed big movement which concerns a large number of small business owners. ProStores and Magento Go — products which served small and medium-sized ecommerce stores — will be closed.

In the effort to make migration process less painful and avoid traffic losses, we did a post listing top recommendations for platform migration. We are also ready to consult for free businesses that will be affected by Ebay’s decision, while Cart2Cart offer 20% discount on its migrations services from MagentoGo if you use promo code PromodoMGo20 .      Continue reading

Interview with Tim Sae Koo, CEO of Tint: how to leverage social media content for the site growth

TimSaeKooWe were thinking about choosing some great social media ecommerce apps that would help  our readers better integrate social media with their online store and bring additional benefits in the form of better traffic and higher sales.  Luckily, we met Tim Sae Koo, who gladly told us about the social engagement application he is a founder of – Tint. Below is the interview in which Tim talks about the application and his entrepreneurship experience. Continue reading

10 Top Tips for Running a B2C Contest on Facebook

FULL_blog-fbcontestBy now, your business should have a Facebook page. But are you familiar with running contests on Facebook?

They can be mutually beneficial for both your business and your consumers. Contests allow us to reward our Facebook fans with prizes and gifts, and in turn we build on our relationships with online customers (as well as our email lists and Facebook likes).

There are many factors involved in running a successful contest. Below are some strategies that you should consider implementing in your Facebook contest process in order to maximize its success. Continue reading