Webinar announcement: Shopify online marketing expert session #7

Will your store be able to sell a lot if users can’t easily find it online? What can be done to improve ecommerce store visibility? Site optimization for the search engines can be the right solution.  The final aim of SEO optimization is improving site rankings in the search engines and as a result more target traffic to the site and online sales. Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: Google+ Post Ads rolled out for all advertisers

Another Friday stands as the only thing between us and the weekend and a reminder of the impending doom of the day that is Monday. As Fridays go, this one has been agonizingly slow so far and we cannot wait to burst out of the doors as soon as the clocks strike five.

Looks like the season of acquisitions has begun again, but it isn’t our notorious Google that’s been making the news. After dabbling in some virtual coin for its games like Farmville and Candy Crush, Facebook seems to be taking the game into the big leagues as they begin an E-money service. Continue reading

Infographic: Promoting your site in post guest blogging era

Cooperation with 3rd parties from the same niche is one of the basic elements of offline strategy. Since in many terms Internet space is reflection of offline world, spreading the word about your brand via content contribution is a natural tactics for a site promotion.  Partnering with authoritative niche bloggers is a great way to reach out to online users who are genuinely interested in your product and strengthen awareness of your brand.

We have implemented methods stated below for our client from travelling niche and it worked amazingly well.  So we invite you to take a small journey to the world of smart, win-win guest blogging ;) Continue reading

How to get new sales leads with integration of offline and online activities

Business owners looking for potential markets can turn their heads into online direction. Integration of offline sales with activity in the virtual world has several benefits:

  • expensive advertising on TV and radio can be substituted by engaging users on social media
  • online you can find new segment of audience and extend brand awareness to Internet space
  • by following your brand online users become loyal to your brand
  • if potential customer hasn’t made one-stop decision about the purchase, by sending him online you make sure it still stays with your brand  and always knows where to find you
  • connecting to your brand via Internet is convenient, engaging and time-saving for your potential buyers

Below are several effective techniques you can use to develop your business. Most of them need company’s site and profiles in the biggest social media to be established or continuously run.  Even though it requires some investment and time, remember that it will go a long way for your business growth. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up: Google Is At It Again!

Hello our stunningly beautiful readers! This is yet another one of those sleepy Fridays here where you just want a cup of coffee to feel warm against your hand and give you the energy that you so desperately need. As we wait for the caffeine to kick on, let’s have a round of all that goes on in the menagerie that is the internet. Before we proceed with the gossip from around the web, we should warn you to brace yourself. There is news here that may come as a shock. So hang on to your seats or grab a shock blanket.  Continue reading

Arm Yourselves: Free Tools Collection for Internet Marketer

For sure, you use some tools without which you can’t imagine your life. Some of them are very valuable  in content-marketing. Some of them improve productivity; some of them are necessary to create a quality content. Anyway, all these internet marketing tools will come on handy. Continue reading

Webinar announcement: Grow your Magento store: going multilingual and setting up a marketplace

We have noticed that many ecommerce owners experience problems with managing multilingual stores. It is not easy to find the time in the busy schedule to read all Google help threads on this topic, that is why we prepared a free webinar summarizing the most frequent issues with multilingual stores and giving actionable solutions to these problems.   Continue reading

The Future as Seen from 1994: eMetrics invites you to Summit in Toronto

May 12-15, 2014 eMetrics Summit in Toronto opens its doors to host leading marketing experts and attendees from all over the world to share and exchange best insights, perspectives and practices. Become a part of this event to know how to develop and execute successful digital campaign.   Continue reading

The Friday Catch-Up: Google + to Show Post Views

Hello our absolutely gorgeous people. Every Friday is built a little differently. Some Fridays are quick and some Fridays are slow. This one is one of the slow ones but that doesn’t make it any lesser than the others. In fact, we kind of embrace the change after the crazy pace of the week. Today, we just want to head to the beach and feel the sand between our toes. Until we can do that we’ll have to make do with news from around the internet. This week we are admiring the persistence of Bing that just refuses to give up. We also have Waze making the news again after a long hiatus. Continue reading

Interview with Jason Miller, Leading Global Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn

We continue introducing to you top content marketing experts who inspire us by sharing their valuable experience. Today’s interview features Jason Miller, Leading Global Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn. We had luck to meet him at San Francisco and he kindly showed us around at LinkedIn.  Continue reading