Friday Catch-up: Facebook Cracking Down Click-Bait and What’s New in the Online Marketing World this Week

5151425de635aef076e179e54104565dWelcome to another edition of Friday Catch-up, and boy, do we have some news and developments in store for you!  Facebook and Twitter have announced some major updates and new features that will surely become a topic of debate sooner or later.

This past week has been full of news and what’s hot in the online marketing industry. This is the time of the year when major developments and deals are announced, and here is a recap of what transpired over the week! Continue reading

Webinar materials: Boost Sales & Customer Loyalty by Integrating Social into Your E-commerce Sites

social-media-crucial-tourism-successThanks to everyone who visited our webinar about using social for ecommerce promotion. We hope that the webinar was for interesting and insightful for you. On our part it was a pleasure to team up with Tint and tell you about integrating social media hubs into ecommerce sites and analyzing the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Continue reading

Fueling Organic Ecommerce Traffic with Effective Long Tail Content Marketing

Content Seo CrosswordAccording to Matt Cutts, a senior engineer at Google, and head of their Anti-Spam Department, Google has “trillions of documents” indexed. The powerful search engine juggernaut accomplishes this by using web crawlers, web spiders and bot programs – the most popular of which is called Googlebot – that never cease in their exploration of the web 2.0 universe, documenting and indexing their findings along the way. The data indexed thus far is massive, indeed. In Google’s own words, “Our index is well over 100,000,000 gigabytes, and we’ve spent over one million computing hours to build it.” Continue reading

Interview with Mike Rossi — cofounder of a successful ecommerce app startup Sweet Tooth

2342acbIn such dynamic space as online business is, it is very critical to stay ahead of competitors. Industry knowledge and advanced information are some of the most valuable components of enterprise success on the market.

An annual community conference for the Magento Open Source Platform, Meet Magento, is now coming to New York allowing merchants to network with the top minds of Magento ecosystem and exchange the best practices and experience. The tickets to the event are already available with a 20% discount with the promo code PromodMM.

One of Meet Magento NY speakers is Mike Rossi, CEO at Sweet Tooth. Mike posseses a great experience in helping Magento merchants successfully build and grow their stores online. We asked Mike to share his experience in online business promotion and tell more about the topic he will be speaking about at the event. Continue reading

Friday Catch Up: AdWords Overhaul Season

TGIF Friday Catch UpHey there everyone. These days seem to be passing by so quickly. This Friday kind of snuck up on us to be honest. Not that we mind it, the quicker the Fridays the better. As Halloween decoration has already started popping up in supermarkets, we’re not sure if time really is moving too fast or we are.

Google has been making some big changes to AdWords much to the displeasure or rather, fear of marketers everywhere. What is surprising however that these past few months have in fact brought updates that aren’t quite as bad as marketers tend to anticipate. Continue reading

7 Easy Steps to Launching a Facebook Contest; Increase Followers & Customers in Just 1 Week  

imagesWhen it comes to coordinating your own marketing efforts, you’re probably looking for the biggest bang for your buck.  What’s going to give you a quick business boost quickly and cheaply? Frankly, there aren’t a lot of marketing strategies that can be described as cheap, quick and effective.  But running a Facebook contest. When you do it right, it will dramatically increase your followers and customers without a great output of effort or money.  Read on to find out how. Continue reading

3 Ways Online Retailers Can Boost Conversion Rates

Promodo 1Anyone who takes a moment to think about eCommerce knows that conversion rates are a sink or swim issue. Either some of your virtual window shoppers become customers, or your business will be toast. Luckily, there are several things you can do to boost conversion rates. These tips can also cut down on cart abandonment–that dreaded thing that happens when online shoppers put something in their cart, but never end up buying it.

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The Friday Catch Up: Twitter Unveils New Visualization Tool

Hey there! T497dd6f1626fa00c88b213d04dcc2312his week we lost a little bit of the magic we have in our lives as we said goodbye to Robin Williams. As we try to cope with this tragic news, a bit of internet gossip should be enough to distract us for a while.

Facebook seems to be adding to its shopping updates as they provide additional data to marketers, Google’s HTTPS algorithm continues to be a slowly unveiling mystery, and Twitter just unveiled a data visualization tool. Continue reading

Interview with Growth Hacker at TrueShip Michael Lazar

trueship_smEmployees are company’s greatest asset, we can judge about the company by the people it employs. We had pleasure to talk to Michael Lazar – a Growth Hacker, content marketing hero and top-tier copywriter. Michael is part of TrueShip’s team today; he promotes company’s services online and is in charge of driving targeted organic traffic to the company’s site. During the interview Michael gave us a handful of great tips and helpful tools which content marketers will love. So without further talk we propose to jump to the Michael’s answers. Continue reading

3 Ways You Can Supercharge Content Marketing with InPowered

lightbulbIn today’s post we would like to share with you a tool we have come across recently. It has so many uses in online marketing that we thought we should tell you about it.

InPowered is a tool that helps you find top stories leading experts write about you brand online and share these stories and the best quotes with your audience. The basic scheme is that you find the most positive experts’ opinion about your product and brand and promote it across the web and Facebook with multiple location and device targeting. And though promotional services are paid, other features from InPowered which help you identify top content and leading influencers are free and can be successfully utilized to amplify your content marketing efforts. Below are three ways we would use InPowered in our own marketing efforts. Continue reading