5 things you shouldn’t expect when ordering PPC advertising services

There are a large number of arguments in favor of PPC management companies. However, it is important to understand what scope of work will be covered by PPC team and what part of work will still depend on a client. This article will cover some of such moments.  

1. Don’t expect the agency to know your business in every detail

No matter how attentively and detailed a manager finds out the goals of your business you are the one that will stay the best expert in this field. Therefore, at the first stage of the cooperating with the agency you should allow a manager to dive into your industry as deep as possible. Tell in details about your needs and desired results from the planned advertising campaign. In every detail, just like as a manager would be your psychologist, and no need to be shy.  

Help the agency to understand the peculiarities of your business. Explain the twists and turns of the industry. Based on this an advertising campaign will be prepared as close as possible for the conversation with your target audience. 

Provide the information about your clients’ average bill and specify desired number of new sales so the agency could map out a course of return on investment. Certainly, all this is done basing on the traffic and conversions forecast. The simplest but most important calculations will help you to improve the performance efficiency instead of just covering the expenses on AdWords advertising.

Synergistic interaction while planning advertising strategy will allow agency to perform efficiently, and this will also allow you to receive desired sales volumes. 

2. Don’t expect the agency to compete in a niche without your participation 

Delightful! Everything goes as planned. Well organized advertising campaign delivers only targeted visitors to your site – those who are interested in your offer. Logically, these visitors should gladly purchase your goods but unfortunately the logic does not always work as we expect it to work. Sometimes we do not receive the desired amount of sales. Let’s imagine the ad manager has analyzed advertising campaign and figured out your offer was not competitive.

It’s your turn to think about how to make the offer more attractive. You are not going to win without participating in a process.

3. Don’t expect the agency to organize your business processes

When advertising campaign shows good results and customers are already lining up for your attractive product it is really important to make sure all inner processes of your company run like clockwork: telephone lines are set up, goods are ready to be dispatched and delivered within terms agreed, and discounts promised are valid. All you promise in your advertising offer and describe on your site must be confirmed by the realities of your business.

Launching advertising campaign you need to be ready for new orders and only in this case every spent dollar will not be wasted.

4. Don’t expect to get high volume sales just by means of PPC

It is really great when an agency that manages your advertising campaigns is ready not only to provide analytical reports on advertising efficiency indicators but also to offer the ideas on how to increase the conversions.

In addition to attractive promotional offers and marketing catnips working on your side there is also a website that is supposed to convince the maximum number of people who came to the site to become your customers.

Whether it is media planning, analytics, solving problems with conversions or web development, the agency which is able to offer you full range of services will save you time and money to improve the return on investment in advertising.

5. Don’t expect the agency to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

Creation of advertising campaigns is mostly manual work. It is necessary to come up with ideas about ad texts and write them, make keyword research, find ad platforms and set up the placement settings. In such situation one needs to always be ready for constant and immediate change in the ad texts. That is what is usually additionally paid or you will need to hire an advertising specialist.

A full-time employee will be fully involved into a process and will be able to spend most time making monthly changes in ad campaigns. Otherwise, you will need to pass all the information to the agency, then the problem will be passed to a specialist to be solved and so the advertising of the last year’s snow is guaranteed.

But even if you are ready to hire a dedicated employee to manage advertising the ad campaign may still be managed by the agency that will provide analytics and help your specialist to manage all the problems and questions that will arise.

So all in all, your task should be to make interesting offers, provide fast delivery and high level support. Without well tuned inner processes advertising will not work. So have a look inside your business to get the things going right. And have successful online advertising!


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5 things you shouldn’t expect when ordering PPC advertising services

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