7 useful services for an internet entrepreneur

Mobile services are quickly becoming a topic for discussion if they are connected with consumer decisions: if a new messenger appears, for example, it becomes a news occasion for lots of publications and gains a million of downloads. Services in b2b, as a rule, are deprived from such attention. The thing is, probably, that the services for serious cases are associated with something boring and complicated. But in fact, entrepreneurs have so up-to-date and stylish services that you can even tell your girl-friend she can use them for entertainment.

In this review we describe the services that turn not very interesting things, like statistic analysis, into a simple and beautiful user interface. The main criterium of services selection was how much they simplify the routine of collecting analytical data for online business and thus allow more time to correct your own  marketing strategy.


This service collects the analytics for ecommerce, namely, it records the history of purchases, calculates sales conversion, monitors which products are the most popular, which are the least. In general, it does everything that, in theory, the business manager should immediately do.

The main feature of Jirafe is that calculations are left behind the scenes, and you receive a ready infographics where the current state of business can be seen. Jirafe shows a number of users of your online store, a number of purchases, sales conversion, statistics on the payment methods, the most popular products.

As a way to demonstrate the service efficiency the creators of the service give the following figures on their site: the Jirafe customers’ traffic grew by 70% and the sales increased by 10% on average (unfortunately, the service creators do not specify – compared to what indexes such growth takes place).


It is a service for analytics of ecommerce efficiency (e.g. to calculate ROI or the key indicators). The peculiarity and the main feature of the service is that a great variety of databases can be connected to it for calculations.

For example, it can trace the user with the help of Google Analytics and understand where he came from; it can also take into account the content of the user’s shopping cart based on the data received from Magento or Shopify (the most common platforms for online stores) – and thus make a conclusion about the type of the users most interested in the specific product in your store.

For those who has several online businesses (e.g. online stores), the service helps build comparative characteristics, and on that base you will understand which of the sites is profitable and which one needs reworking and development.

Unlike the Jirafe, RJMetrics is installed individually for every business and has not the single interface but a lot of components. Accordingly, the final picture looks the way each specific customer needs.  The fact that RJMetrics team is ready to connect through API any third-party database for calculation is also handful (if you suddenly would like to calculate how many subscribers of your page in some social service click a link to your online store and really spend money there).

The RJMetrics package price is assigned based on the number of users of your business, but the prices are reasonable: if you have 100 000 people in the base, you will have to pay 500$ per month, if a million – 2000$ per month.

Ecommerce Google Analytics

The well-known Google Analytics with the special add-on Ecommerce is the same service Google Analytics, but linked to the shopping cart of the online store.

Google stays a flagship in the issues of various metrics and offers the simplest solutions. There are no such nice designer diagrams here as in the mentioned Jirafe and RJMetrics, but all the measurements are clear and easy to understand.


It is the service, developed by the “retailers for retailers”, as they say on the official site. It shows the same metrics as the services mentioned ealier (traffic sources, sales conversions, the most popular products), but as a feature here we have creating profile for each specific customer. If you have a CRM-system, the customer profile can be filled to the limit and you should encourage him for every move and every purchase. There is a trial version for 28 days.

Oh my stats!

The service that links the history of purchases in your store to the current marketing campaigns, i.e. helps to measure efficiency of every promo-launch.

In fact the service just monitors those who visited the online store by the click from the current ad banners and separates them from the other users. It also compares the budget, spent on the advertisement, and the profit of the store, and gives the answer to the question if the money wasn’t wasted. The service is paid, but it is free for small businesses with the coverage of 10 000 people.



It is the service, made specifically for mobile application. It is under development currently and will be launched in October-November this year. Among the features, specified by the developers on the site, they promise that the Payler will show all the key metrics for ecommerce (transactions history, sales conversion), as well as the buyers behavior forecast, and also it will determine seasonality of this behavior. It is also interesting that the data for analytics will be tied not to the traffic history, but to the payment gateway, i.e. it is money transactions that will be measured. The service is from the category “two in one”: analytics of your business plus possibility to pay by bank cards.

It is clear that whatever good the service is, it does not guarantee successful and immediate development of your business. But in the hands of an experienced manager any of these tools can easily beat the scenario with papers, calculators and bitten pencil.


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7 useful services for an internet entrepreneur

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