December Round-Up: 2015 Insights, 2016 Trends and some Touching Christmas Videos

The year is coming to its end and it is the right time to look back at all the main events, articles, searches and SEO practices of 2015 and to plan the coming 2016 year. In our December round-up we would like to analyze the 2015 year and look at the main trends of 2016 – to give you a hint on which way to develop the marketing strategy of your business. We also wanted to make this digest special, so added some Christmas video ads to bring you some Holiday mood.

2015 Insights

  1. Brands That Won (and Lost) Google in 2015

A good analytics by Moz with the ranking of the most page-one Google real-estate. Analyzing the data provided by Moz you can build the marketing strategy for the next year. For instance, Amazon is the second in general ranking, which is a signal for small retailers. And Pinterest is under the number 13, with the loss of 0.23%, which can be a hint for those, using Pinterest in their marketing goals.


  1. MozCast’s Year in Review (Infographic)

Another valuable material by Moz is their infographic on the confirmed Google search algorithm updates, for you not to miss a single detail. Among the data provided, there are the most volatile days in 2014 and 2015 and an average daily temp.

  1. Figaro Digital Editorial Article

Figaro Digital in their editorial digest summed up the main trends of 2015, discussing which of them became the must for marketing strategists and the way how to use those trends. Among the discussed issues there are: content as a product (or how to plan your content marketing campaign), the Internet of things, the growing popularity of a video content etc. the article is worth reading in terms of choosing the right marketing strategy for the next year.

  1. 10 Most Popular Articles of 2015 by Search Engine Watch

The Search Engine Watch collected 10 most popular articles by their editorial team in one final digest to give you a chance to look through, if you missed something. Among the issues highlighted in the collected articles there are: web design trends, the ways to reduce bounce rates, Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm, SEO internal linking, the ways to place a search box of your website in Google’s search results etc. Some of the materials are undoubtedly worth reading and could be helpful for your business. 


  1. The Top US and UK searches of 2015 by Bing

Bing revealed the top US and UK searches of the 2015 year. By reflecting back on the searches of your consumers you can try to figure out what will be of their interest in 2016 and how to use those in your own purposes.

  1. How to use 2015 SEO tools in 2016

The article is looking over the most used marketing SEO tools, such as on-site optimization, content strategy and offline reputation of the brand. At the same time the deep analysis on social media, desktop-focused SEO, information-based content traffic etc. and the ways to use it for building your brand is provided. The article would be helpful for those willing to compare the tools they have already used with the ones that will become popular and urgent next year.

smart serach

2016 Trends

  1. Long Tail Keywords for Mobile Apps

The article tells about the new implication concerning Google search on mobile devices – when you search Google from your portable device (tablet or phone) – you will see the app-only content, even if the app is not installed on your device (which means you will need to concentrate on long tail keywords at your Mobile Apps to promote it).

mobile search

  1. 5 Predictions on SEO 2016

The material provided by Business2Community website make an analysis of 5 predictions for SEO in 2016. Among them there are: user engagement, instant answers in Google search, conceptual key words, mobile search and machine learning. The article can be helpful if you would like to rebuild your SEO strategy and is looking for the ways how to do that and what to pay attention at. Generally, Business2Community is not the only source discussing the provided above issues. What is clear – you should pay attention to mobile technologies (i.e. mobile SEO, UI/UX optimization etc.) and work more on keyword search.

  1. 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

The Search Engine Journal offers their list of digital marketing trends for 2016. Among the trends they name there are: social ads, Facebook Messenger for business, podcasts, native advertising, personalized PPC, marketing automation, videos, mobile, wearables and buy buttons. Why to read? Some of the trends are really new and not widely used yet, while others (i.e. buy buttons) became a part of our everyday life. To succeed in business you always need to be one step ahead, so we would recommend you to take a look at this trends and to try to implement them in your marketing strategy.

  1. Trends in Digital Media

Another look on what to wait for in 2016 in the world of digital data – this time the Smart Insights decided to observe the ways how digital media and technology will affect marketing. One of the raised issues is how to integrate digital and traditional marketing. The data provided to illustrate this issue can be useful in order to reduce marketing budget of your business.

  1. 44 Experts on the Future of Organic Search Success

This is a long-read by Momentology, where 44 experts are discussing the ways of organic search development, SEO trends and how the key words chosen appropriately can help your business grow. The material is quite valuable as it combines the insights of opinion-makers and trend-setters.

larry kim

  1. The Value of Links for KPI in 2016

The article tells about the experience of an expert of how to use link building for SEO. The existing methods and new trends are discussed. As generally, the trend for 2016 looks like more organic search, long tail keywords and natural SEO, the author believes, the proper use of link strategy can empower all the other online marketing channels.

Touching Christmas Videos

At this time of Christmas miracles we could not stay aside of the holiday mood and made a collection of Christmas videos for you. Enjoy!

Microsoft spreads the spirit of the season on 5th Ave

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 – #ManOnTheMoon




 Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas Advert 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity


Coca-Cola Christmas of 2015 ( Commercial )


 Duracell Star Wars Commercial: Battle for Christmas Morning

The Spanish Christmas Lottery Advert 2015



Promodo team wishes you the very best in the upcoming 2016 year: stay motivated, follow new trends and develop your business! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!






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December Round-Up: 2015 Insights, 2016 Trends and some Touching Christmas Videos

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