Digital Marketing Podcasts That Will Help You Stay Up To Date

Why is it significant?

In September 2003, a former newspaper and television journalist Christopher Lydon recorded an interview with RSS-developer Dave Winer. It was the very first podcast in the world. For the following several months Lydon created the whole series of his talks with bloggers, scientists and others.

Today there are thousands of podcasts from different fields of knowledge in the World Wide Web. They are especially popular among leading businessmen and their audience. Moreover, if you don’t have enough time to read the articles or to watch the video during an intensive working day, podcasts is the best option for you.  

You can listen to them during your workout, while riding the subway, in the car on your way to work or just walking around and at the same time you expand your knowledge.

How to listen to podcasts

Nowadays you can find a great number of different apps for comfortable listening to podcasts. Most of them have online search, auto download, synchronization and backup.

Instacast – is one of the best apps for listening to podcasts. In addition to versions for iPhone and iPad, application is also available on the Mac App Store. This app can sync content between different devices through user account.


Apple’s default apps – Podcasts — has all the necessary features to satisfy user’s needs. You can explore new podcasts by browsing the Featured or iTunes Top Charts. Application’s functionality is more than enough for the most podcasts listeners, moreover, it is default and free.


Pocket Casts – one of the best apps for podcasts on the Android platform. In addition to a large collection of various channels and extensive settings, the program has an excellent, thoughtful and beautiful interface with cover and detailed description of each channel.

Also, the application has a web version. Thus, by creating an account, you will be able to listen to podcasts from your computer and your phone.


Google Play Music — last fall Google announced a new functionality that appeared this April in the Google Play Music service. So we are talking about podcasts.




Google Play Music Podcasts places a podcast store right in the Google Play Music interface. You can search for and subscribe to your favorite shows and then play them everywhere Play Music works. The store is available only in the US and Canada.

Valuable Benefits of Podcasting

  • Convenient audio feed format of the latest news of reasonably good sound quality. What is really essential, for prolonged listening. A couple of years ago, many podcasters could not boast of it.
  • Podcasts catalogue contains podcasts on different topics for every mood and taste.
  • You can synchronize your devices what allows you to continue from the same place where you left off on any of your devices.
  • Auto update and auto download of all new releases on your device for listening to them offline allows you not to miss a single episode.

Here are a few categories that seem interesting to us:

  • Internet Marketing Podcasts
  • Social Network and Gamification
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • Tech Podcasts
  • Podcasts about new gadgets
  • Offline Business

Let’s look at the most interesting podcasts in these topics.

7 Podcasts You Should Listen To

We all know there are a lot of good podcasts out there, but finding quality takes work (especially where marketing and SEO are concerned). We’ve scoured the web looking for the absolute best sources for you to listen to.

Turn up the volume and put on your headphones: here are the best SEO and marketing podcasts you can learn from!

This Week in Tech — the discussion about the latest trends in high-tech with Leo Laporte and his friends.

Six Pixels of Separation — the president of Mirum, Mitch Joel, discusses digital marketing topics using his extensive experience in the agency. Episodes vary from hot topics in digital marketing to business leadership.

Duct Tape Marketing — John Jantsch talks to marketing professionals on a wide range of issues.

Social Media Marketing — expert on social media Michael Stelzner gives practical advice on dealing with social networks. It tells the story of success and interviews professionals in the social media marketing.

Marketing Over Coffee  — information about marketing and tips on working with social networks, new technologies and other marketing tools, and, also, interviews with field experts.

Ask Gary Vee Show — marketing, social networking, tips for entrepreneurs.

Social Pros — one of the most popular podcast about marketing. Stories of real people in the real social media. Case studies, statistics, researches and much more from the world of digital marketing.


Try to subscribe and listen to one or two episodes on the topics you are interested in or with guests whose opinion you would be interested to hear. You may find for yourself another source of information and knowledge, which will help you in your work or business. And listening to podcasts will become your habit, as well as a walking through the bustling city streets, or exercise in the gym.

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Digital Marketing Podcasts That Will Help You Stay Up To Date

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