Facebook Audience Targeting Secrets to Lower the Ad Cost

Are you a beginner in Facebook ads and need help in effective, low-cost ads launch? Then this article is worth reading as it covers the most important issues influencing ad results and expenditures. Moreover, it includes tips, advices and guidance on how to set up audiences.

 The two important starting points that are frequently ignored:

1) identification of audience,

2) selection of the right targeting options.

 Many people have no idea about  the full potential right Facebook targeting has. This is why they pay high price for ad clicks.  Only because ads are shown to the irrelevant audience.

 In order to avoid such situation the first question you should ask yourself: Is my audience presented on Facebook? If yes, this article can be useful for you. My second question: Are you ready to narrow down your audience to pay less and make your Conversion Rate goes up? If yes – stay tuned!

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 STEP 1 – Audience Identification

It is important to realize that Facebook works better for branding – not for purchases or sign-ups. Naturally, people want to use this platform for personal communication. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean they do not notice ads and do not keep them in mind. Effect from Facebook on advertising can be measured in conversions but greater attention should be paid to Assisted conversions.


However, in order for assisted conversions to appear and increase, some work should be done.  Specifically, polishing audience targeting and right audience search. So don’t lose heart if you don’t get spectacular results in the very beginning. To lower the ad cost, you will need some time. At first, you will have to set higher bids but after campaign is launched cost per click (CPC) will start decreasing. The only way to wait less is to use the data from the research on your audience’s actions online. Remember, if you chose Facebook for advertising, then you should know your prospects behavior pattern. The more information will be in your disposal, the easier will be to reach the right audience.

Some of the instruments you can use to learn more about your audience:

Alexa.com and its alternatives (Semrush.com, Similarweb.com, etc.) – will give you information about your site audience demographics, regional distribution, main competitors.  

Google Analytics  – will provide you with the data on conversions completions and how users typically interact with your website.

Audience Insights  – tells you about an average age of your audience, time when they are online; it will also tell you an estimated number of Facebook users who might be interested in your offer.  



STEP 2 – Selection of the right targeting options

Facebook is famous for its rich targeting options.  In order not to be lost in them, you should clearly understand the targeting possibilities and connect them with what you know about your prospects behavior. All the targeting choices on Facebook can be grouped into: basic demographic features, detailed targeting and connections to apps, pages, events.  These options are equally important for the ad performance – hence let us have a closer look on them.

The most basic demographic features are represented by location, age, gender and language options.


Location options

Here you can choose cities, states, countries (one or many). What is genius about this targeting is that you can include or exclude:

Everyone in this location – includes people who live in the location according to their status and those who have posted it as the most recent location. Note that recent location can be identified automatically for those users who enabled location services on devices.

Recently in this location – covers users who live in the specific location or travel there.

Live in this location – usually equals to data from the Facebook profile.

Traveling in this location – contains people whose recent identified location is recognized by mobile device differs from profile information about their hometown.

Tip 1: Recently Facebook has introduced a method to improve local targeting through advertisement around a chosen radius. In order to integrate this method into your advertising, it is required to create a separate campaign and include address info on your Facebook business page.

Go to Power Editor, choose the Goal – Local Awareness and select your business page. By default the radius is set within 1 mile from your business location however you can adjust it. If business has several locations then mark – promote multiple locations.




Age can be chosen from 18 to 65+.  In Gender section you are allowed to pick women or men or both. The latest section left among basic demographic features is Language. Here you can choose one or several languages of users you want to show ads to. For example, if you are interested in Tamil speaking expats in such multilingual countries as US, China, South Africa or Canada try the language feature then.

Tip 2: If you are not quite sure in gender selection, try to spread showing ads among both genders. Later in the audience statistics. you will be able to analyze what percentage of gender of which age group was reached, brought clicks and what the cost for each of the group was spent (the example of such statistics is given below). As a result, optimization based on such figures can be made.


Detailed targeting includes more specific demographic characteristics such as education, marital status, work, interests and behavior, etc. In this section, you can include and exclude some detailed targeting units. Best results are usually brought by audiences targeted according to interests and behavior.

Tip 3: At times, it can be very difficult to predict what should be a marital status, work or education of people we want to show perfume or clothing ads to. So, it is better to use such characteristics ONLY if there is a strong connection with your product otherwise keep it blank. For example, matchmaking services are good for divorced or unmarried persons, while business books are often bought by business school students.

Behavior options depend on digital activities of users, their expatriate status (available for some countries only), mobile device preferences and so on.

Remember about one of the previous examples of Tamil speaking expats? Let us imagine you are interested in showing ads about an Android app to Tamil speaking Indians excluding Sri Lanka. Behavior selection according to expatriate status will narrow down the audience. In this case, it is better to select Expats India behavior option together with the language settings. Then go to Mobile device user, click on All mobile devices by operating system and select All Android devices.

Interests section gives you various choices starting with business interests, entertainment, hobbies followed by favorite food and drinks. In the picture below you can see an example of targeting by interests for the specific brands of perfumes. This can be good interests’ selection for the perfume shops as people who potentially want to buy specific perfume brand first show an interest in it (liking pages, asking for cost, etc).


Connections to apps, pages, events 

Based on connections to apps, pages, events you can target people who liked your page, apps, events, target friends of the ones who liked it or exclude people who liked your page.

Tip 4: If there is an interest in new users’ engagement based on page likes – exclude people who liked your page already, so ads won’t be shown to them. Furthermore, users in friendship with your page fans can be potential customers as “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Custom audience is an efficient approach to audience creation. Its aim is loyalty increase by staying engaged with the target audience. It is based on email addresses, phone numbers, website visitors (visitors of specific pages on your site), people interacted with your app or game (remarketing). Create such audiences by clicking on Create New Custom Audience, selecting: Customer Lists to upload emails and phone numbers, Website Traffic to reach past website visitors and App Activity to show ads to recent app users.


In order to set up Custom audience using email addresses or phone numbers you are required to upload a file or paste emails in a special field. It usually takes less than 24 hours for the system to find matches and define approximate size of such Custom audience.

Tip 5:  On the basis of Custom audience create a Lookalike one. It will help you in new clients’ generation.

Lookalike audience is an automatically generated list of users which system finds similar to your targeted ones. You must have at least one audience created to be able to set up one of this type. The level of similarity as well as a size of such list can be adjusted. All you need to do is to click on Tools, select Audiences and choose Lookalike Audience.


 The question of the audience size

The size of the audience can be estimated under the Audience Definition in the interface. There is no common rule whether choose a narrow or a broad one. Everything depends on the goal you wish to achieve and budget you have set.

Keep in mind that too broad audience reflects too expensive clicks! Usual common strategy on audience targeting rejects very broad audience by giving preference to a narrow one. At the same time, too narrowed audience means missed opportunities. 


Tip 6: If you are a beginner in advertising on Facebook, who has no desire to concentrate on aggressive branding then middle size audience should be your preference. Make your potential reach from 50,000 to 200,000 people. In such a way you can save money and maintain efficiency of your campaign. 

Churchill once said: “The one, who owns information, owns the world”. We shared knowledge on targeting options and tips, so it is a perfect time for you to get the wheels turning on Facebook 😉

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Facebook Audience Targeting Secrets to Lower the Ad Cost

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