Friday Catch-Up: Breaking Ties and Barriers; Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

1Hello Everyone! Guess what? Yes, it’s Friday! And we are back with the latest internet gossip and updates. Every Friday, we bring you the juiciest scoop and the most interesting posts around the internet lately. Mondays can’t get worse, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are just Monday’s spiteful brothers, and Thursdays are only good because the very next day is Friday! This is why we make sure you get all the news you’ve missed all week and stay on track with the faced paced online world. This week, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be doing all the talking.

News and Updates

Google Turns its Competitive Streak Towards

2The Wall Street Journal reports Google is preparing to go one-on-one with Amazon with an exceptional e-commerce solution. This solution is a ‘Buy Now’ button that may become embedded into the result pages of the search engine. This means that results that allow users to make a purchase will be put into a shopping cart and these things can then be checked out on a single click. This does not mean Google will open up its exclusive warehouse of products; in fact, Google plans to deal with third party retailers. That’s not all, Google is announcing many features that are bound to give Amazon some serious competition in the near future. First Alibaba and now this – looks like Amazon has their work cut out for them. Check out this link to find out more: Search Engine Journal

Facebook Ditches Bing: the Social Network Dinged Microsoft’s Search Engine

3An update announced last week about Facebook’s search functionality states that users will now be allowed to search posts that have been shared on Facebook. The victim of this situation is Microsoft’s Search Engine Bing that will no longer be providing search results for the social network. A spokesperson from Facebook said, “We’re currently not showing Web search results on the network because we are trying to help people search for their posts on Facebook. We continue to have a flourishing partnership with Microsoft but in different areas”. Well, it seems to us like Facebook is trying its best not to offend Microsoft and still make the most out of their giant partners. Read more here: All Facebook

LinkedIn’s New Streamlined Analytics

4The profile page at LinkedIn has been updated and will display insights and analytics front-and-center. LinkedIn users will now have two of the most important statistics right at the top of their profile pages. Firstly, the profile will display how many people have viewed your profile, and how these users that are viewing you are performing on the network. For instance, if you have posted something, you will be able to assess how your post is doing by viewing how many people have read that update along with deeper insights that can be viewed by clicking on these statistics. Read more: Small Business Trends

Useful Posts

Conversion Optimization Guide

5In search engine conversion and optimization, user intent in a crucial factor. Mostly, when we refer to customer intent, we are mainly focused on CRO and SEO. Both of these convert so closely that it becomes hard to separate them. For successful conversion optimization, user intent is where the journey starts. They both go completely hand in hand – take a look at this link to read more about how to increase your conversion rate while addressing customer intent. Crazy Egg

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Winning Product Critiques

6Critiques are a way of exploring why a product may or may not work, and there are a number of things you can do to get the most out of them. The simplest explanation of a critical analysis is exploring how the customers will respond to the experiences that particular products offer. Product designing skills are not in-born or inherited – product intuition is an accumulated skill that grows with experience and exposure. Learn how a critique can be used to create successful products here: Linkis

Make Sure Your Link Dev Isn’t Working Against Your Marketing

Outsourced frequently, link building is time consuming and very tricky to handle while reducing the risk factor. Companies that specialize in link building must be happy to hear this but many times it can also mean there is not enough or proper communication between the other marketers working in-house. This can cause the results to drop down quickly in every department. But no matter what anybody says, link building can really help your website’s ranking. Find out how here: Search Engine Watch

Customer Loyalty Programs and Small Businesses

7As a small business owner, one of your biggest assets is your connection with your clients and the connection they feed in return. Reminding your customers that they are highly appreciated and how much you enjoy your business relationships with them is a great way to stay in the e-commerce game and the best way to do this is by implementing a loyalty program for all your customers. These programs vary tremendously depending completely on the kind of business you are running and whether you are dealing in a business to business or business to clients (B2B or B2C) environment. Check out these amazing 9 ideas to know all you need to know about implementing loyalty programs for your loyal customers: Social Media Today

Lenovo’s 360 Degrees Selfie Videos for the Holiday Season

Exploiting the selfie craze with their latest social campaign (#Holiday360), Lenovo is asking its fans to take the 360 degrees selfie videos this holiday season and share it with the whole world. The campaign is looking to capture this year’s holiday season in all its glory! They will then create an amalgamated video of all of them to create a global 360 selfie. Check out this link to find how Lenovo taps into the current online user behaviors to sustain their perfect brand identity: The Drum

From Lags All the Way to Leads

8It’s that time of the year when we all start making resolutions about how 2015 will be better than this year. To be better, eat better, work better, and sleep better. When it comes to setting your marketing goals, your strategy must also be the same. If your website has been suffering from lags, make sure that doesn’t happen from January 1st, 2015, by finding out how to make your website a lead generation maniac: MOZ

Limited Budget Marketing Tactics

9Whether you have a big fat budget or limited bucks, there are plenty of marketing tactics and strategies that can be implemented cost effectively to give great results. There is no limit to how far you can stretch your dollars if you play your cards well at the right time. Small businesses are usually working with a limited budget and mostly can’t afford high-class marketing plans and designs. But rest easy – we have some great tactics that you can make use of without putting your company through bankruptcy! Take a look: Word Stream

LinkedIn: The Skills That Get You Hired

With every New Year comes new opportunities and we all know 2014 is almost over. Around this time, we are typically compelled to ask questions like who’s getting hired and how. To get a satisfactory answer, we analyzed the skill sets and experiences of millions of LinkedIn profiles who got hired last year to find out which of your LinkedIn skills are working for you and which aren’t. If your skill set fits into some of the categories in this link, there is a good chance that employers are looking to hire you as we speak, take a look: LinkedIn

Guest Posting Prediction – 2015

Just a little while ago, the online grapevine was that guest posting had died. “Stick a fork in it,” they said, “because it’s done for”. This has led a variety of SEO companies that relied on guest posting to create awareness opportunities for their businesses to plummet into unnerving panic. Check this post out to see what experts predict 2015 has in store regarding guest posting: Effective Inbound Marketing.

How to Become an AdWords Pro

13Adwords management may seem easy only from the first sight. We all want to spend less and get more from the campaigns we pay money for.  PPC specialist at Promodo, Irina Nikulina, draws for you several ready-to-use variants how you can approach big management in a smart way. Read more at


Facebook is the Number #1 Choice for UK Christmas Shoppers

Nearly 23% of all UK shoppers resorted to Facebook this year for their shopping ventures for Christmas presents, according to searchmetrics. This has effectively shown how the social media network is slowly creeping up to Google, which cited 50% of the survey’s holiday searches for presents. Amazon takes the first spot with almost 61% of the shoppers sourcing their gift searches to get ideas from this platform. This study depicts how social networks and traditional search engines are stepping up their games of intense competition, take a look: The Drum

The Most Popular Websites Since 1996

11If it was almost 16 years ago, you would be reading this article on some other platform because the World Wide Web used to be a lamer place back when it all started. We like to believe that websites like Google and Facebook are immutable because they have become an integral part of the online world. Since 1996, the shape and landscape of the internet has completely transformed due to competitive websites that keep their rivals on their toes. Check this link to find out the most popular websites in the past years: The Washington Post

Incredible AHA! Moments

12Finding that one things that takes you from a struggling entrepreneurs to industry icons is the secret of success for people like Brad Pitt, Steve Jobs, or Brian Chesky. Inspiration can be found at any moment and San Francisco’s founders and funders have found the success secrets of huge industry kings and queens that had that one simple idea in an Aha! Moment that changed their lives forever. Check out this interesting and funky infographic to find out what propelled the great faces of today to become who they are today: Inc.

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Friday Catch-Up: Breaking Ties and Barriers; Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

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