Friday Catch-Up: The Gangs of the Internet

1Hello Everybody! It’s been a long and hard week for all of us, we are sure you’ll agree. Sometimes we wonder if it’s just us or the whole work week has just been designed to drain every little drop of motivation right out of you. The projects, the calls, the overwhelming clients; we feel your pain. This is why we work hard all week to refresh you every Friday and bring you the latest scoop and shocking news from all over the internet. So without further ado, let’s get started. This week, Google, Facebook and Apple hijack the news updates.

News & Updates

Google Update: AdWords Update Tracking URLs

2Google recently announced the revamp of the URD tracking procedure that they have been using in the past from destination URLs to final ones. When it comes to destination URLs, whenever you need to adjust the tracking, you will be required to update the whole destination URL, which will prompt a re-review and cause the ads to halt running till the review ends. Interested in more? Check out this link: SEO Round Table

Facebook Now Grades the Effectiveness of Your Ads Before You Run Them

3Have you been wondering whether your ad is any good? Facebook has recently taken all the guesswork out of this process with their introduction of relevance scores. The social media network will be grading all ads on a scale of 1–10 in the ad report tool, starting today. This particular score will be assigned to your ad depending on the number of negative as well as positive feedback that the social network predicts your ad will be capable of receiving. Read more here: Search Engine Journal

Apple: The Largest Company in America’s History

4Apple received a valuation of over $700 billion on Wall Street, becoming the largest and most successful company American history has ever seen. The closest valued rival; Exxon Mobil, which is an oil producer closed at nearly half of Apple’s worth at $385 billion. This has been the very first time that any U.S based company has crossed the $700 billion mark. Read more here: The Drum

Useful Posts

How 1,498 Emails were Collected before the Launch of a Side Project

5Promoting your projects and products is a great way of testing the market even before the project is launched. The best thing you can do for a project is build up a valid number of audiences before the launch, so that you have prospects simply waiting for your project to go live. A good example is the Fifty Shades of Grey movie that has gathered up a big hype in the entertainment industry; people have been waiting for Mr. Grey to light up their screens for quite a while now. Read more here: Chris Gimmer

The Psychology of Notifications

6In a very famous experiment, Ivan Pavlov trained his pet dog to associate mealtime with the ring of a specific bell. He found that an involuntary physical response can be elicited with very simple jingles and sounds. These days, the flags, the rings, and the buzzes that blast from your phones can generate a similar response. That’s what we call the Pavlovian bell of the 21st Century! Take a look: Tech Crunch

Tracking Non-JavaScript Visits in Google Analytics

One of the biggest mysteries of the browser based information collection platform like Google Analytics is what actually happens when a user is not under tracking. This is quite obvious in cases where the user opts out of tracking explicitly when they do not have JavaScript active in their browsers. Opting out will effectively mean that the user has explicitly prohibited a website from tracking their usage and links. Read this article to align your website to your prospect’s needs: Simo Ahava

6 Kinds of Content B2B Businesses Need

7Content marketing is no longer a separate, specialized function that any organization performs, when in reality, all B2B businesses depend on their DNA; which is content. If you are a marketer, you need good content; if you are in demand generation, content is what you need. Almost every single tool you have at your disposal partially or completely relies on content as a driving force. But it can be very hard to know which kind of content works best for your business. Read more here: Kapost Content Marketeer

A/B Test Anything with This AdWords Script

8If you are a paid search manager, you definitely know that A/B Testing can be a highly crucial segment of AdWords success. There are very few marketing channels that offer good data on the performance of your website and allowing tweaks as widely ranging as the keywords you use to change the bids every hour. Yet, Google’s native testing platform is completely deficient. It is difficult to use and clunky and the testing is highly restrictive, as well as complicated. If you want to know the one AdWords script that solves all these problems, read more: Search Engine Land

Justifying Mobile Usability and Search Engine Optimization in 2015

9You have been hearing about how important mobile is for years but haven’t been able to see any difference in mobile SEO. You assume that mobile SEO will, of course, require an additional budget. There are a million good reasons to not have a mobile friendly Google search results label, and delaying what needs to be done is not one of them. Take a look: Marketing Land

Content Promotion beyond Clickbait

10We have all fallen victim to clickbait at one point or another, clicking on links that have sensational titles that has proven to be worthless or misleading. But why do advertisers use clickbait? It is because they want to drive a certain amount of traffic. As Chartbeat suggests, people who click on promotional content leave before the first 15 seconds pass and people who clickbait tend to leave the website frustrated and deceived tarnishing the brand’s image. Looking for a solution? Read more here: Relevance

Free Online Marketing Courses

11Are you trying to learn how to be a marketing mastermind? We live in a wondrous age of progress and knowledge and enlightenment can be achieved easily with only a few clicks of your mouse. New doors have been opened for education and intellectual stimulation for anybody who has a scholarly spirit. There are a number of FREE online courses available all over the web that can help you learn all the important hidden secrets of the marketing world, take a look: Word Stream

Preventing Hackers from Using Bad Bots to Exploit Your Website

12The Bot bandits have recently gone out for control; they crawl your website more often than actual users. Yes, they officially hijacked us in the year 2012 and now, they dominate all the visits on our websites. Before panicking though, let us tell you some facts that comprehensively demonstrate the presence of Bad Bots in our midst. Read more here: MOZ


Designing for Mobile Commerce in China

13The Chinese Online Retail expenditure is expected to rise by 20% by the year 2019, and to hit a massive $1 Trillion mark. The real expansion here is the mobile commerce industry in China that is expected to grow as much as 44%. If you plan to target the online and mobile commerce market of China, you need to clearly understand the cultural differences and conventions in the design that affect the mobile commerce industry. Read more here: Get Elastic

The Laws of Using Copyright Images

14The laws about distributing a number of copyrighted images across social media channels like Pinterest or Facebook have a number of restrictions set upon them. There is only so many times that you can reuse an image and there are multiple ways of posting the same image as well. The process of including visuals or graphics can be quite tricky, which is why you need to check out this great infographic that tells you all the laws and ethics of using copyrighted images: The Visual Communication Guy

The Mobile World Expands

15Emails that have been opened within the past four years have been tracked to see the incredible behavior of the users that has transformed over time. Mobile mail was barely a thing back in 2011, and yet today, almost half of all emails are accessed through smart phones. This is a 500% expansion, and it is absolutely massive. Read more about the email access shift here: Litmus

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Friday Catch-Up: The Gangs of the Internet

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