The Friday Catch-Up: The Giants; Google and Facebook are at it Again!

Friday-Catch-Up- PromodoHello Everybody! Today is our 100th Friday catch-up! We take pride in bringing you the most happening latest news and trends on the internet and value our loyal readers, so this is to say thank you for making this 100th edition possible. Way to go guys, we couldn’t have done it without you! Before we get too sentimental, let’s take a look at what the giants are cooking this week. Google and Facebook seem to be trending on the internet a lot lately, and we have been fishing for all the details. Let’s roll!

News & Updates


At 1% Impact, Penguin 3.0 Is Still Rolling Out!

Google’s John Mueller stated late Friday that the roll out of the launch of Penguin 3.0 was complete and stepped back on that statement later on. We learnt from Google’s Pierre Far on Google+ that the roll out is nowhere near complete and it will continue for the “next few weeks”. He also said that it will be a gradual worldwide roll out and you may not even notice it settling in! He admitted to it affecting less than 1% of the entire queries in US English search result. Sources say it is only a refresh and no new signals have yet been added. Read more here: Search Engine Round Table.

The Glitches in Facebook’s Real-Name Policy

Facebook-GlitchesLarge groups of people are being affected by the disturbances caused by Facebook’s Real-Name Policy as the wrong people continue to be targeted in the whole reporting equation. Many groups have reported being locked out of their accounts for violating the policy. People like professional wrestlers and Pagans who use stage names or religious names can now be targeted easily by a single user! It seems like instead of fixing problems like cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking; this policy is being misused to start a virtual cyber war against different groups of people. Facebook? What’s that all about? Read more about this policy:    All Facebook.

User-Engagement Increases Largely For Smart Phone Ads

Smartphone-ads-engagementAccording to the 2nd Annual UK path-to-purchase study released by xAd and Telemetrics, most UK customers find mobile ads on their devices to be stronger in content than this time last year. Random and irrelevant ads are now growing out of fashion, as brands have started concentrating on factors such as real-time locations and consumer behavior. As a result, customers are frequently clicking ads since it proves more helpful when acquiring information of products they would purchase. Read more about mobile ad user engagement here: eCommerce Week.

Facebook “Preferred Marketing Developers” Program Is To Be Rebranded!

Facebook-developers-partnersIn 2015, the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers program is to be rebranded as “Facebook Marketing Partners” along with many new additions that change the game! In the new program, partners are to be categorized according to their areas of expertise and it is structured to help entrepreneurs or small businesses looking for marketing partners on Facebook. Follow the link for more details: Marketing Land.

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Google makes E-mail go Mobile!

Gmail-goes-mobileGoogle has launched its new product in hopes of turning e-mails into a more interactive experience. Google Inbox allows you to group messages together by subject while providing information based on message content. Google aims to change the conventional and chronological Gmail experience into a more interactive one that goes hand-in-hand with mobile technology. Users can bundle messages, highlight important information and set reminders for tasks. Currently, Google Inbox is available by invitation only so read up to find out more: Clickz.

 Tips & Tricks


Be an Ecommerce Developer in No Time

how-to-develop-an-ecommerce-storeMerchants and small business owners listen up – building up your HTML and developer skills can help you get what you want for your business. Learning a few tricks of the trade can help you a great deal when managing your own enterprise. There are a number of resources available for users to cultivate exceptional developing skills, containing lists of tutorials to get you started. Find out how simple it is here: Practical eCommerce.

Google Hangouts On-Air lets the Secret Out

Google-Hangouts-secretsHangouts On-Air lets you set up video conferences with multiple partners with exceptional ease. The “Live Streaming” option simply makes it unmatchable to any other alternative. Google explains how HOA is also a good way to generate well-written and designed content for their website or blogs.

Read more to find how the contact can be put to good use and what will generate the most audience, it seems the only thing that the Google Team can’t do is giving a rest to their imagination! Follow the link to find out easy ways of generating exceptional content: Search Engine People.

Boost your Business through Facebook

business-promotion-on-facebookFacebook is a great place for socializing (and stalking your crushes and/or exes), but not only that – it is also a good place to market your brand or product. With millions of present users, Facebook gives you many reasons to engage in business ventures through this social channel or platform. The following link contains a number of things that nobody does better than Facebook: Hub Spot.

A/B Testing Blunders by Biggest Experts

ab-testing-mistakesMost information available on A/B testing does not do justice to how tricky it can actually be. If you run an online business, it is important to be careful while testing because it can ruin your business for good. What would be the best way to avoid these mistakes? Learning from the pros. This article gives you the first-hand experience of 10 massive CRO Experts, so that you can avoid the mistakes they made! Follow this link and learn how:  Content Verve.

Making Money with Software has never been this Easy!

These days, there are so many free software and apps that users aren’t willing to pay for them anymore. Getting a user to buy software can become extremely difficult because of all the other free alternatives available in the market. This article helps you some great ideas for revenue goals. Read More: eCommerce Times.

Prepare your Brand for Black Friday

Black-Friday-Marketing-TipsBlack Friday is probably the biggest online shopping day of the year with televisions, laptops, tablets, videogames, and toys etc. flying off the shelves. The only sale Apple Store has will be observed on Black Friday, which is nice since they don’t even reduce rates on the 4th of July! Go through the article for great advertising tips to get your online business ready in no time for Black Friday. Digital Information World.

Industrial Strength Link Analysis

Link-analysisContent quality, relevance, and the anchor text are all major factors upon which the rankings depend. To understand the hills and pit holes of the entire deal, you will need industrial strength link analysis to find out what will work and what won’t. Follow the link to read in detail: Search Engine Land.

Online to Offline Retail

Online-and-Offline-retailThere has been a major change in the way retailers are marketing their products online and all the giants are now offering numerous online capabilities. There has been a gradual change in the way online businesses are trying to acquire some sort of a physical form now. This article shows how retailers can make offline sales work for them. Read More: Econsultancy.

Infographics & Video


Skill Every Marketer Needs

To be honest, marketers get a lot of heat on their jobs. Any company that wants to hire you as a marketer expects certain skills and strong points that you need to consider before you start pursuing a job in this field. Among other, technical and interpersonal skills rank highest on the scale, along with the ability to understand the ranks of data. Check out the infographic to become a skillful marketer:  Marketing Pros.

Social Media Businesses

A large number of online businesses operate from social media platforms and create strong brand identities. However, if you are new to this and need some tips and tricks of the trade, check out this easy to understand infographic here: Site Pro News.

Making Sales!

Gopro-marketing-tipsTamsen Webster, SVP of executive communications, Oratium, explains a number of ways to get the most out of your brands and get results. In a world where so much of marketing and sales communication misses the mark, she explains how you can create effective content to generate sales. Read more here: Marketing Profs.

Strategies Last Longer

Promoting your content online can be tricky business, and getting your content ranked higher on different search engines with the help of SEO content can be quite a task. The purpose of this link between content and search engines is to boost sales and get more people to notice your brand and attract all the right customers. How your content is strategically promoted also plays a vital role in the process. Follow the link for an infographic that makes it all so simple! Relevance.

The Big Spenders and Halloween!

fun-facts-about -halloweenHalloween is one of the most expensive of holidays, with over $7 billion spent on costumes alone! Add that up to the candy and decorations and you have the most pricy tradition for the American people. Follow the link for fun facts about your favorite holiday! Search Engine Journal.

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The Friday Catch-Up: The Giants; Google and Facebook are at it Again!

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