Friday Catch-Up: The Giants Are Out Again!

1Hello Everybody! We are back again with yet another amazing Friday Catch-up with the most happening online marketing news, updates, and the best new infographics hitting the web this week. Nobody is more committed than us when it comes to fishing up the latest scoop that all online marketers would kill for! And this week’s updates are no less. Let’s face it guys, Fridays would go empty and incomplete without finding out about all that has been happening on the World Wide Web, and that’s exactly what we are here for. So without further ado…

News & Updates

Bing Rolls Out a Brand New Search Feature

2In Soviet Russia, The Friday Catch-up starts with Bing related news.

This is weird. We are so used to starting every Friday Catch-up with a Google related news that this just feels like cheating. Still, Bing has given us a reason to write about them. The great new feature now being offered by Bing is “fact answers”, serves up the quickest answers at the top of the page with travel schedules and route options. The search results have been updated to deliver fact answers for local locations and reviews. So what Bing has done is provide new options for obtaining facts at the top of their search page that provide simple results to searches related to restaurant phone numbers, the directions to any famous place, or the route time of your favorite mall. Users get quick results to their searches – like detailed turn by turn directions through any route! All we can say now is, Thanks Bing! Read more here: Search Engine Land

Finally, Facebook Keeps Its Promise!

3Almost a year ago, Facebook promised post search ability to its millions of active users. Today, the social network keeps its promise by announcing the roll out of efficient ability to search for your posts for English speaking users in the US. An update was announced to the Facebook Search that will help you find that thread admiring you for your success at your new job, the embarrassing comment you made about the Game of Thrones last week, or the awkward selfie you took that you shouldn’t really have posted in the first place. This has been the priority feature request since the Facebook Graph Search in Jan, 2013, according to Facebook. So fix up all your online disasters and track any posts related to you easily with this cool new feature. Read more here: Search Engine Land

Google Breaks its Long Holiday Tradition

4Finally, a Google-related news. Google isn’t quitting when it comes to dolling out Penguin updates. Ever since the update in November 2003, the company’s search engine has managed to keep an unsanctioned promise not to tweak with their rankings and algorithms throughout the holiday season, but all that is a thing of the past! There have been a flurry of numerous Penguin updates; Penguin is the spam filter for Google that goes beyond the regular span defenses. When a website is hit by Penguin, it receives a huge penalty till their spam problems are all cleared up. The company then has to wait till the next time Penguin is run, if the filter likes what it analyzes, the penalties are lifted. So technically speaking, we now have our very own online spam police! Read more here: Search Engine Land.

Google Mobile Friendly is now International!

Google recently announced the launch of their latest mobile friendly label in the snippets of each search result. Officially, this was launched almost three weeks ago, but today it has become absolutely cosmopolitan. The feature is now available in all languages and has gone global and all localized variations of Google mobile search has been upgraded with this great label. If we may dare ask Google itself, are you ever going to slow down? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Read more here: Search Engine Land

Useful Posts worth Reading

A Social Media Content Calendar is All You Will Need for Your Business

5We all know that your social media content marketing plan needs an impeccably designed strategy to support it, but don’t be overwhelmed. Of course, creating and then publishing your content is no piece of cake so it’s important that you understand the need to stay organized and stick to a time table that suits your business in the best possible way. Once you have the magical calendar, your social media marketing will become far less challenging. Find out how by following this link: Hoot Suite.

Staying Away From the Clichés

6This amazing post features the revealing of the most clichéd online industry phrases by 25 SEO experts and you’ll never guess what we found. Today ladies and gentlemen, is Cliché Day; a day when some people literally celebrate unoriginal or over used phrases. Both the business and the digital marketing field is loaded with cliché terms that some experts may deem ILLEGAL! So let some of the biggest SEO experts in the industry educate you about the biggest SEO cliché crimes one can commit. Take a look: Midas Media.

The BEST New Blogs in Town!

7There is so much content online nowadays that it’s hard to filter the premium free stuff from the useless information that does you no good. Which is why we have fished up a great compilation of blogs with subjective favoritism and content that is worth reading for every email marketer out there. Blogs are possibly the most efficient way of interacting online with your prospects and making your presence felt on the web. These are big guns guys, thank us later! Take a look: Email Lab.

Calling All Lazy Content Marketers!

8In any workplace, the biggest priority is high productivity. In the US, aggressively pursued productivity rates are the pivotal energy source of all the employees involved in the work. Americans have been studied to demonstrate better performance over longer work hours than any other industrialized economy in the world. This means we spend more hours at the office, hardly take vacations and even show up for work when we are sick, which can greatly impact our work if we are in the content marketing business. Work-related stress and a fast lifestyle can cause hindrances in your productivity, so chill down and relax and read about these great ways to leave your slow and lazy content marketing hours far behind: Search Engine Journal.

Quit Making PPC Mistakes

In the haphazard flurry of strategy and tasks involved in PPC, we all have been guilty of committing avoidable or huge mistakes. But that’s okay. The PPC superheroes are on the rescue! Check out this link to read about the fifteen biggest PPC blunders and how you can fix them, take a look: PPC Hero

Facebook VS Google

10Everybody knows how strong a monopoly Google has over the entire search traffic of the web – comScore’s citations state that Google rules over 67% of the search share in the online market, with Bing at 19% and Yahoo at merely 10%. But internal data suggests something else, and we’ve got the inside scoop. Google’s actual share in the market is much higher than cited; 93% of all search traffic directs itself towards Google. Well, there’s no surprise there, since we Google the names of other search engines in order to know about them! Check out the staggering statistics that prove that without Google, we wouldn’t have been the same: Define Media Group.

Christmas Bells Are Ringing Loud

11The crazy Christmas shopping season of this year is gradually drawing to an end, but that doesn’t mean that online marketers can’t still use “Christmas is just around the corner” marketing that can really boost their revenue. Cyber Week, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Green Monday – the most favorable online shopping days of the year – are gone. But many online retail companies and marketers are still trying to pick up every last penny they can get their hands on! Fortunately, Christmas shoppers are just warming up. Follow this link to find out more about a good content marketing plan for your Ecommerce business: Practical Ecommerce.

A Year Long Content Event Triggers Plan 2015

Content marketers are majorly challenged by three important things:

  • Producing good quantities of content
  • Producing a good variety of content
  • Producing highly engaging content

12Because 2015 is just around the curb, we thought it would be a good idea to start planning a documented strategy for your content marketing beforehand. After all, the online world is already extremely cluttered up with competitive and flourishing ecommerce businesses already; you don’t want to slack off. Find out how to produce high quality content by simply following this link, yes, it’s that simple! Search Engine People.

Writing Highly Convertible Content for Your Landing Page

13It may sound relatively straightforward, but writing your landing page body copy is no piece of cake. There might be a high chance of tons of decisions based on guesses or assumptions when you are writing content for your landing page but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Check out this link to read about a step-by-step painless procedure of writing a body copy that converts: Unbounce.

Lead Generation: The Best Business-To-Client Customer Acquisition Tips

14Keeping your business flourishing requires a steady stream of leads as the main ingredient, but generating effective and original processes for attracting and converting qualified leads sounds easier than it actually is. These days we are witnessing the age of the sled-directed prospects. To maintain a positive stance, marketers need to use highly innovative ways to reach potential audiences and clients and make their presence felt in the business world. Most brands are investing loads of cash in planning and executing potential ways of attracting more clients. But you don’t need to spend much, because you’re smarter than that! Follow this link to read the best client acquisition tips: Marketing Profs.


The Workings of Google

Aren’t infographics the coolest? We think so too! This infographic features 12 of the best hand-picked articles by experts from the industry and leaders and offers a much wider landscape on business, marketing and leadership. Enjoy the voices of renowned specialists and learn more about the complicated and high tech workings of Google to better understand the algorithms and view some features work: Word Stream.

Tweet Out!

15Are you interested in finding out how you can increase the leverage for your brand by simply tweeting? Of course you are! There are a number of tips that can help you ensure success and generation of greater revenue for your ecommerce business that we have fished up for you, check them out. You’re welcome! Slide Share.

Do’s and Don’ts of Panda 4.1

16Let’s take a ride through Panda 4.1 for the top do’s and don’ts for your online website in Google’s Whiteboard Friday. Follow this link to watch the video and learn more about what to embrace and what to shun in Panda 4.1: MOZ.

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Friday Catch-Up: The Giants Are Out Again!

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