The Friday Catch-Up: Google Just Won’t Quit

oh yesHello Readers! Here we are once again with the latest and most happening internet updates and amazing reads worth your attention. We love bringing you delicious gossip, news, and details, seasoned and served, and we hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s trending this week.

News & Updates

Google AdWords Announces Shopping Campaigns Report

Google simply cannot stay out of the news. They recently announced a fresh shopping campaigns report in the AdWords segment of Google Analytics. The report will continue to roll out worldwide along with complete release of Enhanced Ecommerce attributes in Google Analytics for a couple of weeks and it is expected to give AdWord advertisers deep insight of the performance of any particular product with regard to their shopping campaigns. Read More at: Search Engine Land.

Google Introduces a Network Traffic Security Tool

1The first and the second news in our list is related to Google…coincidence? We think not. Google’s Android Security Team has come up with a great solution for all the security threats our smart devices face. The tool is called nogotofail. It offers a simple and effective way to confirm that all the applications and devices you are using are safe from any misconfigurations and SSL/TLC liabilities. Nogotofail works for practically any device that can be connected to the internet. Continue reading to find out its other great features at: Google Online Security.

Monetizing Content the Google Way

2It looks like the world of search engines was not enough, and Google decided to dominate the news section of this week’s Friday Catch-up too. We are onto you Google (but we also love you, please don’t hurt our rankings). Getting to the news, Google has introduced Embedded Consumer Surveys as a new way of monetizing your website’s content. Your visitors are asked to answer any small surveys and are awarded the access to your content in exchange. Each question answered earns you money, and this potential money making idea is being implemented by numerous websites. Check out this link for more: Search Engine Journal.

Useful Reads

Learn How to Beat Large Ecommerce Retailers

3If you are a small retailer, you probably always compete with larger ones only on the basis of price. While it can attract a few customers, it will never get you a massive audience and your business may have difficulty getting in the mainstream market. This may not be the best way to beat retail giants like, but there are a number of things you can do to get in the game and leave them behind. Ecommerce retailers all over the world are implementing new strategies to compete with the huge retailers that already have a strong presence in the online market. Read more to find out how: Practical Ecommerce.

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Why Your Website Fails to Generate Leads

4Most marketing managers and business owners often seek help with SEO content to generate leads on their website. While good SEO may help, it is not the end goal. The objective is to convert the traffic your website gets into a genuine lead by implementing a good SEO strategy. This strategy should be carefully outlined so that your content can actively generate a positive response from the customers and make sales. Follow the link to find out the top reasons why your website may not be producing leads and how they can be fixed: Search Engine People.

Strengthening Your Visual Brand on Social Media

5The fastest growing networks in the world like Instagram or Snapchat are all primarily based on visual content. The online world has become a huge platform for visual expression and branding. A rising number of marketers are seeking help in adapting to the highly explosive and increasingly visual online atmosphere. Many such brands have benefitted quite a lot from this and are now enjoying a secure place in the online market through their competitive visual content. Follow this link to find how you can execute a strong and vibrant visual branding strategy on collective media networks: Hub Spot Inbound Hub.

Google+ is Next!

EPSON scanner imageSocial networks are growing by leaps and bounds currently and all platforms offer a different kind of user experience. If you are marketing on Facebook, it’s the fans that need to start the interaction. On the other hand, Twitter advertising can be restrictive in many ways. Instagram and Twitter both also offer a unique experience for the users not very similar to the other. While these platforms are huge, they might be hindering some of your brand’s progress by limiting your audience in certain ways. So what is the next best platform for marketing your visual brand on social media? Yes, Google+. Follow this link to find out how you can use the fastest growing network currently available online: Unbounce.

Attention All Entrepreneurs

7If you are thinking (or are in the process) of starting your own company or small business, there are a number of things you need to consider before you can venture out into the business world. Forming your own new enterprise that kicks off is not as easy as some companies make it seem. There are so many other figures and statistics that can help you in constructing a lucrative business. Follow this link to learn more about them: Read Write.

Optimize Keywords on Pinterest

8There are so many online platforms available these days that the users have become more discerning. Since the preferences of the audience are changing, visual networks like Instagram and Pinterest are growing massively day by day. Most E-Commerce businesses pursue Pinterest because of its quality user traffic and competent businesses. So how do you successfully optimize your content’s keywords to generate a proper response on Pinterest? Find out here: SemRush.

Keeping Your Readers Engaged Through Great Content

9Facebook was the most happening platform for visual content sharing and online activity last year, with over 3.2 billion posts recorded every day! This is just one platform – YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest – all generate a massive amount of online activity. So many businesses are making these platforms work for them in tremendous ways. Most of us now use Google to find locations, places, and even people. So it would be safe to say that the online marketplace is a rather large and interactive world now. Find out how you can use the online platforms to keep your readers and customers engaged by coming up with exceptional content: Search Engine Journal.

Marketing Tips from the Election Day

A colorful collection of American national political vote badgesWith the upcoming midterm elections, everyone is excited and fired up about voicing their political opinions. It is a great time to welcome change – which presents you with a grand chance to reassess your brand’s social media marketing strategy and figure out what you need to throw in the shredder. Read more to find out how you can reflect upon whether your brand is sending the right message to your audience or do you need a new plan: Marketing Profs.


Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity

Most of us use these features without ever wondering how search engines like Google can generate the right results for even a misspelled word. We recently search it for “flaminyon” and it politely suggested “filet mignon” while saving us a lot of future embarrassment. It is a highly complicated and complex system that understands the intention of the searcher by connecting different entities present online. All SEOs should try to understand the way these search engines generate connected result in order to produce quality SEO content. Read more to find out all the tips and tricks SEOs need to be acquainted with: MOZ.

Internet Conquers Television

11Social media has grown immensely in the past decade and it has actually succeeded in transforming the way we spend our daily lives. Social media is the new form of personal expression and it has become highly accessible anytime and anywhere. This has led to the downfall in the number of audience that pursues television as their source of entertainment. Online TV has practically changed the definition of television itself, by providing a new horizon of opportunities. It seems like our old ‘telly’ won’t be so happy about this. Follow this link to check out our Infographic: DOZ.

Black Friday Ecommerce Infographic

12Black Friday has been observed to be one of the biggest names in occasions that generate a high number of sales by consumers. With the massive amount of sales, the shoppers have to adjust to the ever changing world of E-Commerce. Online businesses have grown with leaps and bounds in the past few years and the field has grown enormously. As the E-Commerce world evolves, so does the manner in which clients shop on Black Friday. Go through our E-commerce Infographic for Black Friday and find out how this holiday is gradually becoming one of the most successful ecommerce days of the year: Nextopia.

The Best Infographics in Town!

13Infographics present valuable information in a very easy-to-digest manner and interesting designs that keep the audience engaged. Although visually appealing Infographics are good, they are not always successful. Without unique information and a solid design, you might have a hard time finding value in an Infographic. To tell you the truth, we do. So what are the greatest and most engaging Infographics you have run across on the internet lately? Do they speak to you because of their content? Or does the design appeal to you more? Take a look at this list of the most happening Infographics trending on the internet lately: Internet Marketing Ninjas.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Google Just Won’t Quit

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