Friday Catch-Up: Google Takes the News by Storm

1Hello Everybody! The long weekly wait is finally over yet again. We have loads of updates, with the latest internet news and gossip just waiting to be served.

Keeping you guys happy and informed is what Friday Catch-Up essentially aims to achieve, and most times, we feel proud and humbled to say that the mission is accomplished. Let us look at what this week has to offer; it appears like Google actually highly enjoys staying in the limelight.

News & Updates

2014 “Bad Ad” Report – Half a Billion Ads Disabled by Google

2Google eliminated and shut off more than 524 million ads for using trick tactics and promoting forged goods in 2014. The annual Bad Ads report suggests that products that promote malware and spyware along with other advertising policy violations were disabled by the Ad Giant. More than 33,000 merchants, online or otherwise, were blocked and banned from advertising on Google Shopping for violating the ad policies. Read more here: Search Engine Land

Google Improves Crawling For Geographically Targeted Sites

Ecommerce websites that make use of geographical targeting to provide different kinds of content to clients in different regions of the world have faced many challenges with the organic search in Google. The internet giant has announced its efforts that will contribute in overcoming this challenge by enabling much more ranked multinational sites in the search results. Read more here: Practical Ecommerce

Twitter and Google Seal The Deal Again!

3Google and Twitter have reached an agreement in making tweets much easier to find online. This deal basically gives Google access to Twitter’s firehose and makes tweets available for indexing immediately after they are posted by the search engine. Twitter and Google engineers have already started working on the project which will be launched during the first half of this year. Read more here: Marketing Land

Useful Posts

5 Pieces of Content

4All link builders in training should try to better understand how to generate an original idea and look at a piece of content. It could either be to create something entirely new or to realize the capacity of adding a resource to a particular piece of content. Most link builders immediately try to shoehorn links in, but these are generally quite dangerous links. For a better idea on how to work your way around the process, read more at Search Engine Land

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Unlocking the AdWords Dimensions Tab

The complex AdWords interface can be quite difficult to understand; it is more of an enterprise tool, and unless you regularly use it, you will remain unaware of the insights that are available in the AdWords Dimensions Tab. This is the main tabbed navigation within AdWords which is viewable by default. The insights and data that can be availed through this tab can be highly important in completely understanding the AdWords interface. Read more here: Practical Ecommerce

4 Truths about Human Nature Every Marketer Should Know

5Writing an effective and productive landing page copy is not all about devising a really clever pun, it completely embodies the fact that ‘real people’ are actually responsible for the clicks you receive on your landing page. There should always be a few psychological triggers and elements in your copywriting that propel your clients to act on their purchasing impulse. Follow this link to find out the four psychological triggers that will get your customers to take action: Unbounce

What’s a Good Email Open Rate & Click Rate?

6It is a natural impulse to compare yourself to others and to have a personal benchmark that gives you a reference for how well you are doing and how you can improve. When it comes to marketing, some benchmarks are easier found than others. Check out Hubspot to discover the right email marketing metrics to use as benchmarks and use them to your advantage.

How Marketers Grow Their Emailing Lists

A registration process to gain access to a restricted area within a website or to copy or download content is probably the most effective way that marketers use to grow their email lists. This is based on the data from a recent report from Ascend2 that was based on a global survey of almost 251 sales, marketing, and business professional experts from all sizes if organizations. Read more here: Marketing Profs

What the Superbowl Teaches Us about Bad Influence

7Brands that are able to succeed on social media are as unlike each other as fans of the Seahawks and the Patriots. Brands with varied content strategies made use of the Superbowl sand scored big wins on their posts during or about #SB49. Almost all the brands that succeeded had stark differences, yet some universal points came to notice that brands can use in their social media marketing strategies. Read more: Social Times

Behavioral Psychology – How to Sell More Online

8One of the best and most effective techniques of selling online is to take full advantage of behavioral psychology in your campaigns. In simpler terms, be aware of what triggers specific actions in your prospects subconsciously can boost the performance of your marketing campaigns. While the general idea applies to both offline and online marketing, the implementation is completely different. Psychological triggers can cleverly convince your client that your product or service is their best option. Check out these great ways of leveraging psychology to sell more to customers online: Search Engine Journal

Become a Thought Leader on Twitter

9In the current super competitive social age of the web, it has never been more important for brands to create their identity and establish themselves as an authoritative and credible thought leader of the prevailing industry than it is now. The main reason for this is the fact that the primary driver of a buying decision is trust, and the best way of building trust between your prospects is educating. Read more here: Semrush

Valentine’s Day Ecommerce Infographic

10The most lovely and romantic day of the whole year is fast approaching, and Valentine’s Day is a very popular Ecommerce holiday too. Check out this amazing infographic for quick tips that all online marketers need and statistics on how Valentine’s Day ecommerce can be made successful for your online business franchise. Take a look: Nextopia

Never Losing SaaS Customers

Losing customers is never fun, it is equal to losing money, and that is never good. This is called the Churn Rate, which can be described as the percentage or number of users that unsubscribe to your service in any given time period. Check out these highly advanced tips on how to build a bond with your customers so strong, they’ll tremble at the mere thought of having to part ways with you! Read more: Kissmetrics


Top 10 Strategic Trends – 2015

12This year holds a lot of development and progress for technology, no doubt. This infographic takes a look at some of the biggest technology trends for 2015 and predictions on where the digital businesses will end up in the next five to ten years. These include 3D printing, invisible analytics, risk based security, and much more. Take a look: Marketing Profs

A Universal SEO Strategy Audit in 5 Steps

13When you are building your SEO strategy, most inexperienced marketers start by asking a few important questions. This can be a great start, but only if you ask all the right questions. This week’s whiteboard Friday tells us about the five things we should never miss and all the questions we need to ask when creating an SEO strategy. Take a look: MOZ

Providing Exceptional Customer Service for Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a growing industry where one of the most important things is to provide your customers with exceptional customer support. If you own a smaller ecommerce business or company, many visitors may be very hesitant when purchasing from you. As a company, it is your responsibility to help your clients overcome these hesitations and exceptional customer service can play a huge role in the establishment of your brand. Check out this great infographic to find out more: Entrepreneur

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Friday Catch-Up: Google Takes the News by Storm

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