Friday Catch-Up: Google’s Unbeatable Progress

20Is anyone having that butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of feeling like oh-thank-God-its-Friday? Because we are! Hey everybody! We hope the long work week hasn’t been too tedious. We have all the things in store that might just freshen you right up for the fun weekend ahead!

Is it just us or does Google plan to rule the internet world in a couple of years? The internet giant has been progressing by leaps and bounds and accelerated its growth this year. Every week, we see Google in the news publicizing some other update in any one of the many online software and interfaces that the company provides. So let’s get right to it and check out what the internet world has been up to this week.

News & Updates

Instagram’s New Clickable Carousel Ads

1Instagram has now come up with a multi-image advertising format that enables users to place live links in their posts. This could be called as a huge step forward for Instagram as a marketing tool or network. This particular functionality is part of the latest ad unit which is carousel-based. The new format of the ads enables users to view multiple images only by swiping within the mobile app, and in one blog post that announces the new feature, Instagram itself compared their latest format to attractive social media campaigns. Read more here: Marketing Land

Google Launches Android App for AdWords

2The Google Play Store is now featuring the new Android app for AdWords that has been recently launched. For the very first time, the search engine giant has announced a native app for managing and monitoring the AdWords campaign. Once it is launched, you will see the view of a dashboard that offers images of the primary important metrics. Then you can dig in to each metric by the ad’s group, device and the day of the week. The AdWords app is only available for devices with Android 4.0 at the least though, and an iOS version is still in the making. Read more here: Search Engine Land

Google’s Own Wireless Service

3Google has announced the company’s commencement of its own brand of wireless service which will be launched later this year. The company has also stated that the service will be initiated on a small scale and that a formal announcement is yet to be made by Google in the coming months. The company has been preparing to sell mobile phone plans to the customers directly and manage all their cellular data and calls over a network. The spokesperson has still stated that the company has no intention of becoming a network operator at any given time or scale. Let’s just hope there won’t be any SEO in their cellular networks as well. Read more here: What New

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Posts worth Reading

Google Ranking Website Based on Facts Instead of Links

4Speculations state that the trustworthiness of any webpage can help it substantially raise its position in Google rankings if Google incepts the measurement of quality by facts instead of only links. The internet is full of useful as well as totally worthless content, and the fact free websites that feature news stories spread like fire necessitated some much needed attention. The fix that Google has devised is to rank websites by their truthfulness, rather than only links. Read more here: News Scientist

Content Marketing Frameworks to Jumpstart Your Blog Traffic

5If you are a marketer, you’ve already heard countless times about how great your content marketing and blogging is for driving physical results and leads. So you plunge right in and brainstorm, writing one article after another keeping your fingers crossed for some gain in the leads. We understand how hard content marketing can be sometimes; it takes a lot of time and there are many mistakes that one can make along their way. But you can learn a lot from those mistakes and seriously improve on your content strategy. For some great lessons on effective content marketing, follow this link: Buffer Social

The Things You Need to Know about Ecommerce Metrics to Scale like Successful Retailers

6Today’s data driven business decision making relies more on cold hard facts than just gut reactions, and that is a very good thing. Maintaining practices like these has been proven to improve your ROI for affiliate marketing websites like Amazon, eBay and Target to name only a few. So what are these companies doing differently? If you want to initiate scaling like the big retailers do, you will need a solid and comprehensive understanding of all the metrics that are involved in the data driven decision making processes. Read more: Big Commerce

Examples of High Performance Content Marketing Visuals

7Content marketing that uses visuals can lead to significant amounts of improvement in social media and web engagement for your website. And here lies the proof; follow this link to see some great visual content examples that can drive leads brings a massive number of clients to your service. Take a look: Econsultancy

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Brand Awareness

8LinkedIn is a developing professional social media platform which can be used to expand your brand’s market reach exponentially. Business owners have never been able to have so much information at their fingertips and such access to their target markets. It is a ripe network for being used as a helpful marketing channel and has made some really big changes in the last few years that need some attention. Follow this link to find out ways to build your brand on LinkedIn: Just Ask Kim

Coming Up With Content Ideas Fast

9You sit at your computer screen all day staring, preparing and willing yourself to come up with good ideas for your next post on the blog or the newsletter. Of course, there is only so much time before the next meeting, so you need that stroke of genius now. But what does one do when ideas don’t come easily to you? We suggest having a go-to list of inspirations that get you rolling with the ideas, and a quick read of this great article: Kim Garst

Tools to Sell Products on Instagram

10Instagram is increasingly become a booming space where businesses can engage with audiences and substantially increase their sales. There are many different ways that can be addressed to use Instagram for business promotions. The 300 million user base gives you a huge window of opportunities where you can set the stage and introduce your unique product. Along with that, thanks to the social shopping tools now available, you can even sell on Instagram through a simple click. Read more: Practical Ecommerce

Would Visual Chat Software Have Helped Comcast Avert Disaster?

11By now, we have all passed through or heard the Comcast customer service call and you may have heard numerous explanations of the agent badgering. For the agent, the customer on the end of the line was only a strange voice and he was merely a worker that worked on commission. But what if the representative only needed to peer into the eyes of the man he was tormenting or have some other form of face-to-face portal where they could communicate? Read more about what could a Visual Chat Software have achieved in this case: Business-Software

Mobile Search Marketing For Zeroing in On Customers

12Today, it is almost impossible to read anything about marketing without running into the one big word; Mobile. What you might not have heard just yet is that Mobile Marketing has been practically made for medium and small sized businesses for only two reasons. First; most mobile searches are done only for local businesses; and second, search marketing is the easiest form of marketing to control. So follow this link to find out how you can go mighty with mobile and gain customers: Marketing Profs

Building an Email List

13It doesn’t matter where you stand currently in your promotional stage, you will always need to build an emailing list that is good because emails go directly to people. They reach their inbox directly and give them all the information and links, while increasing your opportunity of making a sale. When it comes to social media, you are constantly competing with content from others all over the web. While this is a great way of making your brand’s presence felt, an email can be much more effective because it approaches the prospect directly. Read more here: Internet Marketing Ninjas


The Best Analytics Dashboards

14Finding highly effective ways of organizing your analytics dashboards can become a lot easier if you understand the procedures that have worked successfully for others. This week’s whiteboard Friday update tells you about the five best practices. Read more: MOZ

Test your Way to Welcome Emails That Drive Conversions

15The marketing funnel of your email often has a lot of work to take care of. It has to continue and elaborate on the conversation you have started on your landing page. It has to woo all the potential clients and give them a gentle nudge towards conversion. You need to find the happy medium between the lines, with perfect phrasing and commendable timing as well. Read more here: Unbounce

Biggest PPC Marketing Hacks of All Times

Have you been searching for a place that could help you learn some tricks of the trade of PPC Marketing? Well, coming here was the right choice! Follow this link to learn some great PPC Marketing hacks: Slideshare

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Friday Catch-Up: Google’s Unbeatable Progress

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