Friday Catch-Up: The Growing World of Internet Marketing

1Hey Friday! How long has it been? Well it’s almost been a week and all the latest scoop has been piling up to be unloaded in this edition of Friday Catch-Up. Retail Federations, Social Network launches, and Google updates have been roaring up the news feeds in the Internet Marketing and SEO industry, and our team has been going to the depth of each update, so that you remain informed about how the industry is evolving with great speed.

News & Updates

National Retail Federation’s Annual Conference is the Retail Big Show

The National Retail Federations yearly conference has been going on for two days and two more are left to go, the event has received a major audience and the jam-packed sessions feature some of the hottest topics in the Retail Business. Consumer Loyalty, Big Data, Customer Engagement, and Omni-Channel were all thoroughly talked upon and the audiences benefitted from the expert answers to their questions majorly. Successful retailers also talked about the increasing use of technology used by online retailers and how it can be implemented to avail benefits in a physical store. Read all the what’s what about the NRF here: Planet Retail

Google Updates their Image Crawling Process

2As the first newsletter by Google has been sent via the latest Google News Publisher Center, the announcement that Google will now allow publishers to host images off of their website domains, stating that the images will still be indexed, crawled and used in the Google News results has gained a substantial amount of attention. This has effectively been deemed as a great development because websites can now host images off of their own domains and Google will still index and crawl to show up in search results. It looks like Google doesn’t really want to let anything pass the Internet Giant by! Read more here: Search Engine Land

Facebook Gives LinkedIn and Microsoft Yammer Something to Worry About

3Facebook at Work is the Dubbed version of the social network which will allow users to connect with work colleagues and collaborate using the well-known Facebook tools. The network will feature News Feed, Messages, Events and Groups and the Pilot is only available for the selection of partners on the web, iOS and Android. This new social network which basically is an extension of the original design, could potentially give other Work networks like Microsoft Yammer and LinkedIn a good run for their money. A brand new way to look at everybody’s favorite social network! Take a look: Daily Mail

Posts worth Reading

The MUST-READS for 2015

4This January, pick up a business book and get to learn something new or enhance your own skill set. A great number of awesome reads are in the stores that can potentially help you understand the commerce world much more comprehensively. A number of professionals from the industry were asked to review a collection of Top Business Books to make sure you choose the most influential and effective piece of literature from the endless lists of books. Follow this link to find out what you cannot miss reading in 2015: B2B Marketing

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The 3 Pillars of SEO

5Although much about SEO has changed over the years, it won’t be wrong to say that the core elements have remained the same. The normal way of educating p0eople about SEO is usually part of a digital marketing course and focuses on identifying the issues on a site and fixing them up. This does not teach students anything about why SEO should be used in the first place and there is no comprehensive understanding of how search engines work. The other approach teaches SEO from the aspects of computers sciences, which also becomes ineffectual. The right way to teach and educate students on SEO is finding that middle ground and focusing on the three defining pillars of SEO. Follow this link to know about how SEO works: State of Digital

Ways to Assess Your Sales Coaching Effectiveness

6If you aspire to become a more proficient and profitable sales coach in 2015, the best advice you have at your disposal is take a bold approach and measure your effectiveness. You can measure your effectiveness by looking at your current coaching results and evaluating how focused and profitable your approach is. Follow this link to find out the 10 ways to measure your coaching skills: Sales Force

A Brand New Year for SEO

7If you believe in New Year’s resolutions, you should realize that the problem with that approach is that you work on developing yourself only once a year. Digitally, one can never function properly like that because you have to work consistently throughout the year, improving your techniques and skills. This year, SEO can easily be referred to as a different beast, with much different problems. Follow this link to read about the one resolution you need to abide by for optimum productivity, take a look: Search Engine Land

How Wearable Devices will Impact Ecommerce

8This year’s annual show of electronics focused on wearable devices and several new designs were launched during the event. The new launches included motion sensors, headsets, wearable watches and glasses and some of the most exciting ones like the Intel Jarvis Headset, which is a voice activated headset that can be enabled by Bluetooth and works in both offline and online modes. Other gadgets that could be extended for shopping included the Epson Moverio Glasses and the Pebble Steel Watch. Follow this link to learn more: Practical ECommerce

How America’s Ecommerce Giants Compare Statistics

9Previously, the mobile app market used to be dominated by the latest gaming apps, but as the usage of smartphones grows and improves, mobile devices are becoming bigger; with much larger screen dimensions and app are becoming the key driving segment. The most rapidly growing industry currently is online retail and shopping. Follow this link to see the full analysis of the performance of Top 5 retailers in the United States, across the Android mobile apps, mobile web and the online world: The Next Web

Digitized In-Store Shopping Experience

10The recent holiday season has taught online retailers one great thing; the stakes are currently at an all time high. Cyber Monday witnessed record breaking Ecommerce sales of over $2 Billion, making it one of the biggest shopping days in history. Online sales have continued to improve from here and the competition grew just as well. Almost 84% of shoppers agree to the fact that price is the biggest deciding factor, when it comes to buying something online. This has led to the belief that retailers need a competitive analysis that can be inculcated into their strategy, find out more here: The Future of Commerce

Customizing Your SlideShare Deck

11Do you use SlideShare for your business but haven’t quite realized its true potential? SlideShare Decks allow you to curate content, create how-to guides, share conference presentations or more. But all this content does not really matter if your Slides are not getting the right exposure. Read this article to find out the five simple tricks that can help you make the most out of your SlideShare Deck, take a look: Social Media Examiner

Detailed Case Study: Earning Big Bucks in 7 days

Building a successful business that generates good revenue is not an easy task, which is why this case study proves it is possible to earn big in less time. This post has nothing to do with online sales or affiliate marketing; instead, it focuses on how you can use tricks and tips to make sure your business venture is a profitable one. Take a look: Mike Dillard


4 Factors for Higher Search Rankings

12Every person working in the field of SEO needs to know the basics of how Google algorithms actually work. Google NEVER shares all the secrets, remember that, so it is important that you focus on the known factors that define how well your content will do. Check out this infographic to see all the important factors that predict how a site will be ranked: Kiss Metrics

Providing Unique Value to Your Content

14Marketers all over the world have been hearing about creating unique content and adding value to their prospects and how this is all Google wants to show to the searchers. It is straightforward enough to understand the importance of unique content, but what do people actually mean by unique value when they refer to their audiences? Rand answers this question in the most comprehensive manner in today’s Whiteboard Friday, take a look: MOZ

Instagram Marketing and How You Can Succeed

15Gaining more followers for better exposure is no easy task, but Instagram can be a powerful tool when it comes to telling a visual story or sending a visual message about your brand. As users of social media continue to get more attracted towards visual content, brands will soon need a reliable platform where they can share videos or photos that can help visually engage their potential prospects. Instagram now has more than 300 million users that are active; this effectively makes the social network possibly the best place for marketing of your products. Check out this infographic to find out how you can effectively increase your sales with the help of proper marketing on Instagram: Jeff Bullas

E-Commerce Eye Candy

16In the last months of 2014, Visual Website Optimizer and Wingify, who are known for making revenue and conversion optimization products have conducted a survey to find out what are the factors that make online shoppers purchase a product. These results focus primarily on what may cause the clients to abandon their shopping carts and how social media can help in making them return. Take a look at this amazing infographic: Building Keystones

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Friday Catch-Up: The Growing World of Internet Marketing

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