Friday Catch-Up: Internet Powerhouses Magnifying the Marketing Industry

1Hello Everybody! We hope you are doing well and feeling good because you have loads of internet marketing updates coming your way. The Friday Catch-Up gives you your weekly dose of must-reads from the internet so that you don’t miss a single thing.

As internet marketers, one of the most productive traits you can possess is being knowledgeable and staying updated about what is happening in the online world. Without knowledge, there is no power, and with great power comes great responsibility. So let’s take a look at this week’s news before we go all Spiderman again!

This week, Google, Twitter and Microsoft seems to be taking the spotlight.

News & Updates

Twitter is Increasing Accessibility for Users All Over the World

2Twitter recently announced that the social network has reached a business agreement with ZipDial, which is a product based organization in Bangalore, India, in order to increase accessibility for more people around the world. Over the course of almost seven years from now, more users from India, Brazil and places like Indonesia will be coming together on one platform and for most of them; it will be through a mobile device. Twitter, in partnership with ZipDial will be making content highly accessible for everyone. All the more reason to pay more attention to content! Take a look: Twitter Blog

Don’t Mess With Google!

3In November, Google lost a fair share of users to Yahoo when the search engine was selected as the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox browser. As a response, Google is finally showing Yahoo it is not to be messed with; the search engine is now suggesting all Firefox users at the search page to switch back to Google. The message that appears when you use Google in Firefox asks you to switch to Google for better speed with a yes or no option. We guess it’s safe to say, Yahoo will be feeling the heat pretty soon. Read more: Search Engine Land

The Awesome Holographic Nerd Helmet from Microsoft

4Microsoft launched and unveiled HoloLens at an event which was held for the media at Microsoft’s corporate campus in Redmond, Washington. This marvelous headset is not what we would have expected; it’s a face computer that blends holographs through transparent lenses in to your world. The company also guided the press with the accumulated technology through a number of demos that used complete software and hardware. Read more about the functions of this amazing Nerd Helmet here: Tech Crunch

Posts worth Reading

Google on 404/410 Status Codes

5Almost everyone now recommends that you set up a customized 404/410 page so that when users land on these pages, they have the facility of navigating elsewhere in search of what they are looking for. There is absolutely nothing that could be worse than sending your users to a blank page and leaving them unsatisfied. Google says there is no purpose of these pages and the search engine completely ignores them when they land at a 404 page. Read more here: Search Engine Roundtable

Pitching your Guest Blog Perfectly

6The managerial role of an editor has existed ever since conventional media has emerged, but what’s different is the amount of work an editor is involved in today. It is a highly complex position since there is a flurry or ideas and a lot of other things to deal with simultaneously; reviewing, editing, formatting, and then publishing the content. Content has become a huge part of successful businesses and can be used to increase your company’s popularity and revenue. Remember, high quality content can always be identified, so editors have to work hard to make the content as useful as it can be. Follow this link to find out 9 tips on how to create a guest blog with a perfect language, so that your business gets noticed by a wider range of customers: Convince & Convert

Reduce Bounce and Increase User Engagement with These Simple Tips

7When a user lands on your site, they navigate for a few seconds and then bounce without even visiting any other page. The average rate of bounce in the ecommerce industry is a staggering 34% and it is better that your site stays under this figure. But if your site has gone above this number time and time again, you need a few best practices that can help in increasing your user engagement. Find out what these practices are here: Visual Website Optimizer

Facebook – The Link between Paid and Organic Reach

8One would simply assume that the more popular a post gets on Facebook, the higher the user engagement rate will go. If you have a high engagement rate, you do get the benefit of a multiplying effect. At some point you play the algorithms and break out to go viral, research suggests that in such cases, you shouldn’t be taking the notion to the bank just yet. The following post debunks some popular myths about user reach, find out more: Relevance

Sponsored Content – All You Need to Know

9Many traditional online channels for content discovery are comprehensively understood and their relative adoption rates are considerably high. The openly accepted channels are capable of delivering the best content at the right time to the right people; from PPC and SEO to social media broadcasting and email. Now, the internet experiences a deluge of online content and many channels have become bloated. To make the most out of sponsored content, here is what you need to do: MOZ

2014’s Top Google Analytics Releases

Google has been busy announcing releases and rolling out updates throughout 2014 for retail and ecommerce mobile device applications. The biggest releases of Google Analytics delivered substantial benefits to the entire industry. Merchants are advised to consider using some of the most important analytics, provided by Google, for usage in 2015. Take a look: Practical Ecommerce

Scheduling Instagram Updates and Posting

10Instagram can be termed as a fascinating online social community, based completely on quality content and normally, that does not inculcate the feeling of togetherness much. Instagram has miraculously somehow managed to find the perfect balance between social interaction and social sharing. The result is an online community that keeps developing its capabilities and popularity, appealing to even those who would rather stick to more conventional networks like Facebook. What if we were to tell you that you can efficiently time your Instagram posts for timely uploads and sit back, watching the action as it happens automatically? Read more: Internet Marketing Ninjas

SEO for Multiple Locations

11SEO is the magic that makes your business strong online; many companies not only focus on it majorly, but also enjoy its benefits. If you have a business that is spread out over many different regions, you need to keep your SEO content optimized so that it appeals equally to all kinds of prospects. Follow these simple guidelines for optimizing your business website for each location that your business is based in. take a look: Search Engine People

Infographics & Videos

The Evolving Scrolling Behavior of Ecommerce Sites

12A recent report from Content Square suggests that users are scrolling deeper and deeper down on retail and e-commerce websites. This data was collected from Aug 2013 to Nov 2014, the cumulative of over 50 million browsing sessions on the 100 biggest global retailers. The details of this report provide e-commerce websites with a wide window of opportunities to develop their website’s user experience and focus on the thing they are actually looking for, instead of beautifying the visual appearance. Check out this inforgraphic to find out more: Marketing Profs

The Simplest and Most Effective Marketing Strategies

12Having a well designed marketing plan is what every business direly needs in order to develop and progress with time. Not only should this strategy be inclusive of all segments of your business structure, it should also be open enough so there is also room for tactical developments. Let’s face it folks, without internet marketing, businesses would have a much harder time surviving in the industry, and field keeps becoming broader with technological advances. In such times, it is important that you simplify and start assessing your marketing strategy, so that you can eliminate all the glitches. Take a look:

Becoming a Social CEO

Forbes predicts that by 2017, the CEO engagement on social media platforms will double. They also highlight how this will pay off; customers will find it easier to trust a company which has an active CEO that participates on social media. Almost 77% of buyers admit they would prefer purchasing from a brand that has clearly defined missions and aims by the senior representative’s interaction and involvement on social platforms. Check out this visual for statistics, tips and facts about and for socially active CEOs: Internet Marketing

The Battle of Internet Marketing Titans – Social VS Search Engine Marketing

In the ever ending debate of which kind of marketing is more effective for generating more leads, we finally have a winner. Internet marketing can change forms, and each form has its own benefits. While social media marketing can be very helpful in popularizing a brand, it’s the search engine marketing that really counts. Check out this amazing video to find out more: YouTube

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Friday Catch-Up: Internet Powerhouses Magnifying the Marketing Industry

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