Friday Catch-Up: The Kingdom of Google

1Yet another exhausting work week is almost over, finally! Have you stopped and taken out a minute from your schedule to just smile lately? If you haven’t, think about all the fun you’re going to have on the weekend and you’ll get there.

This week, the Friday Catch-up features loads of news from the internet, along with amazingly informative posts and some great Infographics that simply can’t be missed. Lately, Google seems to be treating the world like its oyster and making some great changes that have been well received by the huge audience. Let’s find out what the internet giants have been up to.

News and Updates

Google Says “No More PageRank Updates”

Google has time and time again stated that paying attention to the Google toolbar PageRank score is no good, yet they do not zero-out any data and it has been kept the same way since the last accidental update of PageRank on December 26, 2013. John Mueller from Google was approached with this question about when the next update will be and his brief and simple reply was; “probably never”. Intrigued yet? Read more about why Google chose to ignore the metric here: Search Engine Roundtable

Google Testing Labels for “Slower” Sites

2The search engine giant has been testing a ‘red’ and ‘slow’ label in its search results for slower websites. In case your website has become unusually slow, Google will be warning users and advising against visiting your site through a red slow label in the search results. While Google has been releasing many reports and announcing tools to help you in improving the speeds of your web pages, it will now be warning the users through a red colored “slow” label before they click on the site that your website may be very slow in loading up the pages. Read more here: Search Engine Land

Twitter’s official WordPress Plug-in

Congratulations everybody! Twitter has just announced its official WordPress Plug-in that will bring WordPress publishers much more fluid and easier access to a number of features and functions of the social media network. The new plug-in enables publishers to generate Twitter cards which can help extend the 140 character word limitations and display with headlines, sub-headings and thumbnail images. Along with that, you can now customize the look of your embedded tweets by altering the color of the borders and links. Moreover, you can now embed your video tweets directly on the pages. Read more about the changes by following this link: Marketing Land

Google Gives Business Owners Added Control Over Images

3Google’s My Business service has recently been improved and the updates are said to be designed to allow business owners an added amount of control over how their business is being presented across the various Google platforms. These changes will now allow users to specify which images they would like to be displayed in the search results. Earlier, our business profile image on Google+ is what would carry over to the search results, but now, we seem to have a few options. Read more here: Search Engine Journal

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Posts worth Reading

Eliminating Dead Ends and Accelerating Ecommerce Conversions

4When you are assessing and analyzing your ecommerce website, you need to ensure that all your pages act as a separate destination as well as a doorway to what your viewers really want. When shoppers are faced with dead ends, they are left only guessing what to do next and where to go from here, and this confusion can easily turn into frustration which can cause your buyers to head back to the search engine and find something better. Want to eliminate these dead ends to drive better ecommerce conversions? Read more here: Practical Ecommerce

Things Conversion Experts Learned the Hard Way

5We all need to realize that conversion rate optimization is highly dependent upon improvement. The end objective is always to be better and get better; better at generating leads, formulating hypotheses, and eventually, securing more conversions. But that doesn’t mean that is all that will be on your plate; there is a lot of extra baggage that comes along with improvement. This baggage can also include things like failing terribly and falling flat on your face! Let’s find out what words of wisdom conversion experts have to offer in this regard, take a look:  Unbounce

SEO Tactics to Embrace in 2015

6SEO is expected to become an entirely different game in 2015, and you need to make sure that you are equipped to handle it. This year, you need to check your website pages to guarantee that certain keywords are not overused in any of the key elements of your website. But many people are still suggesting the latter, which is why we found you this post to read. Find out 4 great tips and techniques of handling SEO like a Pro in 2015: Hubspot

Tips for Paid Content Distribution on Native Social Platforms

7While content distribution is relatively easier compared to all the work that goes into developing the content initially, there are still a lot of lessons to be learned when it comes to selecting channels for your social media advertising. But if we didn’t have the answers, who else will? Follow this link to find great tips on what to do and where to start from when distributing content on native social media channels: Relevance

SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs

8While there are many impending concerns when you are dealing with SEO, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this hard. SEO has been around long enough for us to have studied it comprehensively and found all the little details that can help in succeeding, and we have. There are always a few ‘best practices’ when it comes to SEO, and these can be implemented in beneficial ways to make the most out of your content. Read more here: MOZ

4 Steps to Get Traffic That Actually Converts

When you are struggling with accumulating a larger number of visitors to your website, you main concern is driving traffic that turns into actual leads. But most websites do not have a lot of daily visits and it is exceptionally difficult to turn a meager few hundred users into a thriving and lucrative online business. The best way to deal with such issues is boosting your traffic; more traffic means more leads and more leads means more sales! Read more for information on how to boost your traffic: Backlinko

Rand Fishkin’s Journey with MOZ

We all have a favorite author or blog that always seems to have the best content that is amazingly useful and earns reads and shares on auto-pilot every time there is an update. A similar author is Rand Fishkin from the Moz Blog. Rand is one of those authors that create exceptionally helpful content that always gives us something to think about. We asked him a few questions and he was generous enough to provide us with some very useful answers Take a look: Buffer Social

Google Analytics Hacks to Improve ROI

9We’ve all wondered at one point in time how our ads will perform in certain positions, whether they are better at 3, or 1, or it could even be 4. Many times, we are left clueless about the way our ads are meant to represent the brand and what can be done to have them perform better than expected; yes, been there and done that! So what do we truly need? A peek into the future? Not really, all you really need to do is follow this link to find out the best hacks that can help you improve your ROI. Take a look: PPC Hero

Translate Your Blog to Improve Traffic

10Most of us write our blog posts in English, why? Because it is a universal language of course. But have you ever really given much thought to the fact that if your content was translated into multiple languages, you can successfully target a larger number of audiences? We assume not. You can use languages like Mandarin or Spanish, which are the most popular globally, or you could target a specific geographic location as well; all you need to do is follow the example. Read more to see how translating your blog can get you a bigger audience: Quick Sprout


Importing One Spreadsheet into Another on Google Drive

11Managing Google Docs is not an easy task, and we are all highly aware of that fact. Using multiple Google Docs to provide good content for any kind of research you’re doing can be tricky. It doesn’t need to be that way though; there exist some zany hacks that will help you stay informed when using Google Docs. Read more: Annielytics

Writing Better Emails Easily

12Email has become quite an important way of communication to the extent that it sometimes replaces face-to-face interactions. Imagine the list in your inbox of people you have emailed but never even met. And this fact is exceptionally common for all the marketers today, and if you have to send emails to people you have yet to meet, it is very important that you make the right impression. Want to find out how? Follow this link to see the amazing infographic that tells it all: Hubspot

Driving Traffic from Facebook

13Facebook can help in gaining a remarkable amount of traffic, and this week’s Whiteboard Friday explains how you can leverage the social media network to add to your websites traffic by driving customers from Facebook, take a look: MOZ

Productive Habits for Working from Home

If you work from home, you are already aware of how tiring and tedious the process is. You end up procrastinating and not getting done with what was planned. Want to beat you streak? Check out this amazing video that tells you about the 10 productive habits that you can acquire that will help you work from home- take a look: YouTube

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Friday Catch-Up: The Kingdom of Google

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