Friday Catch-Up: The Latest SEO Scoop!

1Oh Friday! You are a devious little thing, as soon as we start to feel the weekend would never arrive, there you are – right around the corner. Hello everyone! We are back with the latest scoop in SEO and internet news. This week we have Facebook and Instagram featuring their newly released functions and Reddit loses search visibility in Google.

Meanwhile, comments sections become the latest hotspot for online advertising, all this and more in this week’s Friday Catch-Up.

News & Updates

Disqus Announces Its New Blog Comment-Hosting Service

2Over three million websites that concentrate on internet-based marketing are now using the blog comment-hosting service introduced by Disqus.The service lets you post targeted ads alongside reader’s comments. Marketers seem to like the idea behind the newest strategy for targeting ads, as it is a great way of reaching your prospects directly. So basically, the product is a brand new way for advertisers to communicate with clients that have sufficient curiosity in the areas that are related to your merchandise to post or comment online about them. Way to go Disqus! You seem to have made the job much easier. Read more about this feature here: Clickz.

Reddit: Affected by Pirate 2.0 or Penguin 3.0

3Reddit is probably one of the most popular social sharing networks with countless users from the business division and marketing agencies (SEOs). The sad news is that Reddit’s search visibility on Google has consistently decreased over the past two weeks. It seems as if Google gets a kick out of pushing big players off the map of the search trade. The recent launch of Pirate and Penguin updates by Google started rolling out on the 17th of October, and have contributed majorly to the loss of Reddit’s search visibility. Do you want to know what caused this? Continue reading here: Suvaance.

You Can Finally Edit Your Captions on Instagram!

4The Instagram update that was rolled out on Monday now lets you edit your captions even after they are posted! There are a couple of new recommendations in the application’s Explore menu as well (which has now been divided into Photos and People). Let’s face it, autocorrect is a pain and we have all been victims of typos and errors on Instagram since there was no way to edit them once the post had been uploaded. Instagram also states that, “This has been one of the top requests that we’ve heard”. Find out more about this here: Mashable.

Facebook’s New Places Directory

5A brand new Places directory has been launched by Facebook which can be termed as guided-browsing. This directory has Page Locations API, Graph Search, and numerous other elements that make this directory the best place to conduct favorite local searches. It is still developing and hasn’t yet become a genuine answer for the audience, but it seems to be on its way. The directory can be searched with only the city or place names though, so the audience must be waiting for a few tweaks. Find out more: Search Engine Land.

Useful Posts

Tips for Effective Local SEO Search

6If you haven’t reviewed your market plan for the next year, this would probably be a good time. The Local Search Ranking Factors Survey shows an inclination towards more conventional web standing factors. The study also shows that on-site links and signals are strong definitive factors that weigh heavily when it comes to reevaluating your market plan for 2015. Check out all the useful tips and tricks you may need to apply, follow this link: Search Engine Land.

20 Things to Remember From the Dublin Web Summit

7Dublin Web Summit is one of the most happening marketing and technology events. It grew from an audience of four hundred to twenty thousand attendees in just four years – talk about growth. The summit contributes majorly in bringing the tech scene to an international stage. But that is not where all the action takes place – check out the 20 most sharable insights generated in this year’s tech summit here: Hub Spot.

Creating Online Surveys For FREE: Top 7 Surveying Tools

Online surveys can be used in numerous ways – finding out what topics readers want to learn about, conduct market research, get client feedback, and many more. They are a good way of getting response from your audience by engaging them, and there are many great survey creators present online that can help in guiding you while crafting a survey of your own. The paid versions often add more functionality to your surveys, but if you are looking for free-of-charge options, take a look at the top 7 survey creators you can choose from: Word Stream.

Promoting your social media on Thanksgiving!

8Holidays are the best time for promotion. Black Friday or Cyber Monday, days like these present us with an opportunity to promote our social media content effectively. Similarly, Thanksgiving Day has a lot of positive aspects for marketing and sales as well. Last year, the online sales on Thanksgiving Day increased almost 21%. If you are interested in knowing about some great ideas and tips on how to use social media marketing during public holidays, follow this link to see the top eight tips for marketers on Thanksgiving day: Practical Ecommerce.

The Ultimate Guide for Repurposing Your Content

9Content is king. That being said, it’s always a shame to see your content being downgraded to the archives of your own blog. You’ve spent ages in trying to make your content high-quality but still face trouble when it comes to generating an audience? Repurpose your content. Period. By doing this your content is exposed to new readers, but where do you repost your content? You’re lucky we found you! Follow this link to see the 50 best places to repurpose your content: Co Schedule.

Humanize Your Content

10The content marketing field has reached a critical mass. It is becoming more of a numbers game that saturates inboxes, social media feeds, and also our brains. It is no secret that as professional marketers you need to conceptualize your content so that it stays in the market for as long as possible. Mostly we follow methods that are current and trending; capitalizing and following the trends strictly to beat your competitors. But if you are willing enough to spend money in order to beat your rivals, it would be better if you just invested in enhancing your own business. Follow this link to find out what you can do: Relevance.

Google Inbox: The Pros and Cons

Google launched its new app Google Inbox as an alternative to Gmail, that we all have been accustomed to for a long time now. It is a considerably fresh change to our e-mail interfaces and gives managing your mail a new meaning all together. But along with the features that any of us would definitely kill for, there are still a few things that Gmail has taught that we are going to miss. If you want to know what Inbox is all about, check out all the good and the bad of Google’s new app here: Tech Crunch.

The Rise of Hashtag Marketing Campaigns

11Many companies are now using hashtag campaigns but do not realize what they need to do in order to make the most out of these endeavors. A company named Travelocity managed to increase its user engagement substantially by using these 6 amazing tips on how to successfully use hashtags as a mode of marketing. Find out what they are: Social Media Examiner.

The Landscape of Content Marketing

For anybody who is interested in the content marketing community, it would be a good start to get to know the giants of the game and study their discussions and content. This will help you in creating your own individualistic approach towards your own content and the way it is delivered. Check out the biggest names that ruled the industry last year by following this link: Onalytica.

Alibaba Smashes Previous Records

12The Chinese online e-commerce giant has reached a record of sales of around $9 billion in an online shopping event, which has broken all previous records. The founder of the company, Jack Ma, stated that he does not concern himself with the stock values. Do you have a thing for online shopping? If yes, follow this link to see how Alibaba has become one of the biggest names in the game: CNBC.

Videos & Infographics

Producing Efficient Event Coverage

13Trade shows and conferences are a hub for the generation of great content and ideas, and while covering theses events, it is important that we choose a way that spreads those ideas around. Check out this video and infographic to find out the four things you should ever forget as you educate people on these ideas. MOZ.

New Inspirational Marketing Videos on Instagram

14Instagram videos are a great way to keep your audience engaged with your product while successfully delivering the message of your brand. If you are thinking of implementing this idea, it would be good to see how the bigger and more famous brands do it. There are a number of great marketing videos, installments, and imagery available on Instagram to get inspired. Check them out: Practical Ecommerce.

Tracking Your Client’s Behavior: An Interview With The Experts

15Having two of the biggest experts explain to you how content marketing really works? That’s a dream come true right there. Paul Ryazanov and Stoney DeGeyter tell you what exactly you need to do to create engaging content and to compete in the content marketing field successfully. Check out the videos here: Search Engine Journal.

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