Friday Catch-Up: Marching to the Ever-Changing Beats of Internet Marketing

1Hello Everybody! We know how exhausted you all must be, and truth be told, this week has literally juiced us up too! But rest easy, the updates we have lined up for Friday Catch-up this week will freshen you up right away!

Grab a cup of coffee and something to nibble on, your reading glasses and sit back to enjoy all the latest SEO and Internet Marketing Scoop we’ve got waiting for you. Additionally, this week’s update features some really great posts you definitely must not miss going through. So, ready when you are guys, 1, 2, 3… Go!

News & Updates

Google Has Started Supporting Adaptive Web Pages

2Google, the web giant, has recently announced their new support for the crawlers that have locale-adaptive pages; pages that can transform their content according to the user’s original location and native language settings. When you visit a multi-national franchise’s online website, you are usually asked about your country of origin and then directed towards the web page that has been allocated to your region. Previously, Google did not handle this all that well since they would only view the English version, but things have changed. If you want to know more about this new flexible feature by Google, follow this link to read on: Search Engine Land

Pinterest Customizes It’s search according to Gender

3Pinterest has been aiming to attract more male users to their social network and to create effective results; the company has started to serve separate search results for female and male audiences. This change tries to break the statistical calculations since surveys suggested that 71% of all Pinterest’s users were females in December 2014. Pinterest has now officially announced the search change on its engineering blog, explaining the motive behind it and what it will change for the future of the social bookmarking network. Read more here: Search Engine Land

Facebook Debuts Conversion Lift Measurements

4Facebook holds a substantial amount of value for internet marketers and there is no denying that fact. Still, the social media network continues to face queries regarding their ROI of ads. The Conversion Lift Measurement tool, which was announced recently, is all set to answer all these prevailing questions and that too, in a very powerful way. This tool will allow internet marketers to track their online sales and offline ones as well that have been driven by Facebook, this capability will be available for all advertisers globally that have Facebook sales representatives. Read more: Marketing Land

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Twitter Video: Capture, Edit and Share On the Go!

Twitter has recently launched a new video product for mobile devices which will allow all users to capture, edit and share video footages from their official Twitter applications. These videos can be up to 30 seconds in length and iOS users can already upload videos from their camera rolls, the feature will be out for Android soon and is expected to feature auto-play functionality, read more here: Social Times

Posts worth Reading

Tools for Web Design Feedback

5When you are thinking of launching an e-commerce business, make sure you test and try to improve your entire design with the help of feedback from your users. You can try to get expert advice from your fellow entrepreneurs and designers and test the usability of your website through a sample group of online users. If nothing else works, here is a list of some amazing tools that can help with the enhancement of your design and user experience through customer feedback, take a look: Practical Ecommerce

Knowing Your Audience – Simple Ways to Digital Marketing Success

6Your marketing efforts involve buying ads and producing high quality content, which are quite easy at face value. But if you don’t really understand your audience, chances are, your marketing may not be as efficient as you have been assuming. Digital marketers are all slowly coming around to the realization that marketing success completely depends upon knowing your target audiences and their online behaviors. Read more here: Relevance

AdWords scripts For PPC Campaign Management

Very few marketers actually understand the power of AdWords Scripts and use them to their full potential. These scripts can be effectively used to automatically update bids depending on specific parameters, and that too, on an hourly basis. You can also pull out converting search terms, which can then be added back as keywords with exact match with added flexibility features. Intrigued? Find out more here: Search Engine Watch

This Valentine’s Day, Make a Love Connection with Your Customers

8Valentine’s Day ads focus on the ‘Love’ element every year, adding in a bit of Romance and Affection. It is that time of the year when men and women from all over the world try to find the perfect gift for the person they love the most. While the majority of Valentine’s Day sales are attributed to a few selected categories of items like chocolates and perfumes, consumers are still willing to pay substantial amounts of money for that one special gift. Since the stakes run high, it’s a good idea to realign your strategy because 14th February is fast approaching, read more here: Marketing Land

The Most Proactive Ways to Get Backlinks That Boost Your Online Traffic

9Everybody seems to be saying that if you have great quality content; people will eventually find their way to your website. While this may actually be true to some extent, it might still take months for people to link to you naturally. Read up on this link and find out how to proactively generate backlinks without wasting hours each day: Quick Sprout

How to Remove a Google Link Penalty

10If at any point In recent times you have had to purchase links, hired and SEO agent or experienced a sudden downfall in your website’s traffic, this blog post effectively becomes a must read for you. Even if your website does not have a penalty at this time, it would still be a good idea to review all the inbound links that are coming to your website. Preventive measures are necessary because by the time you will actually realize that you’ve been given a penalty, it will already be too late. Check out this link to find out the 2015 process for eliminating a penalty or analyzing and assessing any dangerous links. Find out more: Search Engine Journal

How to Calculate Your Social Media ROI

11When you are measuring the ROI of your social media advertising, you must realize that it can help you determine effectively regarding which of your campaigns were failures and which ones were successful. This task is incredibly time consuming and involves numerous challenging steps that you need to take. You can never place an exact amount next to your ads because it is very difficult to estimate the amount that you have spent and what results occurred from it. Read more about calculating your ROI here: Search Engine People

Conversion Marketing Terms Explained By Urban Dictionaries

12Conversion Marketing is actually quite serious business, but most of us fail to understand it completely. This urban dictionary explains some of the most commonly used conversion marketing terms in ways that will make them much easier to digest. This post breaks down the entire structure of internet marketing terms and compares actual conversion marketing expressions to creative ones. Take a look: Unbounce

Simple Ways to Find Anyone’s Email Address

13Having trouble finding someone online? It could be an old friend, the CEO of a big company you aspire to become a part of, or any famous person you’d like to speak with, there are great ways to find out the exact email address of anybody you may be looking for online. Find out how: Word Stream

Developing Effective Content Marketing Promotion Strategies

14Your current content marketing strategy may not be getting you the results you need, and you can’t really rely on only the quality of your content. It doesn’t matter what your content goals are, what matters is that you need a substantial amount of traffic so that your content can achieve those goals. Read this post to find out the five effective steps that you can take in order to promote each piece of content to get the best possible outcome. Co-Schedule


Knowing What Your Audience Wants before Investing In Content – Whiteboard Friday

15Content marketing is a highly iterative process; we learn and improve by assessing the success ratio of the things that we produce. This definitely does not mean that we shouldn’t set ourselves up for success initially, and the best way you can do that is by completely understanding what your audiences actually want, before creating anything that requires a substantial amount of effort. Check out this week’s Whiteboard Friday to find the answers you are looking for: MOZ

The 2015 Creative Trends on Shutterstock

16There are almost 47 million images in the Shutterstock inventory that has helped us in predicting the creative industry’s most defining trends only by looking at what people are searching for. Take it one step further with this amazing infographic that presents data as an interactive report that explores all the biggest creative trends in video, photos, and music globally. Take a look: Shutterstock

State of the Ecommerce World

172014 was a great year for Ecommerce and many companies took a substantial amount of benefit from the ongoing trends. Brands rose and fell and all of us witnessed the things that are a must try if we want our business to succeed. Drawing conclusions based on statistics from 2014 and devising strategies for the coming year will be a lot simpler with this amazing infographic, take a look:

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Friday Catch-Up: Marching to the Ever-Changing Beats of Internet Marketing

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