Friday Catch Up – An Interesting Insight Of News-making Events, Posts and Videos

Friday CatchUp 3Hey folks, we are back again. Since all the frolic festivity surrounding Christmas and New Year kept us busy, to make sure that our valuable readers do not miss out on anything, we are now going to give you a ride through what’s hot and what’s not of the last two weeks. Let’s get started.

Newsilicious Events

It’s Time To Celebrate- Modern Internet Was Born 30 Years Back

On this momentous occasion, Google invited Vint Cerf, popular as the father of the internet, as he briefly discussed the series of events that lead to the historic moment of the creation of TCP/IP. He reminisced as he explained how three decades back they were striving to breathe life into their idea of packet switching communication, how the absence of a common language was a challenge and how they resolved it with TCP/IP giving birth to operational internet. Read more at Google Blog.

Google Panda Update- The 23rd Update Posing Promising Results

It has been confirmed, to Google’s great delight, that the 23rd Panda update is here to stay. It has claimed to have impacted 1.3% of queries in English which is a huge improvement from the 22nd update which was reported to have influenced a mere 0.8%. Apparently, with the competency of the Panda update, Google has reasons to celebrate other than Christmas. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Posts to Ponder

The Secret Is Out- Predictions to Be the Next Big Thing with Inbound Marketing

For businesses planning to make it big in 2013, Seomoz has revealed ten predictions to make or break a business with inbound marketing. Enlightening readers on areas like whether or not Google will maintain its dominance in the search space and if Google+ will continue to allure more users in the year to come, Seomoz aims to help readers formulate fool-proof strategies for inbound marketing this year. Are you ready for all the surprises in store for you? Read more at Seomoz.

Convenience at Its Best- Seomoz Announced an Up-To-Date Guide to Webmaster Tools

For all those new to SEO and inbound marketing, Seomoz is nothing short of a blessing in disguise as this time, they have offered readers an updated Google Webmasters Guide. Taking convenience a step ahead, Seomoz wants to educate every newbie with the nitty-gritty of Google Webmaster Tools. From messages to configuration and blocked URLS to traffic, everything is laid out in elaborate detail. Our recommendation: Go for it. Read more at Seomoz.

Tips for Successful Semantic Markup- A Step to Succeed

Despite semantic markup being one of the most overlooked areas of Search Engine semantic markupOptimization, its importance cannot be understated. When ignored, it can bring your website down on your knees. To make sure that does not happen and a website continues to land among the top search engine results, strategies to help you stay in the game have been unveiled. Read more at Search engine land.

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Data Analysis Strategies- Tips To Reap High Profits

Google Analytics is on its road to evolution and perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye. For those who want to master this tool, Occam’s Razor has accumulated all the tips you can ask for. Google Analytics offers a wide array of reports that one needs to get familiar with. Providing priceless insights that any management team can use to its advantage, Occam’s Razor provides a short training to make the most out of this tool.

Find out how to use reports like conversion, mobile devices, goals, landing pages, sources and location. Occam’s Razor also sheds some light on the information to be extracted from these reports, the recommended values that should be achieved and the best way to go about the process, ensuring that all the time and effort you invest into it are worth the efforts made. Read more at Occam’s Razor.

Spell Success with Social Media- Unbounce Unveils Social Networks to Excel

Are you striving to help your business gain footing? Unbounce has the answer. Listing the best social networks to earn your business that much needed limelight, it evaluates the different options a business has on the basis of quality, fun and time investments. If you want to find tips to benefit your business, it is your chance of making it to the top with advice straight from the horse’s mouth.

Whether your motive of social media usage is improved user engagement, boosting brand image or lead generation, it is important to know all angles to win it all. Which social media network can be a life support system for your business? Are there going to be any drawbacks in case your chosen channel does not work as expected? What it takes to go an extra mile on these social networking giants? Find out all this and a lot more. Read more at Unbounce.

Internet Marketing Ninjas Spelled It All about Normal Bounce Rate

High rankings and bounce rates go hand in hand. After all, nothing stays the same forever. Being a marketer, if your bounce rates are giving you nightmares, it is time to find out if you should pat your back or if you have a reason to worry. Is there any such thing as a perfect bounce rate? What do the experts have to say? Read more at Internet marketing ninjas.

Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make With Content Marketing

Recently, there has been quite a lot of emphasis on content marketing and for good reason. With marketers speaking volumes of its effectiveness, competent content marketing is something that cannot be emphasized enough. Sadly, it seems as if B2B marketers are still struggling with it and while they are working hard to get familiar with this marketing approach, their efforts do not seem to be paying off well because of certain mistakes common to most.

Econsultancy released their list of content marketing mistakes that can lead to grave consequences. The most important ones were found to be non-segmentation, non-compelling content, impersonal touch, content not aligned with sales cycle and unnecessary usage of external distribution channels. Want your business to do better? Read more at Econsultancy about content marketing mistakes.

How to Increase Sales Like John Lewis

With the aggressive competition, securing improvements in online sales is easier said than done. However, there are also ecommerce stores like John Lewis that know how to maximize the effect of their efforts. Reported to have claimed a 44% improvement in sales, it leaves little doubt as to how lucky this business is. But it is not only fate that got things going in the right direction.  John Lewis had revised its marketing approach for various areas to rake such phenomenal gains.

Research showed that John Lewis was currently observed spending more on PPC. Attention was also paid to site navigation, design of product pages and simplified processes. Also, additional strategies that were implemented and helped the ecommerce store stand out from the crowd include simplified checkout processes, alternative payment options, guest registration, free-delivery offers and a lot more. Read more at Econsultancy.

Vivacious Videos and Influential Infographics

7000 Hours of Video Daily Updated To YouTube

As much as we may find it hard to believe, YouTube has let the cat out of the bag. A news making revelation was finding out that 7,000 hours of videos about news are posted on YouTube every day. The conclusion was made on the basis of the number of videos that were uploaded during any significant happenings. For instance, it was found out that during the superstorm Sandy, 39,000 videos were uploaded in a time span of merely a week. Similarly, videos featuring Syrian protests received around 200 million views. There are more impressive statistics to follow. Read more at Econsultancy.

Overview of Social Commerce Psychology

As a marketer, nothing will delight you more than finding out what can make a consumer happily part with his hard-earned money. You don’t need to look any further as Unbounce has determined what triggers a consumer’s brain encouraging him to purchase. Talking about scarcity, consistency, authority, reciprocity and likes, if you haven’t taken a look at these Infographics, you have no idea what you are missing. Read more at Unbounce.

Fuel the Fire for Facebook Interaction

As a business owner using Facebook as his primary advertising venue, you must have sought answers to questions like what is the type of content that generates the highest degree of response in the form of shares, comments and like? What is the perfect way to initiate any type of interaction for any type of content? From effective emoticons to use of specific keywords in posts, search engine journal lays all cards out in the open for you.  Read more at Search Engine Journal.

Eight Tricks to Master Copy Editing As a Professional

Editing can be an arduous task but not if you know how to do it right. While some may think of editing as an ordeal, it is something that just cannot be ignored. Regardless of whether we are writers or just fans, we all need to put some extra effort when it comes to editing. With the ever-growing popularity of content marketing, it is imperative to edit copy in a way that gives it that professional look. It is important to have solid reasons to write something. Similarly, it is extremely important that you have your own style as well as voice. Want to understand the dos and musts of professional copy editing? Watch the video at Seomoz.

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Friday Catch Up – An Interesting Insight Of News-making Events, Posts and Videos

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