Friday Catch-Up: AOL and Google Break Up, Digital Marketing in Asia Pacific Picking Speed and Tips to Improve Customer Conversion


Friday Catch-up brings to you a round of all the latest and happening news in digital marketing and SEO, along with tips, presentations and useful resources to up your marketing game. We hope you will benefit from the Friday of July roundup and stay tuned until next Friday for more!


AOL Breaks Off Partnership with Google, Joins Hands with Bing

All AOL site users alert! Google is no more the default search engine on AOL sites and won’t be for the next ten years. AOL has2 replaced Google by Bing and it will now handle all direct sales of Microsoft’s display advertising business with this new partnership. With this move, Microsoft has established itself as a serious contender for strengthening its search and advertising business, which it believes, delivers high quality search results. Read more here.

Google Takes It upon Itself to Digitize High Street Retailers

In a wide government-backed initiative, Google will provide digitizing tips to one hundred shops, bars, and restaurants to improve their digital marketing. Retailers will be guided through a series of workshops and one-on-one-consultation sessions by Google’s taskforce dubbed as the ‘Digital Garage on Tour’ to help small businesses expand their business online and attract more customers. Read the full news here.

Asia Pacific’s Digital Marketing Statistics for June

3There is a lot happening in digital marketing in the Asia Pacific region from growing mobile app usage in Asia to TV ads influencing customers in Malaysia. In India e-commerce businesses are moving their focus away from low priced advertising to brand building while statistics show that cross border ecommerce in China is on a tenfold increase, predicted to reach $245 by 2020 according to a study by Accenture and Ali Research. Read the full digital marketing statistics on the Asia Pacific region here.

Useful Tips and Information

How to Improve Customer Feedback Surveys for Better Insights

Customer feedback is very important for any business but most of them don’t do it right. Most companies fail to extract insights and deem customer feedback irrelevant. However, to collect customer feedback and use it purposefully it is important to have some experience running feedback surveys and make the questions measurable. There is much more to collecting feedback than a simple survey form. Learn how you can improve your customer feedback methods and use them for your business in this article.

A Spammy Structure Markup Manual Doesn’t Hurt Website Ranking but Something Else

If you’re wondering whether a spammy markup manual action downgrades your website ranking or not you can feel relieved by knowing that it does not. However, it does result in the removal of the rich snippets on your website. Read how it affects snippets here.

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Magento Influencers You Should Be Following

4Online shopping has picked up speed in the past few years with 50 percent of all internet users engaging in regular online shopping. Magento serves as the number one ecommerce site serving 26 percent of the total online stores and helping them connect better and grow their business. If you want to stay updated with the ecommerce world, connect with these top Magento influencers including Ben Marks, Alan Storm, and Thomas Fleck among others. Read the full list here.

Latest Marketing Trends in Latin America

The marketing landscape is evolving at a high pace and the same is true for Latin America. Daiane Bobka of eMarketing in an interview with IMS Internet Media CMO Maren Lau talks about how geo-location and mobile engagement is evolving. Consumers are going digital, which is very important for marketers to cash on because someone who doesn’t even own a laptop may own a mobile and is willing to engage. While the region is slowly picking up speed, programmatic budgets in Brazil compared to other regions are growing. Read more insights on marketing developments in Latin America and the full interview here.

How Can You Benefit From Google SERPS update

Are you aware of the new Google SERP and how you can benefit from it? Website rankings are no more only about information but relevant and useful information that is easy to reach the user. Unless you are in the top search rankings chances are you are not getting the views you deserve. In the latest SEM rush Twitter chat experts reveal top tips on how you can benefit from the Google SERP update such as by providing answers to consumer queries and by maintaining a consistent NAP throughout the web. Read the full summary of the chat here.

Marketing Campaigns by Big Brands That Made It to Reddit’s Top 10

Reddit boasts 169 million unique visitors and 7.55 billion page views monthly, giving marketers a unique chance to convert customers. However, it can be tough as the active Reddit community isn’t afraid to ask questions and things can go wrong quickly. Some brands stood out from the crowd with their marketing campaigns over Reddit making it to the top 10. It included brands like Nissan, Maker’s Mark, Lenovoand Glamour Magazine among others who managed to grab the attention of the community positively through their innovative campaigns. Read how they turned the tables in their favor here.

How Can You Drive Customer Conversion through Facebook Custom Tabs

Facebook has changed the way that brands interact with customers and how they reach out to them. Today, a customer doesn’t think twice before ranting about a sour experience online and likewise the platform is also a great chance for businesses to attract more customers. You can drive customer conversion by customizing your Facebook custom tab and using Facebook ads by focusing on your goals, design and working on the benefits you provide to customers. Learn how you can use custom tabs and Facebook ads for more views and conversion here.

Tips on Using Google Spreadsheets More Effectively

5If you run a small online business you would know the importance and power of taking your spreadsheets online and being able to access and update them from anywhere with the help of Google spreadsheets. However, some formulas and functions can make your work easier and save time such as sum, average, import feed, now and transpose among 15 others. Learn how to use them to remain at the top of your game. Read the complete list of functions here.

Important Twitter Updates to Know

скачанные файлыTwitter has managed to become one of the leading news and conversations resources with 302 million active users. If marketers want to make use of that customer base to their advantage, they should know all about how Twitter is evolving. Three important twitter updates that you should know are extended direct messages, auto play videos, and shopping collections. Read the full information here.

Guide to Buying A Barcode Printer

Barcodes have become an important part of everyday life with their use to track inventory across the globe. However, when it comes to using them they must first be printed and for that, there are countless options to buying a barcode printer, desktop or wireless among many others. Before buying a desktop barcode printer, you must consider your budget, space, and frequency of use. Read the full guide on buying bar code printers here.

Videos and Presentations of the Week

Content Marketing Guide for B2B Consumers

Common sense dictates that B2B consumers are more detail oriented focusing on product specification and differentiation. However, that isn’t true and a research study by Google, CEB and Motista has proven it wrong. Among several B2C brands that were researched, results showed that they have emotional connections with 10-40 percent of their customers. In contrast, B2B brands have emotional connections with more than 50 percent of their customers. This information will shape how content marketers reach out to B2B brands and consumers because they it’s no more about corporate content but reaching out to them in plain language and addressing their concerns. Get the B2B content marketing guide that helps convert here.

How to Educate Users about Your App

It’s great that you developed a new app but how do you get people to learn how to make the best use of it because as many as 87 percent of people don’t bother reading the manual, let alone opening it. This short video tutorial gives some smart tips and solutions on how you can educate your users. View it here.

What Marketers Should Know Google Changing Influence on Rankings

Google may be changing its game with the grant of a new patent to influence rankings in a different way and marketers should be on alert. It may not only be about search volume and queries but also about the behaviors of surfers. It will become increasingly difficult to attract website traffic through email, content, social and offline among others because if you don’t do these things well, in the long run it might hurt your online presence. Read the full details here.

Friday catch up brings to you a round of all the latest and happening news in digital marketing and SEO, along with tips, presentations and useful resources to up your marketing game. We hope you will benefit from the Friday of July roundup and stay tuned until next Friday for more!


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Friday Catch-Up: AOL and Google Break Up, Digital Marketing in Asia Pacific Picking Speed and Tips to Improve Customer Conversion

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