Friday Catch-Up: Collaborations of Giants Causes a Shift in the Tech Industry

1When the giants put away their swords and start forming alliances, we know BIG NEWS is stirring up. Such is the charm of the internet world, and we simply can’t get enough of it.

Happy Friday Everybody! And welcome to another greater edition of the Friday Catch-Up. This week, we explore what Facebook and Google are up to in our news section, and then move on to some very useful posts (like always!) and infographics.

There isn’t much to it all; the internet world keeps rolling at a faster pace every day, and we, at Promodo, are always right behind them soaking up the updates. Without further ado, let’s move on to what Facebook has been cooking up lately.

News & Updates

Facebook Considering Whatsapp Affiliation for the benefit of Brands

2A very exciting announcement came from Facebook this Monday when the social media networking platform announced how it was planning to let businesses interact with customers on Whatsapp. The announcement was made at a recent technology conference in Boston, and they even went on to state that B2C messaging has a lot of potential to be capitalized upon. Whatsapp has over 800 million users worldwide and the opportunity window here is huge – let’s see what the future holds. Read more here: The Drum

Google’s New Google Tone

3Google has launched a very experimental Google Chrome extension that will allow you to transmit the URL of websites to any other computer only through sound. All computers will need the Google Tone Chrome Extension installed so that the extension can be in close proximity of the browser. This new advance on Chrome definitively strengthens the Google Game. Read more here: Venture Beat

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The Google/Twitter Alliance

4Remember the Twitter/ Google deal we talked about a few weeks ago? Yeah; it’s live. Tweets will now be visible for trending subjects in a brand new carousel format, and Twitter is expected to gain a lot of traffic. This will bring a lot more tweets into the Google search results in a new and more graphical manner. Take a look at this article and find out more: Search Engine Land

Useful Posts

Hootsuite Tool for Facebook Ads

5Hootsuite, a popular platform that manages and schedules your social media messages, has launched a new online tool, and it’s awesome! The new tool has been designed for brands to maximize their Facebook presence and then capitalize on it. The new tool will enable you to promote your most popular and trending Facebook posts as automatic advertising from the Hootsuite dashboard. Read more: Small Biz Trends

Lessons from a Website Update

6Whenever a website goes live, competitors start smacking their heads thinking why they didn’t use ‘that’ or ‘this’ idea first. Website design has been changing, and the idea behind it is changing along with it. The objective this year is to get your website to become as responsive as it can be so that you can manage a good SEO ranking and UX statistics. Read more here: Crazy Egg

Keyword Researching for the Modern Customer’s Journey

7The customer purchase journey and online behavior is a very complex thing to understand today than it was ever before. The modern consumer looks across many channels before making a buying decision and considers their options very rationally. It’s only how marketers approach the design and how SEO has been implemented on the website that can tell you how consumers will feel about it. Read more here: MOZ

How Nonprofits Roll on Twitter

8Many nonprofit organizations are doing so well on Twitter that they are giving their profiteering competitors a pretty tough time. Selling, marketing, branding; be it any aspect of exposure, social media gives you many reasons to use portals such as Twitter for fundraising and leads. This articles tells you in detail about the successful Nonprofits on Twitter and how well they have been doing so far, so take a look: Social Mediopolis

BIG STORY: Company Earning 7 cents a View on Twitter Promoted Videos

9Marketing campaigns sometimes just happen to fall in the right places and prove their worth. Paige Denim uploaded a highly successful promotional video on Twitter, and the audiences went wild! The elements of the design used in the video couldn’t have been better, and that’s why these posts will outline those elements to show how you can incorporate them too. Take a look: Marketing Land

A Cure for UX Design

10As a user experience designer, it can be hard for you to realize how difficult design can be for you to navigate. The product owners will always know their customers and have a very clear understanding of what the user experience design should be based on. But the designer must consider multiple viewpoints or perceptions to really deliver a design that speaks to all users from different niches of the industry. Your product must be useful for an engineer, just as much as for an astronaut, and the designer is responsible for this job. Read more and learn: UX Mag

Pinterest’s Cinematic Pins

11Pinterest has found a brand new way of capturing the attention of prospects through moving images. Called the Cinematic pins, and announced very recently, this new stream coming to Pinterest will enable new mobile ad product providers to create compelling advertisements. What’s best is the fact that the company guarantees that they won’t be annoying, and add an enjoyable experience. This will still give the users a lot of control over what they want to see and what they don’t. You can read more about the update here: Marketing Land

The Hype around Google “Buy” Button

Google will reportedly add a “Buy” button to mobile search results very soon and this new service can largely impact ecommerce on online platforms. This is specifically good for small to medium sized businesses that normally rather suffer from excessive competition, and the Google Buy button will save them from the agony. The people pressing the buy button will be directed towards the Google product page. Read more here: Practical Ecommerce

Improving Customer’s Digital Information

12Only a few years ago, it would have been very hard to imagine the current state of the digital world, with ecommerce blurring the lines of restrictions for businesses. Today, any sort of information is available at the click of a button and Mobile is becoming the heart of everything digital. Read this post to find out how customer experience can be improved with little efforts: Econsultancy

Presentations & Videos

Best Cities for Finding a Job

13When you think about moving to a new place in search of a job, most of us are left clueless and have no idea about which place offers us better living amenities. This link lists down around 25 cities where finding a job is not a hassle, and a lucrative career is not a very distant dream. Read more here: Glass Door

How to Get Found in Search Results

2015-05-22_17-53_pngSEO is evolving rapidly, and keeping up with the changes is getting tougher by the day. Algorithms have changed, and the most important thing you need now is a responsive (mobile device adapted) web design for websites. Check out this great infographic to learn a bit more about which route to take in 2015: DEMAC MEDIA

Combating SEO Issues

15Today, spammy techniques and shortcuts will not qualify to give you a good SEO ranking – NO sir! Google has shifted the game and the needle is tipping towards great design this year. What is great is that 2015 is laying a lot of emphasis on good design, and most of the companies are strengthening their SEO skills accordingly with Google’s brand new algorithms. The problem we are dealing with is that SEO is becoming aggravating, and more often than not, designers only want to bang their head against a wall trying to understand the little glitches. Not much can be said here yet, but MOZ is all set to discuss it in this week’s Whiteboard Friday. Take a look: MOZ

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Friday Catch-Up: Collaborations of Giants Causes a Shift in the Tech Industry

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