Friday Catch Up: Facebook Pushes a New Button and Instagram Hits the 400M Mark

1Friday refers to the last day of the working week, which means that it is that time when you get to hear about all the latest happenings in technology that went past without you noticing. Find out the how-to’s of ecommerce and the moments that mattered most at BrightonSEO 2015. So, read on to find out more on what you missed on Google, SEO and online marketing.

News & Events

Updates from the BrightonSEO Conference

2Well, it looks like that time of the year when SEO gurus from the UK and Western Europe head on out to Brighton beach, But, not to get a sun tan or play a quick game of beach ball. Brighton is home to one of UK’s largest and most awaited SEO conferences. So, if you aren’t blessed enough to be living in Brighton, well you can get up to speed on all things SEO by clicking here. So, don’t lie in wait, check out all the highlights of this super-informative event.

Facebook Looks to Cater to an Emotional World

3Facebook has been tossing the idea of adding a new “thumbs down” icon for some time now but seems to have avoided actually addressing the issue permanently. That is, until now. The social media giant has ended the seemingly Sisyphean task and has decided that Facebookers should indeed have an option when it comes to expressing themselves. And what better way to do it than by adding a dislike button to the mix. So, it looks like the “like” button, which has only been in existence since 2009, is soon going to have an opposite. But, while you would think that creating a sort of balance would calm down an increasingly expressive and emotional audience, the move seems to have annoyed some users, for some pretty good reasons.

Facebook-owned Instagram Grows to 400M Users

4.pngThe popular photo-based social app has grown its flock to 400 million users worldwide according to its parent company, Facebook. In a company blog, Instagram was delighted to announce the news of reaching the important milestone. What makes this even more special is the fact that the social app was able to do gain an additional 100 million users within a year. More than half of the new Instagrammers come from Europe and Asia, while Brazil, Indonesia and Japan made up the rest. Instagram was launched nearly five years ago and has grown in leaps and bounds ever since.


All About Ranks: Find Out the Best Ranking Factors for 2015

5SEO ain’t easy! Find out proper Search Engine Optimization techniques is like navigating through a minefield in the dark without your glasses (if you wear any!). This is the reason why the top geeks from the world of SEO descend at the annual Search Marketing Expo, where geniuses rub heads, answers to marketing mysteries are revealed and everyone goes home knowing that they are now a bit smarter. That is, until the next SMX event. This year we got to learn more about Google’s mind and the SMX Periodic Table of Ranking Factors, and we are going to share them all with you here.

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Ad Blocking: Does it Really Effect the ROI of Creativity?

6When you are consuming content online, ads usually come as part of the deal. Whether it’s watching your favorite flicks on Netflix or just browsing the web, or using one of the many online platforms, pop-up ads seem to be stuck on online content like white on rice. But, are they really all that bad. Well, some digital marketers are saying that effective advertising can go hand in hand with the digital landscape, if the quality of content is relevant and able to grab the attention of the consumer. Read more about it here.

Finding that Work/Meeting Balance

Office lifeIn a corporate environment, meetings are often times used as a panacea for each and every issue that comes up in the workplace. The hard truth is that some employees find themselves allergic to meetings, which makes the ordeal so much more painful. As companies get larger, there seems to be more and more bias towards attending office meetings, with many opting to cut any unnecessary chatter. While meetings can be disruptive to a staff’s productivity, they can’t be completely taken out of the equation, but there are ways to get better at them, like these for instance.

Marketing Trends of 2016

8Ok, so it’s a bit early in the day to be talking about what the marketing landscape will look like in 2016. But, that’s not going to be enough to stop us. We’ve glanced into our crystal ball and have come up with the top trends in social media marketing which will set you up to succeed. And yes, blogs, podcasts, and newsletters have all made it to the list, along with some other cool resources any online marketer simply couldn’t do without.

What should be a Startup’s SaaS Marketing Strategy?

9The estimated value of the software market is around a whopping $400 billion, which is a mouthful. But, this also makes it the best time to be a SaaS company. While that seems to be an obvious conclusion, the truth of the matter is that SaaS/PaaS/IaaS make up for only 15% of the total revenue in the software market. Click here to find out ways to be successful in an ever competitive SaaS environment.

Best (Social Media) Blogs on the Block

10Business owners often wonder about ways of getting the most ROI for their marketing efforts. “Is our tweeting actually driving sales?” and “Is our Facebook account doing the trick?” Well, when it comes to knowing what clicks in ecommerce, it turns out, you have to follow the best blogs online. Don’t panic, we’ve done the fishing so you don’t have to, and have come up with the best social media blogs to read for information and inspiration. Click here to find out which ones make a difference.

Is Web Hosting Important for SEO?

11Needless to say, having an ecommerce website means you have to choose a web hosting service provider along with ta domain name. Two things that are considered mandatory for obvious reasons: making a website appear in the SERPs. But, what most people didn’t know is that choosing the proper web hosting service provider and domain name actually helps with your SEO efforts. So, for those who are tired of being on the second and third pages of Google, find out more about driving your website higher up in the SERPs by using your web hosting service and domain name.

Tips to Make Your Site Search More Effective

12When it comes to site search, dictionaries don’t often accommodate the correct misspellings. This is where your merchandising team comes in. This is also the one area that takes the hardest hit when it comes to ecommerce websites. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, because there is a remedy.

Diversifying Add-Ons to Increase ROI

13Add-ons make a significant difference when used with Google Analytics. The tools help manage the raft of information which is received on a daily basis and makes curating that information a whole lot simpler. Apart from that, using add-ons can also help you find out any missing metrics which managed to fall through the cracks, which takes out the guess work from the equation. If you manage multiple campaigns then using the best add-ons can be your secret weapon which will lead you to success.

Submitting Links to Reddit is NOT Link Building

14Reddit is a news, entertainment, and social networking site where people get to post their content. But, contrary to popular belief, Reddit cannot and should be used as a social bookmarking site, and for good reason. So, how can Reddit be used for your marketing purposes you ask? Well, it’s not rocket science, but there are a few tips out there which could help your marketing campaign if you do choose to use Reddit as part of your online marketing strategy.

Presentations & Videos

Predictions for the 2015 Holiday Season

15Too soon? We beg to differ. Ecommerce sales during holiday season are important for all online retailers. And since the holiday shopping season usually begins long before Black Friday or Cyber Monday, why not get a head’s up on what’s in store (no pun intended!) this year. For many brands, the holiday shopping season is the make-or-break season, and for good reason, which means that making the necessary early preparations and getting your facts straight will be the difference between performing well or fizzling out into oblivion. You don’t need to be a genius to know that getting your website in shipshape before the holiday shopping season begins will make all the difference. Trust us!

A Roundup of BrightonSEO September 2015

16The BrightonSEO Conference is the most happening event in the world of SEO. So, if you are an SEO or online marketer and missed out on the golden nuggets of information, we feel your pain. And apparently, we are not the only emotional ones on the block, here is the whole BrightonSEO 2015 event, not in its entirety, but in slides (even better!).

What’s on the Board: Guest Blogging and Licensing Content

17If you are a small online retailer with big ambitions, one of the best ways to go about it is by creating epic content for your website. But, the main problem here is that small or new online retailers don’t have the inherent authority which is needed for people to move closer to take a proper look. This is where publishing your content on other sites as a guest blogger could help you tap into a larger market. This week’s Whiteboard Friday takes you through the steps and explains each one of them like you’re a four-year old.




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Friday Catch Up: Facebook Pushes a New Button and Instagram Hits the 400M Mark

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