Friday Catch-Up: Google Flips the Coin

210734Hello Friday Catch-Uppers! Quick question; what is the best thing about Friday?

You put down your caffeine shields and arm yourselves with stimulants so that the weekend can be worth the while. Or maybe just chill, sit back, relax and glue your eyes to, to follow our Friday Catch-Up string. While a little bit of joking is ALL ALLOWED past Fridays, workplaces can get really tough in the summertime when you have to deal with additional workplace problems like sunburns and beach days? The problem isn’t getting them; the problem is the urge to have them!
These kinds of thoughts are exactly what led us to form the Friday Catch-Up series in the first place, so that you can have a piece of all the updates on the internet, all in one place, right here on Promodo.

As much as we hate to admit it, Google is yet again the highlight of our news roundup, so keep eyes peeled for news on what the search engine giant is cooking up now.

News & Updates

Google Will Now Let You Bookmark Local Places

2Google has recently made it really easy for users to bookmark places they may want to map or visit by letting them save places from the local box available in Google search results. This is done with the addition of the star icon adjacent to the name of the place in the local search. When you click on the icon, the place you bookmark will appear in your direction suggestions, map, and in your search under the ‘Your Place’ tab. The only word we have for this tech update is SWEET! Read more about what the giant plans to do with its advancement here:  Search Engine Land

Google States Searches are Shifting to Mobile

3We heard informal statements from Google employees last year which stated that mobile search queries will overtake desktop queries in the coming year, and the giant has just confirmed that it has already happened. The company told us that more Google searches are being conducted on mobile rather than desktop in ten countries, which include the U.S and Japan. Isn’t this worth reading more about? Here’s the spill: Search Engine Land

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The TechCrunch 2015 Battlefield Finalists

4The 17th TechCrunch Disrupt is now on the flip side and thousands of people have already passed through the Manhattan Centre in hopes of becoming the next Tom Ford, or Google, or even the president of the United States! Founders and presidents are gracing the Disrupt stage to add a million stars to the event and the next talks you will get to see will include Tristan Walker, Oh yes! Read more about what to expect from the 17th TechCrunch: TechCrunch

Useful posts

Content Marketing vs. Native Advertising









Content marketing continues to grow while marketers have started to consider content marketing and native advertising the two viable alternatives at their disposal. Studies suggest that almost 72% of the customers have asked content marketing agencies about native advertising and it seems like people are starting to differentiate the two on wrong aspects. Follow this link to find out more about their similarities and differences: MOZ

 LinkedIn and Twitter Social Interactions on Google Analytics

6Google Analytics is now providing ways to its users to track and measure social interactions on Twitter and LinkedIn, which means that a much more detailed account of our social media activities can now be retrieved through the analytics algorithm. Read more here: Optimize Smart

A Guide to Performing a Content Audit


When you carry out a content audit, it will create a complex map which will detail all the content assets of the website in question. The audit will record the URLs, the types of content, page titles, word count, tags, the number of links that particular page has externally as well as internally, along with a lot of other important data. Your content audit is capable of helping you in numerous ways which are extensively researched about here: Cognitive SEO

A Guide to Setting up Your Twitter Chat

8Twitter chats are slowly becoming one of the best examples of building communities on Twitter. With the help of a shared hashtag, users can come together at any pre-determined time to talk and discuss issues of relevance for the community in question. These chats are capable of generating tons of conversations and even tweets and help in building strong correspondence. Read more here: HootSuite

Presumptuous Content Fails for UK Consumers

9Device ownership in the UK and personalization methods paint an attractive picture about brands accumulating knowledge about their audiences and serving them content on a device they may find convenient. This delivery of promise becomes a lot harder when it comes to UK consumers, who are always ready to retaliate at the slightest sign of a glitch. Read more here: EMarketer

The 3 Trends that are Changing the Future of Advertising Online

10The online advertising field is changing massively with each minute that passes by and new features and extensions are being added to the existing platforms. We have stepped into the brave new world of Pay per Click and the massive amount of data available in this regard is very helpful in connecting us with our audiences. Find out the top three trends that are redefining the future of online advertising here: Word Stream

Ecommerce Research – What Makes Customers buy Online?

112014 witnessed a 7.7% raise in total retail sales which continued growing right until we stepped in 2015. This can be regarded impressive growth, but in reality, 92.3% of the retail purchases did not take place on the internet. This brings us to the magic question: what do we need to increase the number of sales we can make online? Read more for the right answer: Marketing Sherpa

Google Plus twitter = Stronger Search?

Twitter made earnings that were lower than expected in the first quarter of the New Year, and search marketers managed to gain some insights through the agreement Twitter formed with Google. The much-heard rumor of Google purchasing Twitter due to the deal which gives Google access to tons of public data from Twitter, generated by the 300 million strong user base, will give the giant a competitive advantage over other runners in the field. Read more about this exciting agreement between the giants here: Practical Ecommerce

Earn Without Spending on Marketing

12Marketing has had us biting our nails and ripping our hair off this year with all the new advancements, and it is only going to get more complex from here. Marketing has become a powerful for brands to make their presence felt, but most of us often fail to grasp the essence of it and focus on the cause rather than focusing on the effect. Read more to not spend a dime on marketing and still make big bucks: Medium

Using YouTube Cards for Business Promotions

13Whether YouTube is a regular part of your social media marketing or you post videos only occasionally, the YouTube Cards feature has now enabled users to add an attractive feature to their videos: The YouTube Business Cards. These cards are an excellent way of providing motivation to the viewers of the video to prompt them to action. Read more about this exciting new feature and how it can help in the promotion of your business. Read more here: Social Media Examiner

Infographics and Videos

Creative Blog-Less Content Marketing Ideas

14While blog posts carry their own importance, many agree that they drive conversions slower and move at a snail’s speed. There are a wide variety of other things you can do to gain exposure and clients for your brand and almost all of them are much more attractive and exciting than blogs. Follow this link to view this amazing infographic which tells you about 12 very creative ways of marketing without blog posts; take a look: Digital Information World

U.S Data Consumption per Individual

2015-05-08_16-39_pngThe University of California, San Diego has recently published a study which reveals valuable insights about the data consumption of each U.S citizen online and all the insights have been beautifully designed into an attractive infographic, which you can view here: Business Intelligence

Screen Fiends

16People consume data at a fast pace today, but this year, the special thing we are noticing is the fact that more time is being spent online than watching TV or reading newspapers. People’s mindsets about the internet have started to change and they are beginning to put more and more trust into the online world. Read more interesting stuff about the screen fiends of 2015 here: The Economist










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Friday Catch-Up: Google Flips the Coin

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