Friday Catch-Up: Google is BACK with a BANG!

1Hello Everyone! It’s a brand new weekend with some brand new updates from around the globe, but there’s something special about today.

We noticed how Google had let the reigns of the news update racehorse be handled by its competitors for some time now, and just when we started to wonder what was up with the tech giant, they come back with some of the most definitive, innovative, and groundbreaking updates that can’t possibly be missed.

Google has a knack of appealing to users more than other tech brands, and you have to admit that they use it pretty well. This week, Google has answered some of the oldest internet prayers that users have been making for decades. Finally, there is no doubt and there is absolutely no shred of ambiguity – Google is our internet savior and has been for quite some time. So let’s move on to the news section, after paying your respects to the Lord of the World Wide Web.

News & Updates

Google’s New Mobile Interface

2The tech giant has reportedly been testing a brand new mobile interface, and the new tests reveal that the logo will be center aligned on the top, while the search box will be quite large. Along with that, a clean blue navigation menu will enable users to perform all their tasks more fluently. Google has constantly been trying and testing new mobile interfaces for a while now, and we were just thinking it was about time we see some results. Well, we have, and they look promising! Check this out: Search Engine Land

Gmail’s “UNDO SEND” is now a Permanent Feature!

3We’ve all been there, and we all know that feeling, call it Instant Mail Regret Mode, if you will.  You hit send and realize you’ve sent across a professional email with typos and grammatical errors, or worse yet, sent it to all the contacts instead of the one you only intended the mail for. The Undo Send function has been dwelling in the labs up till now, but this week, Google actually made it functional. You can read all about this update here: Entrepreneur

Google is Giving Apple Music a Tough Time

4Google has recently debuted an advertisement supported Radio Service, right before Apple Music was all set for a brand new release, and Apple must be pissed. The tech giant implores that radio stations will now curate accordingly with activity, genres and moods, and that may sound great, but there’s more. Google has thwarted the Apple release before it even happened, and one may wonder how. Read this post to see the amazing features of this great, musical development:  Adage

Posts worth Reading

Companies that Make Clever Use of Content Marketing

5Millions of dollars were put into researching on how well content does, and what we found was the one universal fact; Content marketing can do much more than just sell. Consumers today want to be engaged with some subtle humor, great interactions, and vibrant visuals, and some companies have picked up their pace and are using content marketing to its full potential. Follow this link to check out some of the biggest brands that are currently acing content marketing: Search Engine Journal

Mother’s are the New Dream Customers for Digital Retailers

6Digital shopping plays a huge role in a mother’s shopping experience, and that role is considerably bigger than what it does for the rest of the general population. This is what a research has very recently revealed, and the survey received a great response from mother when they were asked about digital shopping. Almost 7 out of every 10 women agreed that the internet has changed drastically in terms of providing information about products and services, and this insight can actually help retailers in a great way. Read more here: EMarketer

Essential SEO Guidelines for Website Migration

7When going on about conducting a website migration, you are essentially taking part in a conventional process of the business world. There could be a million reasons why any organization would want to migrate from one website to another and regardless of all those reasons, it is very crucial to remember that your website is basically your virtual business card.  Sometimes, migrations can even become mandatory in order to enhance the user experience too. Read more here: TopRank

Foolproof Content Marketing Development

8Organizations have started to put a great deal of trust in content, and most of our activities today heavily rely on it. This does not, however, prove that they are doing it right. Many businesses tend to produce content on so many different content that it becomes apparent that they haven’t researched enough to find out what their readers are looking for.  In simpler terms, these content marketers usually have no idea about who their prospects are and what they want, but don’t worry, we have a solution! Read more to see how you can develop a foolproof content development strategy and engage more prospects as you go along: Content Marketing Institute

AdWords Management in Just 10 Minutes

9When you are busy marketer, you will never have enough time on your hands to manage your AdWords account once you’re done with all the other errands that you run each day. That doesn’t mean that you hardly care, but it does mean that you have other things that need prompt attention. Most people do not understand how important AdWords can be when it comes to running a business, so take out 10 minutes and try this: Unbounce

Time Tracking and Invoicing Shortcuts

10If you put together a list of crucial things that every business needs, invoices and time sheets would top that list. They are very important to keep the revenue flowing in and also very time-consuming since it calls for excessive paperwork. Mobile cloud technology is now providing business owners with an escape from the hassle, and moving all your time sheeting and invoicing to the cloud. Read more here: Business

 The Evolution of SEO Trends Over 25 Years

11The very first chances of SEO must have appeared with the bright opening up of the prospect of Internet; however, very few would have predicted the impact it would have later on, on our daily lives. Almost a quarter century later, SEO has also evolved massively into an adaptive structure that can be used to create valuable relationships. Today, SEO has become a huge mechanism for businesses, and this evolution is discussed here: Search Engine Land

Messenger can now be used WITHOUT a Facebook Account

12The last remaining step towards making Facebook Messenger an entire platform in its own right, has been taken, and the results are great. This week, Facebook announced users will no longer need a Facebook account to use Messenger, as long as you reside in Peru, Venezuela, Canada or the United States and have your own phone number. The change is very exciting and many even anti-Facebook people would be tempted to give this a try. Read more: Search Engine Journal

Americans are Speeding up Their Lives

13When it comes to the fierce battle of mobile attention, Facebook is the leading platform that practically has no peers. The social media network has managed to reach as many U.S. adults as Google has, but when it comes to the total time spent online on any network, Facebook beats Google and YouTube fair and square. Read this report for other highly interesting findings: Venture Beat

Reaching Back to School Shoppers with PPC

14Extremely savvy marketing planning would look something like the back-to-school shopping season, yes we all consent! This season is considered the second highest spending season of the year, coming right behind the winter holidays. Shoppers spent almost $74.9 billion in 2014, and we are all crossing our fingers for it to do even better this time around. Read more: Small Biz Trends

Infographics and Videos

Mobile is eating the World

15The brand new age of mobile devices has taken over our systems, and things that were conventionally tedious before have now moved to the digital space and become much more efficient. Mobile has changed the way we interact with, navigate, and use the internet, and even how we shop. So let’s see what the future holds for mobile by looking at this great presentation: Ben Evans

Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

16It is going to be very hard for people to believe today that there are still websites that do not use Google Analytics, or any Analytics software to manage their traffic, and with good reason. While some statistics and figures may be very thick for most people to manage, none of us actually realize how important it is to have Analytics software managing your website. If you do have Google Analytics but don’t know how to use it for your own good, here’s a beginner’s guide to get you started: MOZ

The Internet Mindset

The internet is probably the largest, most massive collection of information we have ever seen, and that just means it offers more valuable insights on how people think, interact and respond to certain things, over certain other things. Check out this great infographic for a marvelous interactive ride which tells you more about how the internet ‘thinks’: Funders and Founders


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Friday Catch-Up: Google is BACK with a BANG!

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