Friday Catch-Up: Google Making Headway in the Search Engine Game

1Remember how we promised we’ll make all the work related stresses go away at the end of the week with some happening internet updates? Well, as promised, here we are!

Lately, Google has been overtaking the internet industry updates by storm with new tools and features ‘launched’ and predicted ‘to be launched soon’ every other day. Only last week, our news and updates section was overrun by updates from the search engine giant, and this week, they take it up entirely! Getting addicted to the limelight much are we Google?

Even so, we all know there is no keeping up with Google in terms of progressive development and innovative updates. This week’s Friday Catch-Up takes you to a ride through the internet town, making our first stop at the News and Updates junction, the second at Postville, and to reach your final destination, you’ll have to walk through the world of amazing Infographics. Let’s buckle up!

News & Updates

The Fundamentals of Rendering Performance

2Today’s users of the World Wide Web expect the page they visit to be highly smooth and interactive, and that is exactly where you need to contribute your time and concentration. WebPages shouldn’t only load faster; they should also run well and the interactive experience that the user gets from the page should be innovatively streamlined. In order to create great experiences, you need to clearly understand how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work and is handled by the browser you are using. You have to ensure that the code that you end up devising runs in the most efficient manner, and for that, you’ll have to follow this link and read up on Google Developers about how to best manage your rendering performance: Google Developers

Baidu Benefitting in China Due to the Absence of Google

3The revenue share of China continues to increase as Google misses out on all the fun while its sites remain blocked in mainland China. As the search engine giant continues to dominate the search engine world, Baidu – the leading local search engine in China – Is given a huge advantage due to the ban. The global share of the search ad revenues of Baidu increase from 6.4% to 8.8%, according to latest data provided by eMarketer. Read more here: Search Engine Land

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Google Introducing Google Panda

4Did any of you get awfully pranked on the 1st of April? Well we did! Google recently fooled their entire audience by introducing a prank product on April fool’s day called the Google Panda. The life-size, handy, stuffed-toy lookalike – Google Panda answers all your questions and snuggles with you too for that added companion effect. The device is supposedly state-of-the-art and possesses conversational intelligence so that users can simply speak their queries and the Panda (which is available in two adorable, huggable sizes) will reply. See guys? A huggable yet useful companion is not science fiction anymore (we’re totally yanking your chain, it still is)! Watch the Google April fools prank video here: Google Asia Pacific

Useful Posts

The Elements of the Best Profile Picture

5The very first thing you do when you join any social networking platform is upload a display picture, but few give much consideration to the fact that there may be better, worse, or best pictures to choose from when setting up your personal profile picture. The profile pictures of any id or page on a social media network has to have some role that it plays in setting a positive impression on the audience. Interestingly enough, there has been rather a significant amount of research on the topic and the findings suggest that there are quite a few important elements that should be incorporated in the display picture you choose to set up across any social media platform. Read more: Buffer Social

Great Examples of Mobile Web Design

6More than ever, the businesses today are concentrating on creating delighting mobile website experiences since reports have suggested that 80% of all internet users are Smartphone internet surfers. Marketers on the other hand have been gearing up and preparing for a massive change that Google plans to make starting on April 21st; the expected change is to be made to the algorithms. They plan to expand their use of mobile-friendly websites as a ranking signal and the update is expected to have a significant effect on marketers from all across the world. This change is also expected to create a bigger impact than Google Panda or Penguin and improving on the mobile experience is probably the only thing left at marketers’ disposal. Read more here: Hubspot

Social Media and the Customer’s Journey

7On social media platforms, businesses are well aware of the fact that they need to make their presence felt, but most of the time, they do not know how to use their presence for their own benefit. The best thing about social media platforms is that there are so many different ways to use them as well. Beginning social media marketing without a definitive strategy can become quite overwhelming for business owners and marketers. To properly understand how to employ social media marketing, one has to comprehensively understand the thinking patterns and behaviors of their customers. Read more at: Duct Tape Marketing

Apple Pay and Small Business Owners

8Earlier this month, Apple has made several huge announcements about a larger iPhone, a new smart watch, and perhaps the most interesting of all, an innovative way of paying for things. They’re calling it Apple Pay and they’re aiming to the mix up the game in terms of deciding how to pay for things you have purchased. While many Apple products are simplistically helpful, Apple Pay is all set to change the way businesses and clients interact and all you need to know about the latest update is provided right here: Grow Map

Monitoring Your Reputation Online

9A plethora of information is available for everybody today at the click of a mouse and life has become much harder for those who have a rep to protect. The internet connects millions of users from all over the world, and has enabled rapid data sharing, and this information can easily be retrieved with a simple search online. Any content that may have been posted years ago can still be used to cause embarrassment and harm, and the state of survival is constant within the cyber world when it comes to manipulative and malicious elements. Follow this link to find out how to protect your reputation better online: 60 Second Marketer

The Best Screen Resolutions

What is the most suitable screen size that you need to design this year? This is probably the best and by far the most frequently asked question that all web developers desperately need an answer to. What we all must know is that a good design is always created keeping the target audience in mind, and even the search engine giant suggests that you need a nicely designed website that works efficiently across multiple types of devices to make sure your business is being noticed. Check out this video and learn more: Hobo

Reasons Why Google Changed Your Title Tag

10Have you ever performed a search on Google of one of your WebPages and it has appeared different in SERPs that what you intended it to be? While one may just be saying to that; “what does Google even think of itself?” others realize the importance of title tags in the search engine results much more comprehensively. When it comes to your specific title tag, there are many reasons why Google may have changed its appearance, and to make sure that doesn’t happen again, follow this link and find out what they are: Volume Nine

Creating Competitor SEO Profiles

11One of the first things you need to do when forming a business is building a complete new profile that contains all the client’s main competitors as the top targeted keywords. This intelligence has allotted us a holistic overview of the niche and how much competition there is so that you can budget accordingly and fix all the issues. This is the sort of activity where the URL Profiler comes into play, and you need to follow this link to find out more about how you can create robust and sturdy SEO Profiles for your business: URL Profiler

The Billion Dollar Start-Up Club

The Wall Street Journal in alliance with the Dow Jones’ VentureSource, is mutually tracking all venture-backed private organizations that are valued at $1 billion or more. Follow this link o see how the club expands since the project was initiated in January 2014: The Wall Street Journal

Driverless Cars Driving Opportunities for Marketers

12The arrival of a driver free society has promised unlimited opportunities for all advertisers and the new innovation means a lot of fruitful benefits for marketers. The way people perceive transport and cars is about to change drastically and to know what the future holds for people in marketing and advertising all you will need to do is follow this link: The Drum


Day-to-Day SEO

13There is a very common misconception among marketers and developers that SEO is a one and done kind of task; you clean up and optimize a website, and once that is done, you can focus on something else. But there are many parts of the job that are consistent and ongoing, and this week’s White board Friday explains it all in detail. Take a look: MOZ

Ecommerce Content Marketing For SEO

14The right way to do SEO is often complicated and needs time and consistent efforts to be carried out swiftly. Still, there are many SEO secrets that could help designers and developers a great deal if they weren’t going unnoticed. Check out this link to view the presentation that explains how SEO is beneficially done: Slide Share

Analyzing Marketing Optimization Questions

We are always looking for innovative ways of discovering valuable insights about our surrounding space, and many sites offer gold mines of data that can help improve a lot of things in the optimization process. This infographic is a collection of the top questions asked and answered that will guide you through marketing optimization with a substantial amount of ease, take a look: Semrush

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Friday Catch-Up: Google Making Headway in the Search Engine Game

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