Friday Catch-up: Google, Samsung and the Internet Marketing  

1Did somebody say Friday? Yes, we all did!

Well, the wait is over and another week has come to an end. We know you all have been waiting for this week’s edition of the Friday Catch-Up and it’s finally here.

This week’s edition, as always, brings you the hottest news from the world of technology (we should perhaps start saying the world of Google though), the biggest news unsurprisingly being Google’s new logo launch . Next up are the blog posts that will surely interest all the internet geeks out there (we get you!). Lastly, the videos and infographics are sure to help you get rid of all the boredom of this week.

So without any further ado, let’s get started on the journey to the past week.

News and Updates

Google rolls out new logo

2Parents have always influenced their kids and that is exactly what happened to Google too. They have recently changed their logo, and now it resembles the logo of its parent company, Alphabet. The logo has been given a playful look and the colors have also become softer. Not only that, the small ‘g’ logo that comes on the corner of the browser tabs have also been redesigned and its place have been taken by an uppercase ‘G’, which is stripped in the fours colors of Google logo. The newly evolved logo is meant to reflect that Google is now more than just a search engine. The many services of Google are accessible anywhere, even on the tiniest screen. So what exactly prompted the change? Read more: The Verge.

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Samsung launches SmartThings Hub

3Samsung had been testing a new technology for a long time, finally launching a system that will enable you to connect all your smart devices to the internet, for a better, and of course, more tech-savvy lifestyle. But what does this mean translated to real-life? Clearly, the next time you run out of milk, your fridge will be able to notify you. All the devices will be able to talk to each other and will ensure that you get the highest standard of living. The device will be made available by 10th of September and will work with SmartThings branded devices from Samsung, Philips, Bose, Yale, and Aeon, among others. Find out more how the whole system works only here: The Guardian.

Google: Websites showing large ads to mobile visitors falling in the rankings

4Mobile users have always been bugged by the full page ads, and finally, Google has decided to take an initiative against such sites. Some sites show app interstitial ads that cover most of the screen and content but Google has announced that such pages will be considered NOT mobile friendly. This could lead to a decrease in the ranking of mobile-friendly Web pages. But when is the new initiative going to kick in? Find out at: Search Engine Land.

Top hot posts of the week

Use Instagram for E-commerece

5Image-based content is here to stay, and Instagram has proven it. It has been quite a successful platform for e-commerce but there are some platform-specific techniques to it and you have to know the rules to win at the game. Know all about the ways you can use Instagram to boost your sales and be successful at e-commerce. So what are you waiting for? Set up your Instagram account right now and get started on capitalizing on the benefits. Read more on how to do that here: Sellbrite

E-commerce sites use Social Proof to increase conversions

PrintE-Commerce sites are willing to go to any lengths to provide their customers with the best services, and the most effective tool they’ve got to their hands on right now is Social Proof. The herd behavior helps to keep the users up-to-date so they can make informed decisions and the e-commerce sites are right at it! From Amazon to Levi’s, most of the sites are working to achieve this status. The only catch; this tactic cannot be faked, it has to be earned. Read more about how you can use Social Proof here: Clickz.

Tools for e commerce developers and designers

7E-commerce developers and designers might have had a hard time in the past, designing every site from scratch, going over a thousand codes, and spending months developing the same stuff over and over again. But the latest technologies have made things quite easy for designers and developers. Now, all they have to do is register on an E-commerce site developing platform and the easy-to-use software allows them to set up and start running a store in about 15 minutes! That’s an enticing offer and now you have the chance to review 27 of the most essential tools that can help you create some amazing online stores. Find out about them on: LemonStand.

Get First Mover Advantage With New Social-Media Platforms

8Social media has undergone a veritable revolution in recent years and its quite hard catching up to the ones who had the good sense of adopting the platforms and leveraging their potential early on. Since then, the early birds have positioned themselves as the leaders, which don’t leave much space for the late comers. But if there are some benefits of being the first mover, how can you develop a strategy that leads to an effective social media early adoption? You would need some help, get it from here: Entrepreneur.

Need help writing error messages?

9Experiencing errors while uploading a file which is due that very day is the most annoying feeling in the world. But what if the error was so well-crafted that it turned all your frustration into amusement? Ideally, that is the kind of error message that all users want, but what really makes an error message well-drafted? Well, there’s a little bit of everything involved, – the right terminology and the perfect wording. But that’s not all. Want to know more? Read all the interesting insights about how to write a powerful error message here: Medium

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: What’s more efficacious?

2015-09-04_17-46_jpgSince the users have become resistant towards interruptive marketing, the usage of ad-blockers has increased. The growing number of ad-blocker users has been the cause of concern for many of marketers. So Fractl and Moz have once again teamed up to examine the efficacy and efficiency of various marketing tactics. Want to know what the findings are? Get to know the survey methodology and the results here: Moz

Looking for growth opportunities in seo audits? Ask these 7 questions

11SEO Audits are generally just a means of evaluating your website and identifying any underlying issues. You get an idea of where you stand in the SEO market and also about the level of your website’s SEO optimization. But is that all an SEO Audit is good for? Of course not! Next time, ask these 7 key questions to unlock growth opportunities in your SEO Audits. Interested? Read more about how to discover new opportunities here: Search Engine Land

Easy-To-Create Infographics Help You Get Viral

12You cannot surf the internet without coming across infographics; they seem to have become the darling of social media and the internet as a whole. But why have they gained such widespread popularity? Firstly, visual content is easier to retain and users love to read the bits of information provided in infographics instead of going through traditional walls of text. If you want to take your blogs to viral status easily, infographics are the perfect solution. Now, we have at our disposal easy-to-create infographic templates to get more traffic to your blogs. Want to know more about it? Read it all here: Internet Marketing Ninjas

Create Animated Images and videos

13It’s quite easy to communicate relatively simple messages to the consumers but the struggle becomes real when the marketers have to deal with detailed and complex topics. An effective option here would be to use visual content that is most likely to entice users. You might think that creating an animated image or video is difficult or requires huge budgets, but what if we were to tell you that it is not so. Interested? Read about these 10 easy-to-create tools that will help you create animated images and videos here: Hubspot

Guest Blogging: Is It Any Good?

14Google’s web spam team takes initiatives against guest blogging year after year. Despite their fervent efforts, it has still survived, kept alive by the people who use it as a tool to refine the Internet, a tool that allows proliferation of ideas and opinions. But does it really have any benefits? And how can you go about the regulations set by Google? Find all that guest blogging has to offer here: Semrush

Videos & Infographics

Get Your Content to Influencers Who Can Amplify It

15This video talks about content marketing and how to go about content amplification. Though it may seem rough at the beginning, but once you get the hang of things, it’ll all work out. Watch how to get your content in front of influential people who will help promote it. Take a look: Moz

E-commerce in Europe: Facts and Figures

16This infographics clearly explain the facts about selling online. The big businesses in Europe have taken a turn for the better in their online business experiences in 2015. See the booming e-commerce that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Take a look: Twenga Solutions

Improve Retention and Customer Lifetime Value

17E-retailers can benefit if they get a rewards and points program, but how to know the core metrics of the program? Sweet Tooth explores why customer lifetime value is important and what the key points in customer retention are. Take a look: 2X eCommerce

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Friday Catch-up: Google, Samsung and the Internet Marketing  

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