Friday Catch-Up: Google Takes Over the News!

1Oh Friday! Finally you’re here, and it’s about time too. Hello Everybody! We are back with the juiciest internet and SEO news, infographics, and videos that have been trending online this week. One of the biggest names and the internet giant – Google, never seems to quit making advancements and developments to their products that are clearly keeping the online world running. It’s hard to imagine how competitors are coping with the fact that the ball is currently, and has been for quite some time, in Google’s court!

Let us take a look at what’s hot and happening this week:

News & Updates

The Penguin 3.0 Roll-Out is Still Ongoing

2Google confirms that all the major shifts reported on Thanksgiving Day throughout the industry were an outcome of the Penguin 3.0 update that began rolling out one and a half months ago. So basically, a single Google roll-out has an impact on the entire industry! It is also being reported that the rollouts will continue and the witnessed changes are just the tip of the iceberg. The interesting thing here is that the roll-out has already taken more than six weeks and still continues, which is unusual. Find out all the details about the impact of Penguin 3.0 here: Search Engine Land.

If Google Says You Click, You Click!

3Aren’t squiggled texts designed to weed out automated spambots one of the most annoying things ever? We agree! But now Google has a great fix. The internet giant has developed a Turing Test that can detect a bot by something far simpler than questions – just one click! So no more distorted numbers or letters that sound like a secret message from the future you, all you have to do to prove you’re human is click. Well it’s about time somebody realized humans should not face problems spambots created. Thank You Google! Read more here: Wired.

Google Drops the Carousel, Bing Picks it Up!

4Bing has started using a carousel format for their search results (local). So now if you search for locale related queries like “Pasta”, you will see local restaurants and places in a black navigational bar through which you can find local Italian food joints. Bing adopted this format back in October to use for movie listings and has now developed it further. On the other hand, Google has now shifted to the 3-pack set of results format. Read more here: Search Engine Land.

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Useful Posts

Use Social Media Listening To Create Better Content

5When you are producing your content, the most important thing to keep in mind is the value it will add to your community. Whether you are sharing techniques for self-improvement or are giving lessons on how to bake a cake, you need your content to be driven by the community. How do I know what my community wants, you ask? Rest easy, we have it all covered! Listening to your online community is the first step in the journey of unlocking the true power of your content and its marketing. Read more to find out how you can lay the first brick in the wall of a well-built and sustainable marketing strategy for your content: Co Schedule.

Thank You Pages TO-DIE-FOR

6Conversion-oriented marketers are typically focused on persuading the flow of traffic to take initiative when people visit their landing pages. The objective is to get that click! (Subscription, sale, or more), since once that has been taken care of, marketers can simply thank the client and walk away with a bundle of greens in hand. Thank you pages are more than mere pieces of virtual real estate that display appreciation and order numbers – they are in fact an integral part of an optimized conversion system that can substantially help in increasing your revenue. Check out these amazing thank you pages that take conversion to the next level here: Unbounce.

Use PPC to Optimize Your Organic Search Strategy

Internet-based marketing comprises of different yet related segments like SEO, search engine marketing, organic rankings, pay-per-click, and more. As organizations turn towards content-based marketing strategies, proper use of each segment is principal for maximum ROI. Regardless of how many times you hear the phrase “SEO is dead”, we all understand that it isn’t quite dead yet but it has made SEO experts wish they were, as they deal with algorithms, rumors, and the ever-changing policies of internet marketing. But before spending time in upgrading your content, try to use pay-per-click campaigns as a testing ground, like all the savvy internet marketers do. Read more here: Semrush.

Representing Your Brand by Real People

7Arguably, one of our biggest beneficial adaptations as humans was most probably our predisposition to be social. Add to that the power of speech and you have the most dominant species on the planet with extraordinary survival abilities. But why are we all of a sudden discussing philosophy and science? We’ll tell you why – understanding the interpersonal and social aspect of humanity is crucial for effective marketing. You need to tap into your true potential of social marketing aspects with real humans that are actual company representatives or selling faces for its content. Read more here: MOZ.

Email Marketing and Video Cocktail: Inspiring Examples and Useful Tips

8A recent study confirms that videos can be a vital key to sales and conversion and using videos should be a no brainer for email marketers yet the email-video match is a rare pair. Last year, only 25% of marketers admitted to using video in their marketing. But it’s easy to understand that emails with videos are definitely more memorable than static images and text. So what are marketers waiting for? It has now become substantially easier for internet marketers to flaunt their brand while adding value through video content. Check out amazing examples and tips here: Marketing Profs.

Using Selfies For Social Good? Yes Please!

9Conventional businesses and nonprofits have one thing in common – the desire to attract an audience who are interested in their product or service. Like the big global brands, numerous non-profit organizations are shifting to social media and adopting the popular trends to spread their message. One trend worth discussing here is selfies. What was previously considered a passing fad has now proven to actually be a valuable marketing technique. Businesses and consumers are both taking part in working selfies into successful campaigns across many industries. But how can a selfless non-profit organization incorporate something so self-centered in their content? Check out these inspiring examples to find out: Sprout Social.

Email Marketers, Rest Easy

10Even though finely crafted email newsletters are usually notorious for not being able to convert well, no matter how brilliant they may be. If all the successful marketers believed that newsletters are just a quick fix for reengaging users, they wouldn’t really be working day and night improving them now, would they? So instead of going through the tedious work of making a newsletter great, what you should focus on is how to get the most benefits out of the emails that you are sending to your prospects. Check out this amazing guide for creating transactional emails here: KISS Metrics.

The Newest Holiday Trends in Town!

11As the digital and the real world merge together, consumers are starting to re-imagine the entire shopping experience, making mobiles and social media a huge part of it. The buying process has become an extremely personalized and proper engagement where the physical experience is complemented by the real physical one. Keeping that in mind, check out these latest upcoming trends and predictions that are expected to hit the market this entire holiday retail season: Exact Target,


US, Facebook Users are thankful for Friends, Family, and Health This Thanksgiving Day

12The data team at Facebook marked Thanksgiving Day by analyzing the compiled data from English-speaking users from the United States to see what they were thankful for the most… and guess what? Friends, family, and health top the list. Check out how Facebook managed to collect this data only through obtaining status updates that contained certain keywords: All Facebook.

Google Webmasters Central Mobile Office-Hours Hangout

Are you a webmaster that has many unanswered questions and queries you need expert responses to? Well look no further! Check out the amazing Google Webmasters Central Mobile Office-Hours hang-out with John Mueller from Google. Part of the hang out is also focused on accumulating information that can be reported back to the engineers for better development of Google products. See the video here: You Tube.

All Web Retailers Please Stand Up!

On Thanksgiving Day, the online retail sales were up to 32% versus last year’s 26% as comScore reported on Friday. Counting the sales through mobile devices is expected to be even a bigger percentage while NRF and ShoppersTrak stated that the retail sales were off for the entire holiday weekend. But not all retail sales were as successful as the online ones – the total sales over the weekend were lower than that of last year’s. Read more about this topic here: Internet Retailer.

The Google Misery Index

13The past year’s worth of daily Google searches in five terms – depression, anxiety, pain, stress, and fatigue has been aggregated to form the Google Index for misery. The higher the numbers the greater the search results in that particular term with volumes of reliable information. The searches fluctuate during spring and fall yet drop massively during the holiday season. So basically, Monday (because work) will have the largest number of misery-related searches and Friday the lowest (because Friday Catch-Up). Read more here: Washington Post.

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Friday Catch-Up: Google Takes Over the News!

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