Friday Catch-up: Google’s Prowess and the Sticky Business of Link Building

1Well, it’s Friday again, and we’re still feeling smug in our little corner of the internet. This week we bring you news on all the latest happenings which you may have missed regarding the weird wide web. From Google to the internet and everything in between, you’ll find all you want to know right here. So, without further ado, here we go!

Google Rolls Out New Search Analytics Console API

2The new roll out from Google enables users of the service to get their keyword search data via a new API. The new feature is pretty neat as in it gives web masters a new way to program the tools and the reporting they use with the data which they find in the Search Analytics Report. While the results are sorted by click count descending, the results are displayed in an arbitrary way when two rows have the same click count. To find out more on the subject click here.

AdStage to Support Google Shopping Campaigns


With the starting of eCommerce as-units, AdStage has decided to offer support for Google Shopping Campaigns as it continues to evolve its platform to include more solutions and services for its users to enhance user experience. For those who do not know, AdStage is an all-in-one ad management platform which enables companies to manage their ad campaigns across social media, mobile ad networks and search engine queries. To find out more on this click here.

YouTube Finishes its 300 Views Limit for Videos

4By now, perhaps you’ve heard that YouTube has decided that it will no longer halt video view counts once the number reached 300, and would be counting the amount of views in real time in order to verify “real” views. YouTube would generally freeze the views of a video once the count reached 300 while it monitored the views to make sure that those views were actually coming from real people. You can read all about it right here.

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Behold! The Trends that are Affecting the State of Commerce

The retail industry is always on the lookout for new and creative ideas when it comes to pushing products. One of those trends has been to skip the use of Photoshop in the images that are used to display various products online. A recent report by Sparks & Honey and Fashion Snoops has found 22 cultural trends that are currently affecting the state of commerce. Two of these trends have been identified as a rise in customer empathy and what is being called “squealing.” To find out more about these along with rest click here.

Bing Includes Native Ads to Bing Ads Platform

5Bing has recently announced that it will be including native ads as a beta offering in its Bing Ads Platform, brining native ads in to the mainstream. Native ads do not appear on the search results page but rather, on websites. Native ads works well because it blends in with the content of a website. The inclusion of them into Bing’s Ads Platform allows advertisers to reach the right people. You can read all about it here.

Link Building Gets a Bite of Reality

6When it comes to SEO, link building has turned into a buzz word and rightly so. But, the real challenge lies in the fact that the inner workings of search engines have changed since its beginning. Alan K’necht, a digital marketer and an authority in SEO recently talked about the authority of link building and why it is still relevant in the world of search engine optimization.

Whether it’s content marketing or influencer outreach, K’necht explains how SEO plays a role in all marketing efforts. Read more about it here.

The Reasons Why a Website Fails

7A website is a first point of contact between a business and a customer. And while many businesses have realized the importance of having an online presence and a website that is able to funnel in customers, surprisingly there are still those businesses who just don’t get its importance or end up having a website which looks like it has been designed by a five year old. Read here about all the things which annoy customers when they visit a website.

7 Books to Inspire the Content Marketer

9While self-help and how-to books are a dime a dozen these days, some books stand out from others and truly help out where the rest just prove to be smoke and mirror techniques that don’t really work. Keeping that in mind, books like Joe Pulizzi’s Epic Content and Andy Crestodina’s Content Chemistry are just names of a few books which stand out when it comes to getting a deeper understanding on specialized topics. Click here to find out more on these priceless gems of information.

Secrets of PPC Revealed

10Are your PPC ads not working? If you’re answer was yes, you are not alone. PPC ad campaigns are not easy, whether you want to target a specific demographic, or check to see what your ad actually looks like. For those who are having trouble in locating those PPC ads, click here to get a proper diagnosis.

Things to Know about a Guarantee

Guarantees are great, especially while buying products that make a serious dent in our wallets. But just like with all things in life all guarantees are not made equal. A recent case study has revealed how guarantees work and how it can be used to grow sales. Since guarantees is one of the most fruitful things you could offer your customers, click here to find out how you can do it the right way.

Five Highly Creative Ways to Promote a Brand

11Creating brand awareness is one of the major concerns of businesses everywhere. But with so many new brands popping up everywhere, how does one create an interest in the consumer which would make them take a step forward for a closer look. Well, the answer is, creating a clever piece of marketing. Click here to find out the five top ways of making your brand reach new heights.

How to Help Customers Place their Orders Better

12Having a business isn’t just about firing up an eCommerce website and saying a prayer, (although the two do work sometimes!). It’s about making it easier for your customers to find your business website online and making it even easier for them to find relevant information and make purchases on your website. If that hasn’t been happening for you then chances are, you’ve got it all wrong. Click here to find out how you can help your customers by giving them a better website to play in.

Resumes Don’t Have to be Difficult

13For all the starry eyed hopefuls out there, landing that first interview after graduation is like waking up to a rainbow outside your window. It’s just really hard, but what helps is having a neatly written resume that points out your strengths, makes you look good, while not ending up like a novella on your life. Since your resume will be your first and most important assignment, its pays to get it right the first time. Click here to find out how you can accomplish just that.

Google and SEO in 2020

While most people like to dwell on the “good old days” it takes a special kind of person to dare to ask about the future. Search engine optimization has always been a challenge for the online marketer, and that doesn’t look like it is going to change any time soon. But, atleast attempting to find out what the future could bring us will allow SEO specialists to prepare themselves for what’s coming, (or atleast try to!). Click here to find out how Google could look like in the year 2020 and beyond.

Become Better at eCommerce

14Ask any entrepreneur and they’d tell you that eCommerce ain’t no walk in the park. Apart from having a general business knowledge, there are many things which come into play that one should be aware of in order to succeed. And since college degrees can only get you so far, most people turn to online courses to get a deeper understanding of their particular fields. Click here to find which are the best online courses to become a better merchant.

The Skinny on Google Penguin Updates

15To complete the set, we give you the latest news on Google. While it has been confirmed that Google’s Penguin will be getting an update in the next few months, many questions have risen on what those updates would be and how they would affect the world of online search. Click here to find out more.

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Friday Catch-up: Google’s Prowess and the Sticky Business of Link Building

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