Friday Catch-Up: Hijack Alert – Google Taking Over! 

1You know those weeks when there’s nothing else to talk about except the giant with the biggest horns? Yeah, this one’s going to be one of those. Imagine the world of the web as a Bullfighting Arena if you will, with search engines acting as toreros, and the bull being the audience, wild and free as it should be. Can you guess who Google would be? That sounds about right – the Matador!

Fortunate or unfortunate, Google does have some very interesting news to offer this week, and that’s probably why our News Section will contain nothing else! Forming alliances and redefining ranking algorithms seems to have become Google’s favorite pastime, so let’s see what they have been cooking up for us this week with the “Amazing” Friday Catch-Up. Touché.

News and Updates

Google lends you a Helping Hand

2It is very common to see extra tracking parameters added to the end of your URLs, but Google urges you to not worry about them anymore. Over a certain amount of time, Google will itself shorten the links for you and remove the extra parameters, as John Mueller replied to a Twitter fan in regards to this problem, also stating that it is not a long-term issue. So website owners, this link’s for you. You’re welcome! SEO Round Table

Google Says Redirects Are FINE!

3The HTTPS algorithm from Google went live early on this year, and since then, many websites have migrated from their HTTP to HTTPS. Now, Webmasters and SEOs specialists are asking whether they should ask people to update their links, and that’s a just question. Google, however, shrugs it lightly and says, “Don’t worry about it!” the redirects that are added to your link when you make the shift will be just fine, they said. Now, this feels like trick, because from what we know, linking your website through an accurate address is important, however, Google says that the change is so minimal that it wouldn’t matter. Read more here: SEO Round Table

Amazon’s New Dedicated Mobile App

4Amazon has recently released a mobile app that will allow its users to access any documents that may be saved in its Cloud Drive. This move has come at a time when the cloud storage market has become almost saturated, and it is constantly dominated by big players like Dropbox or Google Drive. The Amazon Cloud Drive Application will enable users to view all documents that have been stored in their accounts and these files can be accessed easily from anywhere once you are logged into Amazon. Read more here: Mashable

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Useful Posts

Wasting Time on Facebook

5The social media networking giant has recently announced an update. A brand new algorithm now works to measure the duration of time that you spend on Facebook, by assessing things present on the network. This may be a very good time reevaluate your company’s social networking habits.  We are all well aware of how much time one can waste in the News Feeds, but when your businesses start to waste time, they start to lose money. Misused time can carry some huge consequences for business networking, so read on to learn ways to avoid wasting time on Facebook:   Hootsuite


6Let’s face it, SEO scams have been around for as long as SEO has, and from unsolicited emails to unwanted phone calls. Malicious scammers are always looking for businesses and prey on unsuspecting employees and business owners. However, SEO scams carry a certain format, and if you know what to look for, you can identify a scam when you see it. SEO scams are classically canned, and this post discusses how you can spot them. R & R Web Design

Key Tips on Partnering with the Right Influencer

7When connecting with influencers, you need to make sure that the person’s interests are aligned in favor of yours, to actually form a relationship that’s beneficial for your personal growth. There are many influencers across the web that you may pass by, and marketers especially can learn some great things. Finding the right influence, however, is what really matters, and this post can teach you ways to do that: Web Presence

Driving Traffic to a New WordPress Website

8For inexperienced internet marketers, driving traffic may have become a piece of cake, but if you are new to building a website, there are probably a lot of things that you will need to learn. Generating traffic depends highly upon the nature of relationships that you build across your networks, and we cannot rely on Google any more to do our work for us. Read this post to find great ways of generating traffic for newbies: WPKUBE

Why Ugly Websites Convert

9Anybody who has some knowledge of marketing and conversions has heard how ugly websites convert better than pretty ones. But despite being totally hideous to a trained eye, there are many incredibly famous ‘ugly’ websites out there that bring in a major amount of traffic. This means before you can invest in recreating a nicely designed website, here is some info that goes on about how ugly websites may be a better option: Crazy Egg

Using Social Proof for Better Ads on Facebook

10Facebook ads have a lot of potential when it comes to bringing in traffic and generating sales, but knowing how ads that get you positive results are created is no easy task. Many businesses who fail to grow on Facebook generally don’t know how to compel people to look for their products or services. The reason behind why brands fail is the fact that they lack the right social proof, and this post explains how you can get it: Kissmetrics

The Brilliance of Coca-Cola Marketing

11Coca-Cola, being one of the most iconic brands of all time, has gone way beyond defining the America culture and is now manufactured, bottled, and sold in every country across the world.  One wonders, how did they get so popular? They do produce a drink that’s liked generally by the masses, but Coca-Cola’s strengths don’t lie in the taste alone, but their marketing campaigns. Read more to see what they do differently: Small Biz Trends

Features to Boost Your Conversion Rates

12More and more businesses are taking the online leap every day, and connecting with potential prospects has become trickier than it should be. Stores that operate on a very small level are also taking up competition, and there are some great unconventional features that can help every business increase their conversions and drive more traffic. Call them crazy, but these tricks actually work, no kidding! Optimonk

Competitive Keyword Research through SEMrush

13It’s impossible to ever understate the importance of keywords, and if you are not writing about your services and products in a similar way to your customers who are looking for the products and services, you won’t ever be able to make it to the common search results. There are a lot of helpful and informational posts across the internet that emphasize on the importance of keyword researching and how it can be don effectively, but this one will help you understand the data that you accumulate through your keyword research better than any other: Distilled

A Whole Year Worth of Google Algorithm Updates

14For brands and search specialists, Google algorithm updates have become a fact for life. With a huge number of updates in the span of a year, we do admit to having outbursts of stress around these times. Though, the effects of these changes are never catastrophic, and very subtle. So let’s see how much Google changed the algorithm game this year: EConsultancy

Presentations & Videos

Packing Up for a Blog Conference

15Conferences are a thing to be adored and nothing else, providing a space for creative individuals to come together, brainstorm, and come up with ideas to make things better. Packing up for one that is being held in regards to ‘blogging’ however, requires you to take care of a long and helpful checklist, which you will find here: HIP Media Kits

Smart Ways of Exercising at Work

16Wok no longer means manual labor; instead, it implies that you spend your day staring at a computer screen for the most part. We have been putting our health on the sidelines to make sure we work, but the fact here is that without health, we won’t be able to do anything. With time, you will realize how much physical exercise matters, and how you can do it at your work! If not having enough time is the issue, maybe this post can help you: Greatist

Creating Demand for Your Products

Many great websites are in somewhat of a pickle these days: the keywords that they are targeting have little search volume, and this can make SEO look like a lost cause, when it’s far from that. Let this post help you find ways to creating a viable demand for your products: MOZ









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Friday Catch-Up: Hijack Alert – Google Taking Over! 

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