Friday Catch-Up: Interesting Dates and Great News for Advertisers

This week our team celebrated the World Tourism Day, learned from our speaker for the Design Expert Day, and studied new opportunities for marketers introduced by Apple, Google, and GoPro.

Remember that it’s time to start preparing for this holiday season, so we’ve revised the shopping trends from Google. This September is going to an end, but more is to come in October, so stay tuned!

World Tourism Day: Our Destination Marketers Celebrate

In 2016, the theme of World Tourism Day is “Tourism for All – promoting universal accessibility” and next year the theme would be “Sustainable Tourism – a tool for development.” This Tuesday, Promodo Destination Marketing team posted  nice infographics about the history of promoting destinations. They also picked some great quotes somehow related to #wtd2016 and would like to share some of them with you.

“The journey is the destination.” – Dan Eldon.

“In any case, a little danger is a small price to pay for riding a place of tourists.” – Tahir Shah.

“Tourism has become a powerful economic sector, a passport to prosperity and peace, and a transformative force improving millions of lives.” – Ban Ki-moon 

“1 in 4 men and women prefers traveling than any other interest.” –

Design Experts Day: Promodo Experts’ Report

Last weekend, Design Experts Day gathered specialists who shared their experience and ideas on using the newest technologies. Our talented, creative UX designer Yuliya Tsapok made a report “How many UX is in your UI”. 

Yuliya highlighted some UX sins, including Lorem ipsum, CapsLock, and overuse of the pictures from photobanks. Although her presentation is in Russian, you may enjoy beautiful and engaging slides below.

Google Digital Innovations: Closing the Loop for Advertisers

Lately, Brad Bender, Vice President of Display and Video Advertising in Google, announced three great innovations for advertisers in Google blog. These tools are designed to engage different kinds of audiences in the moments that truly matter and assess impact across channels and devices.

Alexander Zaremsky, Deputy Head of PPC Department, posted in the Promodo work chat “This is cool!” about Google cross-device retargeting. This is a significant development that advertisers have been waiting for a while. Soon, they’ll be able to reach users across platforms with Google remarketing campaigns.

Other digital innovations for advertisers include Brand Lift for TV and local extensions and store visits measurement for the Google Display Network. The former ensures interaction between online search, YouTube, and TV. The latter is designed to connect online ads and offline visits to stores. This tool is useful to measure the impact of online ads.

Apple Introduces Search Ads

Users search for applications in the App store proactively. According to data provided by Apple, 65 % of all downloads follow  a search. So, for software companies, it’s useful to have a possibility to increase awareness of their apps in App Store search results.

Search Ads is a user-friendly option that gives powerful targeting options, reporting possibilities, and attribution features. It seems a good deal for small developing companies. The whole process involves:

1. Planning (date of activation),
2. Budgeting,
3. Identifying keywords.

American App Store offers $100 bonus for testing the system. The service will start operating on October, 5th. However, the Company has been already examining the bids.

GoPro: Introducing Karma

Marketers often wonder how to make ads good enough and easy-to-produce. One of the great solutions our specialists discussed these days is GoPro Karma. This impressive device includes the whole ecosystem: a GoPro, drone, removable stabilizer, joystick controller, and a backpack. The price is affordable even for hobbyists, so they would also be able to enjoy this ‘more than a drone’ benefits:

• You get a video capturing ecosystem.
• It is fast and convenient to switch the shooting modes.
• A removable stabilizer is helpful for adrenaline junkies.
• Karma Drone is securely kept in a specially designed backpack.
• The price is more affordable than Phantom 4, for example.

Although there are some gaps, e.g. it lacks automation, “follow me” feature, and obstacle avoidance, this is definitely a good choice if you need to create a dynamic, customized video and amazing stabilized images for advertising purposes.

What Campaigns Work Best

The Advertising Research Foundation introduces its study “How Advertising Works Today.” Based on their findings, our experts prepared the following recommendations for the marketers to keep in mind:

  1. 1. Invest in different platforms to get a higher ROI.
  2. 2. Use digital marketing along with traditional tools to get the most of both.
  3. 3. Ensure that each of your campaigns is optimized for a particular platform.
  4. 4. Put enough effort to make your story clear and concise.

Catch up 30_09_2016

2016 Holiday Season: 3 Main Shopping Trends from google Experts

Google presented a truly helpful research on shopping trends for this holiday season back in July. Recently, we’ve decided to revise the main points to ensure that the campaigns we run for our e-commerce clients are in trend and most effective, regarding the fact that most shoppers will continue using smartphones.

So, watch for these 3 tendencies and create a perfect combination of tactics to get the attention of your clients:

1. People use gift guides on YouTube; they search for ideas, product reviews, and hints. This is a popular and growing trend.
2. Consumers pay more attention to “best” products, deals, and options rated as such by search engines, other users, experts, etc. This is because they cannot easily select a scarf from 225,000 scarfs sold on Amazon.
3. Mobile in-store searches are up by over 30%, which means that shoppers use their smartphones to make purchases after they ‘touched’ a product at the traditional store.

Friday catch-up 30_09_2016

Promodo marketing team has also started preparing presents for our clients and staff. We’re looking for the holiday season to begin!


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Friday Catch-Up: Interesting Dates and Great News for Advertisers

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