Friday Catch-Up: Modern Day Evolution of the Internet World

1You know how you’ve been feeling like life has just lost all meaning when you sit behind your computer screen all week? Yeah, life’s about get better.

Do you know why? Because Friday’s here! And that means you should put your game face on for the weekend. Suit up with 3 bottles of alcohol, and a pound of weed, and you’ll be just fine.

Well, maybe not F-I-N-E in its true essence, but you know what we mean. At least your senses would be numb enough to not care. But before you indulge yourself enough that things start to get a little blurry, why don’t we take a look at this week’s updates from the internet world to restore your faith in humanity (LOL, we just keep pushing it and you just keep buying it)?

If not humanity, this week’s news and updates are bound to make you feel a lot better about the way this world is moving forward and progressing in many fields. That’s modern day evolution for you right there, signed, sealed and delivered!

News & Updates

Book Appointments with Google’s Search Results

2Google has been testing a brand new feature that will allow users to book appointments with their local service providers this month right from their search results.  In the search for any participating service providers, you will be given an option that says “Book an Appointment” within the knowledge panel which is chiefly populated by the My Business information that the provider has provided Google with. Isn’t that just awesome? You don’t need to contact any providers anymore at all; just search for them on Google and voila! Read more: Search Engine Land

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Search Ranking Studies

3Moz and Searchmetrics have recently revealed the annual search engine ranking figures, and this time, they have relied on certain different methods to reach a conclusion about what should be done and what shouldn’t. The report states that the impact of all the relevant content is continuously growing, while the actual number of links of any given page potentially keeps decreasing in terms of value, while still remaining influential. The report actually offers gives a lot of valuable insights if you are thinking of redesigning your business marketing strategy, so download the report from the link here and start reading. Marketing Charts

PayPal Acquires a Mobile Commerce Company

4When it comes to business, providing all the products that our customers want in the easiest way possible should always be your priority. In any given case, if a customer has to go through tedious methods to procure any service or product, it becomes easier for the customers to simply walk away and find an easier task. This concept is known as contextual commerce, and PayPal has made a big move in this regard. The company announced their acquirement of Modest, which is a mobile commerce platform that will simplify PayPal to a great extent. See the announcement here: Small Biz Trends

Posts Worth Reading

Lesson to Learn about Start-Ups

5Running a business start-up is a lot more hectic than one would assume, and they require a huge investment of time, effort and of course, funds. Most people who begin their entrepreneurial journeys without much knowledge find it particularly hard to manage, so it’s important to also keep yourself informed about how other people start their businesses and help them grow, so that you can learn from their example. This is why you really need to read this post: TechCrunch

Effective Tips for Headline Writing

6You can try to make sure that the content you use is the best in the entire world, but that doesn’t hold any importance if your customers aren’t clicking through in order to read it. It doesn’t matter if you are putting together tweets or blogs; you need catchy headlines to grab the attention of your users. On average, only 2 out of 10 people will actually read your content, so it’s important that you try different methods to enhance your headlines so that this figure could increase. This has a very positive effect on your traffic and conversation rates. Read more: Sprout Social

Modern Broken Link Building – A Step-by-Step Guide

7These days, what we essentially need to understand is the fact that the internet is in fact, broken. And that too literally! Millions of online links break each day as the hosting reaches its expiry, websites mess up their migrations and some minor typing mistakes occur. This creates a very consistent and effective opportunity for you to try your hand at SEO link building. Intrigued? Take a look: QuickSprout

The Most Important Ecommerce Question of 2015 – Native apps vs. Mobile Websites

8This year, over 40% of all the sales are said to be driven by mobile apps, as you estimate the sales that the top 500 online retails made the previous year. Mobile also contributed to the enhancement of in-store sales, and recent research shows that shoppers tend to prefer mobile websites more compared to native apps.  Although native apps do bring in a huge amount of sales, mobile has become the new shopping norm for many users worldwide. Read more about this report here: Get Elastic

Figure Out Where Your Users Click

9When your website is up and running, you can’t just let it run without noticing the details like how users are reacting to your content. You should pay very close attention to these details, because in order to improve your business, you’ll need to tap into them and make good use of the information that you manage to extract.  Users’ clicks are a very important feature that can be used to gain a lot of knowledge about the way the people behave when they are on your website, so read more to find out how you can use those clicks to help your business, here: MOZ

Marketing Metrics by Experts

10It often feels like we have more data than any of us can manage, or figure out what to do with these days. But what we don’t know is that we can try many different metrics that can make all this data seem like it is worthwhile and useful. Some of the biggest industry experts are revealing the best metric that can be used to enhance the working of your website. Check out what they are saying here:

Tools to Help You Create Visuals

11You know how they say content is king? Well, they should improvise with that saying and make it “visual content is king”, since visuals drive conversions better than anything else. Adding photos or imagery to your content can bring in additional engagement from users, and platforms like Instagram are living proof of the fact that image based content is here to stay. So why not get a little practice with it? Check out this link to learn about some great tools for image creation: Sumall

How Business Should Use the Advantages of Instagram

12The social media networking platform has grown by leaps and bounds ever since it was launched. The platform procured its first 3 million users within a month, and today, it sustains over 300 million users on a monthly basis, as around 30 billion photos are shared across the network. While there may be a social advantage of Instagram, there are better benefits of using Instagram for your business. Learn how to make use of all the ‘Instagramic’ advantages to help your business grow: Semrush

Improve Your Mobile Search Performance

13Mobile devices are becoming more omnipresent with each passing minute, which tells us that mobile search is increasingly playing a dominant role throughout the journey of decision making that customers go through. This can be applied on all kinds of sales and purchases, including low-value or low-consideration products along with the last minute impulse purchases. You can plan a stellar mobile marketing campaign with the help of some great tips that you can read all about here: Search Engine Land

What We Can Learn About Ecommerce from the 3 Biggest Retailers

14We all know how a number of retailers often resort to offering discounts to improve their sales, but some small businesses are effectively demonstrating how there is more to the process than just offering discounts. Follow this link to learn more about some incredible insights that can be obtained by observing the 3 biggest retailers in the market today: Econsultancy

Infographics & Presentations

Understanding the Science of Instagram

15While we have all tried our hand at mastering the exposure game on Facebook, Instagram still needs to be understood better to make proper use of it. There are many elements of the platform that are often far too confusing for us to understand, and bringing in engagement can be a lot harder than it looks. So check out this great infographic to understand the science that makes Instagram the most popular image based platform today: Marketing Profs

International SEO

16Have you ever wondered what this term means? Well, most of us have, which is why you need to check out this link that explains its purpose brilliantly. Take a look: Martin Kura


The Most Successful CEOs and Their Common Traits

2015-08-21_17-26_jpgMost entrepreneurs often wonder what made Zuckerberg think of the brilliant idea that he did, and how does he manage it. Many wonder about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many other big names in a similar way to understand how they became as successful as they have. The best way to see what these people have been doing right is to analyzing their common personality traits. So take a look: Social Media Today

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Friday Catch-Up: Modern Day Evolution of the Internet World

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