Friday Catch-up: Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week (1)

Friday Catch-UpFriday Catch-up is a new section of our blog, which is aimed at providing all important information in the field of online marketing and SEO. Every week, we will bring highlights of all significant happenings to you guys and also share some useful information and advice. So here is a brief recap of the first week of December.

News and Events

Nexus 4 sale is plummeting

Nexus4 is Google’s latest Smartphone which has been released this week. The phone is supposedly the biggest competitor of Apple’s range, but the sale seems to be plunging at just the launch. Google should have been careful because this can affect the rating of the phone.

Google may be the topmost search provider, but they sure do not know how to design a user friendly e-commerce website. Just at the first step of the process, they want shop

google nexus failpers to agree to a Devices Terms of Sale contract, but the clauses are mentioned nowhere. Moreover, the shipping costs have also not been mentioned clearly, and the only way to pay is with Google wallet.

Read more at Econsultancy.

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Ask and Quixey enter into a contract

As of now, desktop searches do not display apps on their result pages. But this is going to end soon because of the deal between Quixey and Ask. If a search query on Ask explicitly mentions words like ‘app’, ‘applications’ or ‘android games’, the results will display all relevant applications, taken from Quixey’s database. These will be compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones. Read more at Searchengineland.

SEOmoz and GetListed partner up

SEOmoz and GetListed have now joined hands together to help local business owners increase their web presence. The internet often seems to lose results on all small organizations, and their web presence becomes negligible because they do not know enough about online marketing. With this new partnership, the two organizations will let business owners control their online identity, and will even suggest ways for improvement.

Once their short terms goals are accomplished, they will also introduce new software packages and mobile applications which will let small businesses compare themselves to their competitors. Read more at SEOmoz.

Search results to become smarter with Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph has almost finished work on their new project, which is to be launched in the next few days. Search engines are now going to become more intelligent, and will give proper answers to queries relevant to your region and culture. This is applicable to seven languages only: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese. Read more at Insidesearch.

Google Maps is now local in 10 more European countries

Google has further expanded its mapping services by adding 10 more countries to ‘Ground Truth’, making the total count 40. Ground Truth is a project aimed at improving mapping services to such an extent that individuals can get a real idea and true facts about a place before visiting it. Moreover, if you have a problem with Google Maps in that particular area, it can be fixed by Google itself. In other localities, this is done by the data provider and takes more time.

The ten new countries are Andorra, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Gibraltar, Latvia and Hungary. Read more at SEOroundtable.

Google is leading campaigns against the recent UN talks on the future of the internet

The UN is keen to revise a treaty that has not been changed since 1988. The conference is currently ongoing and is being attended by official representatives from 193 different countries. The main agenda is to change the regulations of the internet, make it more secure and expand it in developing and under developing countries.

However, some of the biggest names in the IT industry are worried that this could lead to a removal of user anonymity and end internet freedom. Google is highly against it, and have already started campaigns. They are also requesting the general public to support them. Read more at SEJ.

Useful Posts worth Reading and Bookmarking

Increase your SEO rankings with video marketing

Many companies fail at implementing a proper video strategy because they often don’t know much about getting rich snippets, and the consequences of pointing their links to YouTube instead of their own website.

Before they even start working on marketing their products, they must create proper goals. Possible objectives could be related to rich snippets, brand awareness, social media and conversions.  They should identify their targeted audience and accordingly develop a suitable strategy.  Only after this, they should start developing the actual content. Read more at SEOmoz.

Improve your online stores

Online stores may have sprouted up in large numbers, but still 68 percent of shopping carts do not make it to the checkout phase. The main reason behind this is probably the weak design of many e-commerce sites.

If you want to sell your products online, the first and foremost step is to develop a trust with your consumers. This can be done by improving the layout and displaying recognized trustmarks. While McAfee and VeriSign are quite popular, many others are unheard of, and will not convince customers.   You should also have multiple payment methods and clearly state the sub costs and total costs. Read more at Econsultancy.

Protect your content and save it from plagiarism

Plagiarism is really common nowadays with so many new pages propping up on the Protection from plagiarisminternet every few minutes. You must protect your content because if it gets duplicated, your SEO rankings might become affected. This can be done by using Google Alerts and Google Authorship. This is inexpensive and simple, and will send you alerts whenever content is taken from your pages. You’ll also get additional links in search results.

You should also have a copyright mark or notice on your website. Read more at Kissmetrics.

Companies trying to take down legitimate content from Google searches

DMCA And GoogleAn organization by the name of Yes It Is – No Piracy was requesting Google for DMCA takedowns for legal content. This was done on behalf of numerous movie making companies including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney and Sony Pictures.

The content which was requested to be taken down included legal pages on Amazon, Blockbuster, iTunes and Wikipedia. However, Google did not cater to these requests and no URLs were removed.

After this was discovered, Yes It Is removed their website.  Read more at Searchengineland.

Lure visitors into browsing your site and decrease bounce rates

If the content on your website is not attractive, users are likely to switch to a competitors website. You must develop your pages such that users can get all relevant information they need by just giving it a quick glance. You should reduce the number of words on your pages and try to mention everything in bulleted lists. A recommended option is to use 3 to 5 bullets per page of just about 7 words. The page design should also be invigorating.

When this is done, make sure to carry out testing on a sample of users. You need not spend money on this. Just request your family and friends to do it for you. Read more at Searchengineland.

Invalid URLs do not affect SEO rankings

There is a very active and informative thread going on in the Google Webmaster Help these days. The topic in discussion is the impact of broken links on SEO rankings. A Google representative cleared the issue and stated that broken links do not decrease rankings, but can lead to a poor linkage structure and bad user experience. Read more at SEOroundtable.

Videos and Infographics of the Week

Black hat issues are an extremely polar topic on Google Webmaster Tools

Matt Cutts, who is in charge of Google’s search span, recently stated that ninety percent ofMatt Cutts webmaster video the total messages sent through Google Webmaster Tools are about black hat problems, and just a mere three percent are related to unnatural links.

This statement was basically an answer to those webmasters who assumed that most of the messages sent by Google were about link notifications. Cutts clarified that this was not so and only 25,000 messages were on this topic. The rest were mostly about black hat issues.

Matt Cutts proclamation can be viewed here.

Optimize your conversion rate in the proper way

The infographic shows a creative way to analyze if you are optimizing conversion rate the right way or not.

The first step is to identify all those points which make users leave the site, and figure out the click density and other key factors. Then improve your advertising techniques and sample test all your promotions and campaigns. The last step is obviously the implementation. Check the infographics here.

Email marketing can work wonders for sure

All those individuals who are skilled in the marketing field and all books related to this topic will tell you one great tip: market your products through batch emailing. Quite a few of you may already know this and might have already implemented is. However, you will probably not be aware of the effect these newsletters can have on the overall success of your business.

The same can be figured out from the infographic below. Give a good look at it, and you will also learn some optimization secrets. Check the infographics here.



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Friday Catch-up: Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week (1)

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