Friday Catch-Up: Saddling Up For Mobilegeddon

1Can you actually believe we’ve made it through! The terribly and tediously long work week is almost over and we can see the bright neon lights flashing ‘WEEKEND’ right at the end of the long, dark tunnel. Just keep walking, we’re almost there!

While we suffered through unfairly short lunch breaks and volumes of ‘Over Time’, the internet world on the other hand braced itself for the much awaited Google algorithm update, the Mobilegeddon.

We know how it is; one minute you’re sitting at your desk and the next you know is that the whole world begins to fall apart when you run out of coffee. Sincerely hoping that you haven’t run out of your caffeine stock, let’s start today’s catch-up with some trending news updates and then move on to our wonderful posts and Infographics. Giddy Up!

News & Updates

Your Ultimate #Mobilegeddon Checklist

2Google’s mobile friendly update has been launched and it was a day that many, including us, are calling the Mobilegeddon. Initially, we found out about the search engine giant’s plans to release this new algorithm that has been designed to reward pages that are mobile-friendly way back in February. We found the move unprecedented for the likes of Google to announce a huge algorithm change like this before its launch, but reportedly, they have done so to give publishers an ample amount of time to turn their sites into mobile friendly web pages. The update is supposed to give a ranking boost to websites that are interactively mobile friendly in the search results. Find out more here: Search Engine Land

PPC #Mobilegeddon

3All webmasters from over the world have been anticipating the Mobilegeddon that will be prioritizing the mobile friendly websites in Google’s search results.  While it’s still too soon to tell what impact the launch has had, but in between all the chaos, the question that needs to be answered is how long it will take for the same thing to apply on paid results? Interested in finding out? Read more: Word Stream

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Now You Can Send Direct Twitter Messages

4There are only two ways that this could turn out; the direct messaging feature that Twitter recently added will either make Twitter a lot more useful, or a lot more annoying. Previously, you were only able to send messages to your own followers but the social media platform has implemented a feature that was optional which can open your account to messages from everyone and anyone on twitter. This new setting is turned off on your profile by default to prevent any kind of harassment, but you can read more about it and find out how to switch this feature on: The Next Web

Useful Posts

Instagram Trends for Marketers

5Reportedly, almost 42% of all marketers are currently planning to increase their usage of Instagram by the end of 2015 because visual content has become more crucial than ever for any brand’s marketing strategy. For many businesses, creating and managing a captivating profile on Instagram and generating content that is high-quality can become really challenging. In order to help all marketers avail the most benefits and get the biggest impact of their Instagram profiles, follow this link to find the three marketing trends that are defining content marketing this year: HootSuite

Articles on Design Theory to Help You Create Great Landing Pages

6Some of us enjoy the luxury of having talented graphic designers work for us, but for those who don’t, designing a good landing page can become more painful than you’d bargain for. It involves everything that goes into creating and managing a successful landing page that can easily generate leads. These may include directional cues, the best practices of user experience design, and so on and so forth. If designing a highly engaging landing page is not one of your strengths, maybe you should read this post to understand some very deliberate decisions regarding the design that affects the performance of the landing page: Unbounce

Improving Email Response Rates

7When you are looking for ways to improve the response rate of your email marketing, what you need to consider first and foremost is segmenting your list. Even if you only have a few people in your emailing lists, it is almost never too early to send your subscribers some information that has been specifically targeted. Read more here: Vertical Response

Leveraging Cookies with Google Tag Manager

8Google Tag Manager has made it much easier to create solutions for user level or session tracking issues. Retrieving and storing a cookie can easily be done site-wide in merely minutes if you have the right combination of variables and tags. Before you go on to look at examples, follow this link to find out the history of the cookie, and how it actually crumbles: LunaMetrics

Reasons Why Your Sales Prospect Aren’t Calling You Back

9When you visit a dealership, and let’s say, look at a brand new SUV. You may not need the SUV, and you may only be waiting till your own car gets new tires. And a couple of weeks later when you’ve all but forgotten about the SUV, you start receiving calls about how you may want to upgrade your car to a newer model. This is what you can call a follow-up, but not a good one. When a customer checks out your product, before they forget the product is the time when you can act and use emails to convince them how badly they need one of your services or that new product. Read more here: Jeff Shore

Tools to Discover Shareable Content

10One of the best ways that you can use to grow your social media accounts is by providing engaging and valuable content to your readers. There are thankfully a number of great resources on the internet that will enable you to discover newer content that can be used as a source of the actual, original content. In addition to this, you can use these ways to allot added value to your prospects as well. Find out how: Creative Guerilla Marketing

Downloading your Google Search History

11Did you know that you can now download your entire search history and the feature is as simple as viewing account histories? While we know how embarrassing looking at that long list will be, Google has now made it possible to view everything and anything that you have ever searched for. This piece of news spotted by the unofficial blog for Google Operating System and observed by Venture Beat, after which, it was brought to you by the Friday Catch-Up. Take a look: The Next Web

Clarity Is the Key to Conversion

12What does the biggest TV Show of all time – The Game of Thrones, and most landing pages, have most in common? Without seeing a recap of what happened on the show previously you‘d have no clue regarding the abrupt beheadings, stylishly fashionable incest, the overuse of the word ‘Stark’, or the white and hairy baby-thieving giants. In a similar way, if somebody lands on a landing page with scannable imagery, headlines and subheads that fail to connect with the prospects and communicate effectively, you will be left wondering why you clicked on the link in the first place. Follow this link to find out more about how clarity can be incorporated in your landing page content: Unbounce

Keyword Research Tools To Save Time

13As a media buyer, you are almost always overly familiar with the Keywords Planner in AdWords and Google Analytics to isolate all the information that drives the actual results. But what you need to properly understand is the fact that there IS life beyond Google, and even the search engine giant has some products that are keyword related that you may not even know of. So carve out a few minutes out of your hectic schedule and follow this link to check out some other options: Business 2 Community

Easy Google Analytics Custom Report

14The custom report feature with Google Analytics is very easy to configure and highly helpful. Yet they are still not used that as often as they should be. Interfaces require you to make a lot of compromises and aren’t ever easy to handle, and any software or web designer would consent to that. Follow this link to find some great examples and discussions about the benefits and many advantages of the Custom Report within Google Analytics; take a look: e-nor

Infographics and Presentations

The Business of YouTube

2015-04-24_17-41_jpgEver since its creation, YouTube has grown massively as a platform, and while other platforms phase in and out of oblivion, there was absolutely no time when YouTube appeared to be losing it significance. This great infographic talks about how businesses can make YouTube work for their advantage, so take a look: imgur

Safari Accounted for More than Half of Tablet and Mobile Usage

17Apple’s much appreciated browser, Safari has accounted for more than half of the US mobile and other devices usage on the internet in March. This laid emphasis on the prize in the increasing mobile space for Yahoo. You can find out more interesting details by following this link: Statcounter

Hot Summer Marketing Strategies

16Summer’s here and you know what? So are summer’s brand new marketing strategy trends. Check out this link to see this wonderful presentation that reveals the five best summer Marketing Strategies: Slide Share

Until next Friday!

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Friday Catch-Up: Saddling Up For Mobilegeddon

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