Friday Catch-Up: TED Talks Leadership, Google Gathers Crowds, LinkedIn Losers Defined, & More

1Friday Catch-Up: TED Talks Leadership, Google Gathers Crowds, LinkedIn Losers Defined, & More

Got plans for the weekend yet? Well, here comes our weekly Friday Catch Up. You probably have birthday bashes for Virgos lined up, but find out what’s happening in the business and technological world. This week, we cover some the biggest tech merger of the week, how Facebook is becoming more business friendly, and what sales techniques need to be implemented to do more this holiday season.

Read on to learn more from your favorite tech news source.

News Saves Calculating Hassle

2Advertisers face great difficulty formulating a strategy to calculate the response on their ads online and how much revenue each one is generating. Most advertisers get a consolidated picture of the whole campaign rather than specifics. has come up with a platform to provide your team with the ease of managing results and reviewing performance of all the marketing tools they use online. Read this blog post for more helpful details.

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Facebook at Work! You Heard that Right

3For quite some time now, Facebook has been working on a new social media platform for businesses to connect employees during work at a network which provides ease of interaction and work related discussions, sharing, transfers of files and instructional videos, pictures of potential bonus outings, and you name it. Employers might be taken aback at first, but this application helps your staff stay connected to their work life and is separated from regular Facebook usage which is thought to be a waste of time and a distraction by many. Get a hang of it, read more details about how your favorite social media site is becoming more business savvy.

Looksery Shakes Hands with Snapchat

4Although the acquisition price has not been confirmed yet, the news that Looksery users will have to stick to one application for their image editing fun has been made official. With the acquisition, Snapchat has launched an update providing functions similar to those of the Looksery app. This, many predict, would make snaps a lot more fun! The lens feature is what got everyone go gaga about, and with a promise of constant updates, Looksery found it worthwhile to partner up and let the already established video supporting ‘snap chat’ take the lead. Read more to satiate your curiosity of this interesting news.


TED Talks Talk Better Leadership

5Need inspirational lectures on entrepreneurship, gender equality, debating techniques (and the list doesn’t end)? TED Talks has been an answer for many unresolved questions, ideas flowing and inspiring new minds, motivational speeches and lessons from lives lived differently. A collection of 25 TED Talks on leadership that will help you manage your workforce better, your projects more efficiently, and aid you in your goal of becoming the apple of the eye of your professors. Inc. compiled famous lectures by Drew Dudley, Derek Sivers, Margaret Heffernan, and many more inspirational people to help you lead better.

Crowdsource Blog Posts with Google Docs

6Brainstorming sessions at school, college, or work have always been great fun for many as it not only provides a pool of ideas for a current project but also for future references you can jot down many concepts. Google Docs has come up with a feature to start crowdsourcing online on one of the documents shared to all the involved candidates to gather input about propositions you might come up with. Enjoy the beauty of diverse ideas and come up with an amazing project. Here’s how it is done.

LinkedIn Has Healthy Competition

7With the massive number of companies worldwide using the platform for recruitment programs and other business related news updates, LinkedIn seems to be the market leader with a strong base and convenient mobile application. Breaking its monopoly, other social networking sites designed to serve the same purpose are also working their way up the ladder and have taken strong positions too. Read this blog post on 12 alternatives to LinkedIn.

Keywords All Over

8Search Engine Optimization has its own guidelines for the usage of keywords, but how about filling your entire marketing campaign with them? Kristi Hines talks about effective strategies to use keywords not only for SEO, but also in your content development, branding techniques, social media profile and update optimization, listings, FAQs, subject lines, and numerous offline marketing strategies. Find out how to market your brand online using these key tools by reading through her blog post.

Social Media Hacks for Targeting Correct Customers

9Are you connecting to the right demographic segment for your beauty salon’s social media promotion? Are you tweeting miscellaneously about your product portfolio or milking your cash cows as much as you should? Are your ads even landing on the relevant pages? Keeping a check of all these and making the most of the options social media sites provide is a smart strategy in order to ensure an effective social media campaign. Find out about these social media hacks here.

New York Times on WeChat

10After the success and visibility of their pages on Facebook and account on Twitter, the leading newspaper, New York Times, has officially launched an international account on WeChat. Followers of the account will have access to daily reports sent to them as it aspires to reach out to its interested readers wherever they may be. Account ID or QR code are two simple ways to follow the New York Times’ account. Follow the information in detail here.

Shift in #BehavioralTrends

11It is reported that users of Facebook and Twitter are not just using the platform to stay socially connected. Rather, both platforms have evolved to become the source of news and information for millenials the want everything at their fingertips. These social media sites have proven to be a reliable source of current trends, information, news (Twitter popular for breaking news), and more through their updates. Read this blog post for more details regarding this behavioral shift.

CTRs Not So Important

12Click-Through Rates have been a major metric to determine the visibility and future post of content when it comes to search engine optimization techniques. Jayson Demers concludes the debate over importance of CTRs for organic search results by explaining how they may not be so important after all. The historic significance and evidences with much detailed theory is explained in the blog post, do not miss it.

Moving Domains The Non-Technical Way

13It’s not a simple copy paste game, moving your entire content from one domain to the next requires patience and technical knowledge. But with lack of availability or affordability, you might not be able to hire a software expert such a major shift. Neil Patel has devised some strategies that will help you through your task of moving your WordPress site to a new domain without having to spend hours on end over the frustrating changes required. Here’s how you could make the switch with ease.

Jingle Bells Loud and Clear

14Marketing professionals can well understand that the holiday season is a major attraction for businesses and with a splurge on gifts and gift vouchers shopped online, it just gets feistier. Online buying behavior has started to trend for a few years now and with each passing day it has strengthened its roots.

In order to drive more purchases and happier customers, a 4 trend study has been conducted by Andrew Waber to help marketers make the most of the holiday season with more gifts in their own accounts too. Read about the online strategies here.

Presentations & Videos

Content Marketing, Tough Competition

15A race against time and a battle for superior quality, conciseness, depth, and authenticity is what content marketing professionals know inside out. Experiencing that, your brand still does not get enough attention from consumers online who come across various advertising messages but are able to recall very less and respond to even lesser. In this blog post, Heidi Cohen talks about 5 strategies to improvise your content marketing cycle in order to drive greater performance.

Are you a LinkedIn Loser?

16Oops! There actually exists a phenomenon called ‘LinkedIn Loser’, but wait, how would we know if we’re one of them? Is our profile not ‘cool’ enough? Never caught the attention of recruiters? No responses on requests for endorsements? Do you look unhireable in your picture?

Here’s a 5 signal presentation explaining what could be the reason behind your profile’s failure. You may not be very active or lack the additional updates necessary to make your profile shine out in the crowd or worse you might be trying too hard to prove to be a jack of all trades. Save yourself from the nuisance and become a LinkedIn Winner.

An Astounding Minute

17They say the world doesn’t sleep. Technically not everyone at time, of course, but what doesn’t sleep ‘at all’ is data. Websites show in numbers how many users upload content every day, and calculations in days won’t be as viable because one day has 1440 minutes. No one can take a chance of this big a loss of information when so much is being transformed in just a moment. In this infographic, various websites’ content is studied and the transition of data per minute is explained. Astonishing results are revealed – click here for the detailed infographic.








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Friday Catch-Up: TED Talks Leadership, Google Gathers Crowds, LinkedIn Losers Defined, & More

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