Friday Catch-Up: Testing, Fundraising, and Announcing!

Hello Everybody, and welcome back to this week’s edition of the Friday Catch-Up series. Let’s talk about the news and updates this week! 

News and Updates

Facebook Testing a “Watch Later” Option for Videos

The social media networking giant has been redefining its own game by introducing a lot of new updates to the platform, and currently, special attention is being paid to enhancing the Facebook Video experience. The network confirmed to TechCrunch the “Watch Later” button, which will appear on the upper right corner of the video footage when you hover your mouse over the video. Sounds great doesn’t it? Read more: AdWeek

Flipagram Succeeding by Leaps and Bounds

FlipagramFlipagram is a combination of YouTube and Instagram , often termed as a mobile juggernaut, and the company has recently officially announced raising $70 million, securing huge record label agreements, thanks to its 30 million customer base. The growth that the business is seeing is now being observed as somewhat similar to what Google did back when it was openly sprouting up, so it’s probably safe to say that Flipagram is worth digging up about. Take a look: TechCrunch

Google’s New “Buy” Button

Google buy buttonWhat we have all been waiting for has just arrived, and we have Google to thank for it. The highly anticipated “Purchases on Google” update has been announced recently, but the announcement is somewhat different from what we all expected. It seems to us that the ‘Buy’ button isn’t really a button at all. Read this post to see how Google is enabling users to make more fluent online purchase: Search Engine Land

Useful Posts

Kick starting Your Business Through Kickstarter – Success Stories

Geoffrey and Valerie quit their jobs in 2012 to launch their own product, a bicycle frame handle made out of leather which enabled cyclers to easily carry their bikes.  After researching, they came across Kickstarter and decided to use it to raise funds enough to meet their goals. What happened next is where you take notes folks, since Valerie and Geoffrey reached their funding goal within 3 days, and then went on to make much more. Intrigued? Well then, read more to learn more: Shopify

Coupons that DON’T Kill Profits

couponsSome users and buyers will always look for the best deal, instead of the best product or brand. They will price each shop they come across, compare prices, and fish for coupons or discounts that they can avail. For businesses, this can be a great opportunity to monetize on; however, you will have to resist the temptation of blasting away free coupons all over the internet. Read more to find out how you can provide your customers with coupons, WITHOUT cutting into the profits: eCommercial fuel

Using the Google Search Console

Formerly known as Google Webmaster tools, the Google Console has been in the news ever since it was released. The users have been asking a huge number of questions about the capability and functionality of the update, so here’s a post that explains how things will work. The article answers the most common questions in this regard, along with some unconventional ones to help you understand how everything will work. Take a look: Bruce Clay, Inc.

The Application of Cultural Content to Cart Abandonment

Recently, online shoppers from all over the world were surveyed to analyze their cart abandoning habits, and we realize that all the aggregate data will intend to hide insights, while segments of data tend to reveal some very useful ones. Ecommerce marketers are finding it increasingly hard to apply these findings to their company’s contextual optimizing efforts. Let this post educate you with some important data: Get Elastic

Case Study – Turning Auto-Complete Ideas into Traffic and Ranking Results

For identifying and using keyword opportunities, Google’s auto-complete has been quite a useful tool, but what we didn’t know was the fact that it can also be used for powerful content ideation. You can transform an auto-complete topic into a traffic-driving and strong link-building only by pushing the envelope a little bit more. Read more: MOZ

An Interview with a Growth Hacker

When you are a coder doing a marketer’s job, you can probably go far, like Karan Thakkar has. His very first foray into marketing got him the title of “growth hacker”, and his technique of working has been very successful so far. Growth hacking is growing a business with the minimal amount of efforts and the shortest span of time. Usually, this involves specific coding and Karan considers himself special because he only used a few simple hacks and tricks to grow from 300 Twitter followers, to 5000 in only three weeks. Want to know his secret? Read more: Marketing Experiments

Essential Blogging Resources

bloggingIf you blog for your business, you must look from resources from time to time to perfect your blogging, or at least take it up a notch. Whether you blog as a business or an individual, some articles in this post can help you refine your blogging efforts substantially. These expertly curated and created articles will help you increase the number of shares their blog receives, measure your progress, and improve the delivery of your content. So get started with blogging with the best resources available at your disposal, by following the insights offered here: Social Media Examiner

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling – Boosting Your Sales

cross sellingAmazon reported in 2006 that the methods of up-selling and cross-selling occupy around 10-30% of shares of all the ecommerce revenues and product recommendations can be held responsible for 10-30% of the revenues as well. However, as much as they are defamed, the terms up-selling and cross-selling refer to effective techniques, that can actually work miracles for you. So read this post to understand what these selling hacks are actually all about: VWO

2015 Holiday Checklist for online Shoppers

While it may seem hasty to start planning now, but a head start can get you filtered through the masses of shoppers when the actual time comes. It is that very special time of the year again and retailers are starting to plan up for the winter extravaganza just as much as shoppers are starting to head out to the beach.  While it’s a good idea to wait till the back-to-school shopping frenzy, there’s no harm in strengthening up your armor before way before the big fight. Read more: Marketing Land

New YouTube Feature Improves the User Experience by 10!

you tube featuresAlmost 10 new features have been added to the video sharing platform to improve user experience, and the platform is all set to launch their improved tools which will help in making the creator and user experience an absolute delight. The improvements will continue to roll out for the remaining part of the year, and small businesses should be quick to monetize on the update more than anyone else. Read more: Small Biz Trends

Videos and Presentations

Online Consumer Habits – Infographics

online consumer by countryInfographics are a powerfully engaging way of marketing your products and services, and geographically, consumers form every region of the world react to them differently. A visual representation of any kind of content already instantly turns it into more interesting piece of information and helps customers find links to your website, where they can easily make purchases. Check out this post to assess the online consumer habits of users, when they are exposed to Infographics: Promodo

eCommerce Horoscope

Were you just born to succeed in ecommerce? Do you have a zodiac sign that is harmonizing your business success efforts? Even when you don’t believe in horoscopes, history dates the origin of zodiac signs back to 1200 BC – Babylonian times, and it is hard to negate something that has managed to exist as a study for so long. People’s behavior can have a striking similarity to what their star signs predict, and your zodiac may or may not have the influence required to be successful. Read this post to find out whether you were made for what you are doing today; eMagicOne

2015’s Best Social Media Networks for Marketing

Within the span of three years, social media has become a very viable part of any business’s marketing strategy, yet, with the number of networks sprouting up these days, you will have to make some very conscious decisions before you can decide which network will help your business the most. Here’s a post that tells you all the details of 2015’s big marketing runners and how they can help you increase your revenues: INC.

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Friday Catch-Up: Testing, Fundraising, and Announcing!

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