Friday Catch-Up: The Anatomy of the Internet

1We are sure you are well aware of our feelings towards the days that come before the weekend by now, and we can’t tell you how much we wait for the calendar to indicate the F-Day!

Like every week, we have some great news and loads of new posts for you to read and share. The internet world has been transforming at a drastic pace, more so than before, since the beginning of 2015, and many great changes are still afoot. The Apple Watch is here, Microsoft’s working on Smartphones, Google won’t quite stop developing… the whole deal basically depicts how much the internet world would have changed by the time we are ready to step into 2016.

Not only are the new launches and updates very thrilling, it is also how the giants are gaining power and integrating their networks on sturdier structures; we feel it’s safe to say for now, Winter is coming! And by Winter, we don’t mean the white-walkers. We are referring to the snowstorm of updates heading your way, so watch out!

News & Updates

Semrush Launched Mobile Data Analytics

2The hottest topic in SEO currently is Google’s new algorithm update, and we have all heard about it lately. When you start adapting your own business website to mobile-friendly rules and guides, you will probably be left wondering which pages are mobile-friendly and which aren’t; along with many other questions that arise due to the lack of knowledge regarding mobile-friendly and responsive designs. Semrush has recently announced their new launch of Mobile Analytics Data that will enable you to receive advertising, organic, and keyword research related reports. Read more here: SEMRUSH

Twitter’s Complete Google Search Integration on Its Way!

3The CEO of Twitter hasn’t quite released any specific details or launch dates yet, but news about the fact that the Twitter firehouse will be coming to Google soon has spread like fire. Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, has announced that fans can expect the complete integration of Twitter in Google Search by May, without specifying any singular date. He hasn’t still elaborated on what people should expect from the integration and a lot that you still need to know can be found here: Search Engine Land

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Google Now adds 70 New Apps via OpenTable

4Google’s predictive agent for search has gotten some great new apps that will help you maintain your lifestyle, including names like Spotify. The search tool, Google Now, is gradually growing and the company has announced the addition of 70 new apps, which will include applications like Zipcar or ABC News. This news was shared in Google’s blog post and examples of the new cards will appear against the old ones are available for viewing all across the web. Read here for more highlights on the apps: Search Engine Land

Interesting Posts

Handling the 3 Biggest Mobile Advertising Disasters in your PPC Account

5The number of mobile users globally has surpassed the number of desktop users this year, and while that is pretty exciting, it may not be a YAY ME moment for all paid search marketers after all. Unfortunately, your analytics will speak the cold, hard truth; any average advertiser of PPC is witnessing much lower conversion rates on mobiles than desktops and tablets. Given the statistics, it is about time you buckle up and try to find ways for PPC advertisers to increase their conversion rate. Read more: WordStream

The Secret Psychology of Facebook

6When you hop on to the social media networking giant to do something specific, like finding a link you saved to check out later or what’s been happening on your favorite page, maybe something strange occurs. You get a notification from an old friend, and suddenly you are distracted towards something else, and then a comment is posted and the battle begins. A few minutes later you are scrolling down the News Feed with no recollection of why you logged in, in the first place. Find out the secret psychology of Facebook by following this link: BufferApp

Rocking your Social Media Stream with Kick-Ass Image Editing Tools

7Images tend to gain more exposure on social media with lesser efforts. Images can be shared and they grab attention, they make better posts, tweets and attract more conversions everywhere. They can also expand your outreach to other social channels or platforms like Instagram. But the main reason behind social media sharing is to make it productive for your business, and if you spend too much time on one image, you are not left with a lot to invest on the others. Follow this link to find out more: Internet Marketing Ninjas

Most Common SEO Issues in Listing Websites

8Listing websites usually have very specific group of search issues that you don’t run into almost anywhere else. Check out this great blog post to find out more about the problems that can arise with listing sites and how it doesn’t have to be very agonizing. What you need to understand clearly is what a listing website is, and this link will help you in that endeavor: MOZ

Features to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

9Mr. Zuckerberg, we keep saying this and we’ll probably say it again; Facebook has come really far in very less time. With that being said, Facebook marketing has recently witnessed some very significant changes, and some of them have been especially designed to address certain needs and demands of all the advertisers functioning within the social media network. While some of these changes have proven DRASTIC, others have opened up many opportunities for advertisers and much can be availed from the new tools that Facebook advertisers now have at their disposal. Follow this link to find out what the updates are: HootSuite

Do Larger Brands Find Marketing Easier?

10While most people focus on larger brands to observe market trends and content marketing strategies, many are starting to believe that bigger companies have an advantage over smaller ones when it comes to content marketing, and that argument is valid in its place. However, recent research studies have proven that larger companies actually face larger challenges in their content marketing and this actually does make perfect sense, Follow this link to find out some of the findings: Content Marketing Institute


An Introduction to Mark-Up for Emails

If you have used Gmail, you have possibly received some emails that are different from the rest with a proper Call-to-Action button in the subject line. When you book a flight, your specific airline may send you an email with interactive ways to check out all your travel plans; and such emails with call to action links are a blessing of markup for email. Now, just the way markup for WebPages helps pages appear different (better) and stand out among the others in search results, markup for email does the same thing to the emails inside your inbox. Read more here: MOZ

Online Security Tools for Small Businesses

12The most recent security breaches such as the likes of Target breach, Sony data leak, and The White House leaks reveal all but one simple and naked truth; online security is everybody’s problem. While larger companies take measured steps to take control of the security of their networks, smaller businesses need to start concentrating on developing their own cyber security strategies and plans, along with finding the right tools that match their budget. Check out this link for some great security tools available online: Practical Ecommerce

Combining Direct Mail with Social/Digital

13Multi-channel or Omni-channel marketing that can choreograph an experience across both physical and digital touch points. Marketing can easily make intelligent, effective and highly creative use of a variety of media and there is a lot that can be done with pure digital media as well. Read more about this interesting topic here: Econsultancy

A Beginner’s Guide on Analyzing Your Blog Posts

14When you are writing a blog post, how do you decide which topics you should choose in order to attract the most amount of traffic and generate the most amounts of leads? Which types of blogs should you normally go for? And most probably, how many should you publish in one week? These are merely some of the questions that you will need answered when you are creating your own blog strategy, and the others can be found by following this link: Hubspot

Infographics and Presentations

Remarketing Lists of Search Ads Will Save The Day!

RLSA is the new thing every marketer is trying to learn more about, which is why the Friday-Catch up has brought you this link, which leads to an online presentation that comprehensively describes what RLSA is all about and how it works. Take a look: SlideShare

Creating a Call-To-Action on Your Facebook Page

15Facebook has launched numerous ways of keeping its huge community engaged, and this new feature, named the call-to-action button, will allow users to take one out of seven different kinds of actions on your community page. The seven types of call-to-action buttons that brands and businesses can choose from are listed here for your review; take a look: Vertical Response

The Best Time to Be Creative

16For most people, this could be really early in the morning or really, really late at night. While some people feel their minds are more active at certain times during the day unlike the others who favor the night for creativity, there is no true line that separates the two. What everyone needs is to not try either of the two extremes, but find out when it is that your own brain starts to function at sonic speed. Find out by checking out this great infographic: Hubspot


Until next Friday!

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Friday Catch-Up: The Anatomy of the Internet

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