Friday Catch-Up: The Changing Pace of the Internet Giants

1Not only is the fact that it’s Friday and we didn’t even notice how the week flew past us absolutely GREAT, but also very surprising. This recent change of sentiment makes us feel strange; how can a work week flash past us just like a weekend? Mind boggling!

What has the world come to? Dark times await us, and yes, Doomsday is NEAR. While we deal with all these kind of paranoid thoughts regarding this strange and disturbing new phenomenon of weekdays appearing to be shorter than they really are, why don’t you check out what’s been happening around the internet and read about all the big updates that took place this week, right here at the AMAZING FRIDAY CATCH-UP SERIES. Well, maybe just The Friday Catch-Up series – let’s not push it.

News & Updates

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Another New Google Panda Update

2In the upcoming weeks, we will be witnessing a massive influx of updates about the Google Panda, as the tech giant awaits the launch of an update. The revised upgrade for Panda can be expected to start rolling out in two to four weeks, and sites having been bracing themselves for the new change. Google has already predicted a data refresh that customers will be notified about. Read more about the update here: Search Engine Land

Technological Brilliance at Your Fingertips

3Remember when we dialed numbers on a rotary phone and how distant and conservative the thought seems to us right now? Well, that may happen to touch phones pretty soon. If Google gets what it wants, you will never have to even swipe your finger across the screen again, call it the touch of the future if you will. A brand new technology has come forth, which shows users moving their fingers in the air to control and navigate through objects in the virtual world on their screens. Okay, so Google is now trying to beat Tony Stark. Iron Man must be pissed! Read more: Business Insider

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The Periodic Table of SEO

4Search Engine Land has updated their SEO Periodic Table, and it is the third edition so far. This Periodic table aims at helping all publishers in concentrating on the fundamentals that can drive effective Search Engine Optimization. The table is extensively designed to broadly provide guidance to new or old SEO specialists some great insights, so don’t miss it. View the SEO Periodic Table here: Search Engine Land

Useful Posts

Creating Rocking Short Videos

5Social media networking and advertising has collaboratively made Videos bigger than ever, and more and more brands are slowly starting to realize that fact. Currently, when you look at the most successful kind of content being produced by marketers, videos sit at the number two spot, right after articles. Creating these videos, though, is the real mystery, and while they may look very complicated, there are many tools that can help you make it easy. Check out this link to find the best tools for creating short videos: Kimgarst

Research Breaks Down the Perfect Profile Image

6Profile display images have become very essential for modern communication and a good one is becoming a very basic necessity.  This stands ever truer for people whose professional lives are deeply connected with their online social media profiles.  This is a why a new research breaks down the fundamental elements of a great profile picture, right here: Photo Feeler

 Finding All Categories on a Google+ Business Page

7A brand new insight has just emerged, and we have just found out how to find all the categories on a Google+ Business page. It’s simple, but you can’t tell anyone. Wait, no, you can. Clicking on any category on Google+ will direct you to all the other categories and their specific listings. No real rocket science there right? Sadly however, most people don’t know about this, and finding pages on Google+ becomes a tedious task. Read more to find out a better way: White Spark

EBook Tools to Get You Published

8While there are a lot of articles out there that talk about writing eBooks and how it can be done best, they always list hi-tech tools that are rather too expensive. Even though they tell you all about the technicalities, the real tools that can help enhance an eBook are seldom found. Some of the most important tools for writers who are looking to get published are always left out, so it’s about time to open up the pt and extract the gold. Read more and find out some great tools for creating highly engaging eBooks: ProMind Tech Spot

Generating Content Ideas Using Buzzsumo

9The most important part of any digital marketing strategy is always content, whether it is for links, education, conversion, search or anything else. Great content must always drive awareness for your brand, and you can measure the progress is by looking at the pieces of content that is attracting new visitors. There are a number of influences that can drive awareness, and where Buzzsumo can help has been extensively discussed for your knowledge, right here: MOZ

The Future of Ecommerce and Buyable Pins

10Pinterest has recently announced the arrival of Buyable pins, which will only be launched with very selective retailers. Unlike the Twitter and Facebook buy button, the buyable pins will enable you to shop without leaving Pinterest. This means that the API of Pinterest taps directly into the ecommerce system of the retailer to pull out pricing information and stock availability. Great! So now we can’t run from the urge to shop even across social media platforms, Lord help our wallets! Read more: Get Elastic

On-Site Retargeting – Secret to Supercharging your A/B Testing

11If internet conversion optimization was a movie, A/B Testing would be the poster boy for all the advertising and marketing. While we all dig into the testing every now and then, most of us do not penetrate the loopholes to try to explore ways of super charging your optimization for better results. This is where the problem lies, and there are a number of things to do about it. Read more to find out: VWO

Bye-Bye Average Organic CTRs

12Most marketers track their organic search performances through their click-through rates, but that is a terrible mistake. According to a recent study, there are so many variations by vertical categories, and none of them actually provide any actionable results. This means, we need to break out of our old tracking habits and accumulate some new ones, so read more and find out more about the options at your disposal. Search Engine Land

Great Instagram Management Tools

13Instagram still remains to be a very mysterious tool for many out there, and while it has managed to capture the imagination of millions and entire careers owe their launch to the platform, the usage of this photo app can be very tricky to understand. The first thing you will need to realize, is the fact that it is a mobile tool, and even though it may be used on a laptop or desktop, it was designed for usage on smartphones. Let’s learn to look at Instagram as an entirely separate entity with its own magnitude of potentials to offer, read more here: The SEM Post

Getting Started with Dropshipping

14Dropshipping is a completion procedure that has gained a reasonable amount of popularity, and not only businesses, but thousands of individuals as well as companies are running successful online businesses with its help. Anybody with a few hours on their hand, and of course, an internet connection, can get started with Dropshipping easily. New and old businesses alike can really capitalize on this opportunity, and to make the best of it, you’ll need to find out more: Woo Themes

Presentations and Videos

Kobe and Messi Selfie Shootout

Lionel Messi, and Kobe Bryant aren’t just the winners on the field, they can take down YouTube with their selfies, just as easily as they take down the goalies. Turkish Airline recently released an ad for their “Selfie Shootout” and the ad took first place in the platform’s ad competition. YouTube recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and announced that advertising has come of age. Read more to found out how Messi and Bryant take the wheel, when it comes to Selfie talk: Ad Age

Meet the Digital World Queen

Content has been the BIG TALK ever since it was served, and some of us have managed to get more out of it than others. Ann Smarty has some very interesting insights to share, so don’t miss out on the golden opportunity! YouTube

The Psychology of Emojis

15Emojis have become a very vital part of all our social communications, and most people make use of them excessively. Studies have shown that more than almost 74% of the American people use Emojis in their daily communications, which leads us to wonder what is behind this phenomenon that brings the whole world together. Read more to find out: Bufferapp

That’s all we have in store for this week, but stay tuned for the next and we will be brining in some juicy updates like always, and you know what? We ARE going to call it The Amazing Friday Catch-Up Series, since there is no shame in appreciating all the good things in life!

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Friday Catch-Up: The Changing Pace of the Internet Giants

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