Friday Catch-Up: The Giant of the Giants Takes Over

1You see that little dance step? Yeah, that’s our Friday Jam! Hello everyone and welcome to another virtual internet tour of all the updates taking place across the web. No wait, let’s just call it Friday Catch-Up, there’s a certain ring to it.

This week’s edition of the amazing Friday Catch-Up series has seen some tragic turn of events. Truth be told, Google has literally hijacked our entire news section and there’s not much we can do about it. It isn’t that tragic per se, since the tech giant does have some really exciting news to offer every time they take a leap and there is no denying that fact. So, without further ado, let’s see what the tech giant has up its sleeve this time.

News & Updates

Google’s New Head of Webs Spam

2While Matt Cutts remains to be on leave, Google has someone new running the wheel of web spam fighting and defense. However, the new web spam fighting chief will not become the all rounder spokesperson on webmaster or publisher issues like Cutts, and Google has still decided not to name the person in control right now. Also, the person isn’t assuming the public persona Cutts needed to carry, so let’s see what this means for the web spam department here:  Search Engine Land

Google Shakes up the Search Rankings & How Quality is Assessed

3No, we aren’t all imagining this. Google has really changed the ranking game effective from this month, and there has been a change in how quality of content will be assessed online from now on, and they’re apparently calling it The Quality Update. Some publishers started noticing slight changes in the search results, and here is where you can read all about it: Search Engine Land

Google I/O 2015 – What to Expect

4Unlike Apple, Google talks a lot, true story. This is primarily due to their public product events that sprout up every year. The company always announces its updates and upcoming innovations with unmatched reliability and regularity, they still save the cream of the stuff for Google I/O though. Google I/O is Google’s annual developer’s conference where the Android TV was unveiled last year. This year however, we are still looking for Google to drop hints for what awaits us. Read more here: Mashable

Posts worth Reading

Great Ways of Using Twitter’s Powerful Search Engine

5Twitter is a social media platform that produces a massive amount of content each day, and almost 6,000 tweets are posted each second. The daily number of tweets everyday is 500 million, an unimaginably large number to say the least. With so much content flooding in every second, filtering through the clutter and finding what you need to find can be troublesome, but not if you use these great ways of using the powerful Twitter search engine. Read more here: Social Quaint

Google Analytics API without any Coding

6An Application Program Interface is what we call an API and it is basically the interface between two modules of programs. This whole interface is comprised of set routines, tools and protocols and you can create new software applications, integrate them with a third part application, or even enhance the functionality of any existing application as well. Find out more here: Optimize Smart

The Current State of Mobile Commerce

7We all know how the global mobile commerce world is growing and developing at a very fast pace, but what are the brands doing to keep up with the changes? A recent study has revealed some very interesting findings about mobile commerce, which imply that almost 29% of the shares of ecommerce in the United States are much lesser than the amount of progress this niche has made in places like Japan and Germany. Take a look at this article and find out more: Get Elastic

Brilliant Companies and Businesses to Watch Out For

8When we compiled a list of 2015’s most brilliant businesses, there is all but one predominant trend that we noticed, and that is that everyone (specifically young adults) wants to keep tabs on almost everything. Technology and commerce are being driven this decade in an altruistic direction that combines personal responsibility with social responsibility. Even the global market for wearable smart devices is expected to grow massively this year in the post Apple Watch launch duration. Similarly, all businesses are showing developments, and today’s most brilliant ones are mentioned here: Entrepreneur

Researching on How Users Search

9Keyword analysis is one of the most crucial elements of your search marketing journey and the keywords that your marketers use will decide how long they will go in defining the success of this program. Keywords will be involved in visits, engagement and all the way to revenues, and there isn’t much we can do about that fact. Your keyword search process should always be thorough, which is why we think this post is a must read for all internet marketers and developers alike: Search Engine Land

10 Digital Marketing Predictions that Came True

The annual Future of Digital Marketing event is celebrating a decade, and now, everyone can be a part of the proceedings. This one-day conference is a conclave of senior digital professionals who can easily inspire millions. The tickets are soon due to sell out, so it’s better to act fast, and meanwhile, you can take a trip down memory lane to see which digital marketing predictions actually did come true. Read more here: Econsultancy

Removing Friction during Checkout Process

10As an ecommerce retailer, the most basic goal you have is to make the want and buy process easier and free of any obstacles. There are still a lot of other tasks that need to be handled during this as well, and reducing the friction caused in buying processes. There is also a difference between returning customers and first time customers that need to be considered explicitly, so take a look at this post to find all your ecommerce retailing process simpler and more successful: HubSpot

Free Sources for Ecommerce Marketing Research

11Researching, planning and understanding the prevailing state of the ecommerce market is a huge part of running a successful business in any industry. Without understanding your targeted audience first, what other businesses are offering, and how the market grows, is very crucial, and at the same time, it is very difficult to create a workable business model that provides a possible avenue so that these issues can be confronted. Read more here: UserLike

Optimizing the Knowledge Graph for Your Brand

12Google search results have a free billboard called The Knowledge Graph, and maximizing its real estate can help you dominate the search results when users search for your brand. But what is Knowledge Graph and how does it work? It can truly be your friend or foe; it really depends on which wolf you feed. You can follow this link to find out more: Practical Ecommerce

Facebook Updates Payments via Messenger

13Facebook has recently announced two very important updates; firstly, the ability to transfer funds via messenger applications, and secondly, the fact that they have extended this service to the NYC Metropolitan area. Zuckerberg intends the updates to be aimed at easing the processing of payments. You can now process dollar payments through Messenger, and to find out how it works, you will need to read this: Social Times

Presentations and Videos

Expanding Your Magneto Knowledge

The best way to understand Magneto and expand your knowledge is by networking with other successful Magneto developers. This website features a calendar of Magneto events from all over the world. It will be your guide to find some great events and expand your knowledge, so that you can acquire new information and amazing skills. Take a look: Mage Calendar

Learning Inbound

14The second Learn Inbound event took place last year, in Dublin, where pioneers of the industry offered and presented their expertise. The amazing feedback of the event still keeps coming in, and if you didn’t get the real chance to attend the event, here’s a virtual one. Follow this link to view all the presentations in our live streamed video, and check out what you missed at the Learn Inbound Conference: Learn Inbound

Proven Site Design Strategies to Maximize Conversions

15The importance of a responsive website is gaining even more magnitude and ecommerce has become tricky to handle. More and more emphasis is being laid on how your website guides your prospects and takes them to an avenue that directs them to a purchase. This whole journey can be referred to as the user experience and it needs to be efficient and drive conversions in order to work. Check out this presentation for some great strategies that could really work: Slide Share



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Friday Catch-Up: The Giant of the Giants Takes Over

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