Friday Catch-Up: The Imaginarium of the World Wide Web

Hello-Friday_4_flowers_11Haven’t you felt lately that the internet world is becoming what most of us ‘dreamed’ and ‘hoped’ for it to become almost what, some ten years ago? We can only imagine where it will lead us in the next ten years now; maybe someday, we will finally be able to download food as well!

With that great thought to begin your weekend, Happy Friday everybody, and welcome to another updated edition of the Friday Catch-Up. When we sit down to extract valuable pieces of information and news for you, we can’t help but wonder how fast the pace of the internet development world has become. Every other day, we witness a brand new launch or an update of an existing project. Google doesn’t stop with their renewals, and Facebook and Microsoft fight battles of their own to stay atop their game in the online world. Like every week, the Friday Catch-Up keeps its tradition of bringing you the most exciting update broadcast of them all at the end of every week. So without further ado, let’s see what the internet has been up to this past week.

News & Updates

Google Now Connecting Searchers to Home Service Providers

2Buzzfeed News has recently reported that Google is launching a search service that will connect the searchers to home service providers later this spring. The providers in question are plumbers, gardeners, electricians, and other home-based service outlets. We tried to reach out to Google for a comment or confirmation on the prevailing story and have yet to receive a reply. Buzzfeed also mentioned that the announcement for the update will be an advertising conference that will take place later this spring, so we suggest all Google enthusiasts grab on to their seats for the exciting upcoming search ride. Read more here: Search Engine Land

Microsoft and Getty Images Partner Up

3The digital media company known as Getty Images has recently announced their partnership with Microsoft to bring brand new image-based products services to Cortana and Bing. The two companies have decided to work together over the next few years to provide efficient and immediate access to the extensive library of Getty Images in efforts to enhance the Microsoft user experience. The library at Getty Images contains more than 180 million images and videos in news, sports, entertainment, and anything else you would want to look for. Read more about the new partnership here: Search Engine Journal

Google’s Penguin and Panda Algorithm Updates Face Some Obstacles

Recently, there has been much confusion around the Panda algorithm, especially4 regarding whether it is running monthly in real time, or still manually. The sad answer to the question is that, not only is the Panda algorithm’s data not updated, but also Penguin. While most people are still confused about the Penguin updates and assumed they run manually, but did expect the Panda algorithms to roll out monthly, which left them confused as to why it didn’t. Find out why by following this link: Search Engine Roundtable

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Posts worth Reading

The Future of Search Engines

5As the element of ‘Mobile’ continues to grow and more Smartphones are bought while more apps keep getting developed, we have also witnessed the growth of ‘Optimization for Mobile’. But there is still confusion as to what exactly are users doing with their smart devices? Research suggests that the future of all search engines is exceptional context, arguing upon the fact that the average user wants the information spoon-fed to them, while the visuals should remain simple and to the point. Read more here: Nuzzel

Checking Your Local Business Listings in the UK

MOZ has experienced consistent requests from the Moz community as they continue to release new features on an ongoing basis; the biggest one has been the desire to see Moz Local try to expand to countries outside the U.S. They recently announced they’ve embarked on a jour22ney for the expansion of global communities with a good amount of support to UK business listing searches in their listing tool. It has probably taken them longer to get here than they would like, but now, they are more resourceful than ever (and the bandwidth) to support UKL businesses. For more information, follow this link: MOZ

The Science behind Quality Content

7One one-third of the world’s biggest organizations have quality content on their websites based upon human factors like clarity, tone of speech, and style (in addition to spelling and grammar). Acrolinx – a linguistics analysis organization – has released a study that tries to quantify things that are extremely hard to put a finger on. The study highlight the dire need of paying attention to not only WHAT you are saying, but also HOW you say it, and puts forward an interesting view for all content mangers and developers. Read more here: Ann Handley

Quick Wins and Fast Fails – Mobile is Local

8Currently, 20% of all the searches being carried out have local intent. But where are the results of these local searches? If you own a local business, this data is not supposed to be ignored and should and can be effectively used to gain a much needed competitive advantage to make your presence felt in the marketplace. Where does one begin, you ask? There are but several ways to go about the process, so follow this link and learn all you need to learn: Search Engine Watch

Product Details Page Differentiators for 2015

9User content, customer services options, and product videos, are all among the features that leading retailers online are using currently to differentiate their product description pages and then boost their sales. The very best of the product Detail pages will always contain high-quality images along with a comprehensive product description, a price, a list of particular specifications, and a convincing Call-to-Action. These are the characteristics that are deemed the ingredients of success. Many leading retail franchises online are trying to go above and beyond the traditional constraints and adding content, features, and offers to help boost their conversion rate and build trust. Follow this link to see the seven differentiators for 2015: Practical Ecommerce

Google’s Webmaster Tools’ New Sexy Search Analytics Report

10An alpha version of the New Search Analytics report on Google’s Webmaster Tools has just been released and is all set to replace the current report of the Search Queries. At this point, all we can tell you is that it is SUPER SEXY. There are a number of cool new features with the new report for users to take advantage of and Google has gone out of their way to ensure effective Webmaster reporting and eliminate all glitches. Read more here: Annielytics

The Three Videos Every Business Needs on their Website

11This is probably a statement you get to hear all the time, but we all know how direly every website requires videos. When new clients call-in to tell you that they are re-designing their website, they usually vocalize how their web developers and SEO specialists have advised them to add videos to their online sites. This may actually be a very smart move, but not many know exactly what they are looking for in a video. Most of the times, these new clients have a billion ideas that they want to fit into a single video. Others are often clueless and have absolutely no idea what they are looking for. Making the process of determining what kind of videos your business website needs extremely easy is not science fiction, and you can find everything you need to know about the three kinds of videos every business needs here: Entrepreneur

Native Advertising Fitting into Content Marketing

12Did you know that there is a 400% higher chance of you surviving a plane crash than clicking a banner ad? According to recently released statistics, it is ascertained that run-of-the-mill standard advertising formats just won’t work for you anymore. People have started to become wiser to the general placement games and they know exactly how and when they are being targeted by a source as they go through their surfing sessions. When you try to grab the attention of a modern audience, there are a few obstacles that will arise along your path that you must overcome in order to move forwards. Follow this link to find out more: Vertical Measures

The Small Business Guide to Getting Paid and Invoicing

13Most small business owners face very stressful times when the incoming cash flow becomes tight and payments are not really coming in any longer. This is often due to the fact that your clients are not paying you on time. Follow this link to view a guide to invoicing and extracting payments from customers on time: Small Biz Trends

Facebook Changes Every Retailer Should Know

14Facebook has recently announced many upcoming updates that are being made to the social media networking platform, and several of these are majorly of an ecommerce marketer’s interest. The new changes have made the social interface more interactive (if it was possible), and marketers will able to gain a lot exposure and leads, provided they use the new changes to their advantage. Follow this link to read more: Get Elastic

Presentations & Videos

The Best Marketing Tools at Your Disposal

Are you a marketer who always seems to run short of tools when a problem is at hand? Well, it’s a good thing you’re a loyal Friday Catch-Upper because we are bringing you a secret weapon. Check out this link to find out some of the best marketing tools you have always dreamt of having; every marketer needs a good toolbox: The Marketer Toolbox

Which Social Networks Have the Most Engaging Audience?

We all know how much engagement matters when it comes to social media platforms, but among all the giants, there are few who are better at user engagement than others. Be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, check out this link to find out which social media networking platform can help you gain a substantial amount of engagement: ComScore

A Closer Look at India Ecommerce Landscape

15The Indian ecommerce industry has grown substantially, but with what perception should
retailers view this particular marketplace? Being one of the fastest growing economic markets in the world today, the Indian ecommerce infrastructure has become much sturdier than before. Check out this amazing infographic that evidences India’s commerce growth:
Multi Channel Merchant

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Friday Catch-Up: The Imaginarium of the World Wide Web

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