Friday Catch Up: The Latest News and Updates from Google, Facebook and the e-Commerce Business Space

1If you are into IT and are interested in all the latest happenings from the digital world, you’re at the right place. This will be your guide to all the latest and important issues regarding information technology neatly pressed by the experts. From Google to digital marketing and SEO, if it’s important, you’ll find it here. So, without further ado, we present to you our catch of the week.


“Clean Up Your Act” – Google’s Warning to Webmasters

2You know you’ve done something wrong when Google calls you out. Our first story is a warning from Google to webmasters who use mobile redirects which are deceptive and prove to be a hassle for mobile users. According to Badr Salmi El Idrissi and Vincent Courson from the Google Search Quality team, while redirecting mobile users to other sites is mostly beneficial, redirecting mobile users intentionally to another content altogether is bad for business, and more importantly, against Google’s webmaster guidelines. While sneaky redirects aren’t always used by webmasters (bad ads or being hacked,) they still are a problem that comes under the webmaster’s responsibility.

Happy Birthday—Google AdWords Turns 15

3It seems only yesterday that Google AdWords was rolled out for marketers. Today, the tool is used to deliver maximum insight on keywords that benefit a company’s ROI. And while there have been many similar tools available, none come close to being as flexible, measureable and targeted as AdWords. Google AdWords was first launched back on October 23rd, 2000 and has since changed the way companies do business online. If you have an online business and haven’t been using the tool, what is wrong with you? Hook up today and make some crazy money, and Happy Belated Birthday AdWords!

Twitter Boosts its Organic Search Traffic

4Twitter is going places, especially after getting indexed by Google. The microblogging service has reportedly been able to bump up its organic search traffic by up to 20% ever since it was reindexed by Google. Apart from that, the service has also seen an increase in users who are now staying on the site after landing on it via a Google search. So, this is very good news for Twitter since it could lead to more sales, more followers, and more shares and Retweets.

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Get Seen by More People on Facebook with these Three Tips

5For all those who use Facebook, it’s nothing new for the service to exercise its self-proclaimed right of deciding which of your friends you can communicate with. For example, users don’t normally get to see updates from all of their friends, especially if they have many. Instead the social media site prioritizes the updates from those friends who you seem to be more interested in, in other words, interact with more on a regular or weekly basis. Well, if you’re the sneaky kind, then there are ways in which you can take off that limit. In fact, there are three ways. So, click here to find out what they are.

Tips on Creating a Great Content Strategy

6How many times have online marketers asked the question of how to create a great content strategy? According to a recent study by Moz and BuzzSumo, only 50% of articles get two tweets or less. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, more and more marketers are finding it harder to create the kind of content which correlates to their target demographic. It is without a doubt that creating unique, interesting and engaging content is important for any business. If you want to find out the ways in which you can do that click here.

Targeting Influencers Like a Boss

7In the highly competitive world of business, relationships matter today more than ever. But, targeting the right kind of influencers and getting their attention so that they can in turn increase your conversion rate is a tough nut to crack. Well, Marty Weintraub of aimClear’s Psychographic Targeting Hot House has found new ways to pinpoint and target influencers that matter by using the one tool that matters in marketing, social media. Find out how it’s done here.

Tracking Competitive Data on Google Panda 4.2

8Ever since Google rolled out its Panda 4.2 update back in July webmasters have experienced slow site recovery and other bumps along the way. But, with little or no improvement many deduced that the Panda 4.2 release was just another update that would send businesses on a wild goose chase. Not anymore! New findings on Google’s organic traffic show that there has been a 40% increase on organic traffic on a daily basis. So, it does seem to be making a difference after all.

The Art of Winning back Subscribers

9The point at which a subscriber is pushed to opt out of a service is usually when they’re most frustrated. The reason to unsubscribe from a service could be anything. Maybe the service lacked something the customer wanted. Maybe they found a better alternative, or maybe they are just not that interested in what’s being offered anymore. No matter what their reason for calling it quits might be, it is certainly no reason for brands to not try and win back their disgruntled or uninterested customer. This is where most companies go about it wrong. They either don’t even try, or come across as being pushy when they do. Striking the right balance between making it easy for the customer to unsubscribe all the while giving them a good reason not to is definitely an art, which you can learn more about here.

Finding the Best Prospects to Pitch Your Content

10If you are in the business of getting your clients coverage with the help of creative content then you are most probably using media database of some kind to find out your best options when it comes to journalists and publications. But, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Nowadays, many are looking towards social media outlets to find the best prospects to pitch their creative content to. Even though the process takes a bit longer than just scoping down a list of journos and publications from around the world, it does pay off in the end. To find out more on who this works you can click right here.

Dealing with it – Spammy Backlink Penalties

11Don’t you just hate it when you’re site has to deal with a manual penalty and nothing you do promotes recovery? Recovering from penalties is a painful, lengthy and often times frustrating process, which is why webmasters are warned about the consequences time and again. Sometimes, it can take up to a year just trying to remove a penalty. Since we’re all about sharing information, here are a few tips and tricks you can revoke those penalties and make the process just a bit less painful.

Digital Marketing Awards to Follow

12Don’t be square, if you’re a digital marketer be the best! Developing digital content for your company so that it can gain visibility and reach out to the right crowd is not easy. It takes time, patience and a creative mind, but more importantly, it takes someone who can gain experience and learn from the mistakes of others. If you’re looking for ways to be successful in developing great digital content for your business, there are eight digital marketing awards which you should definitely follow. Click here to find out more about the digital marketing awards that matter.

The Skinny on Pain Search Advertising during the Holidays

13The many paid search marketers the holiday season has officially begun. One thing is certain, the competition is going to be as fierce as ever with the growing number of marketers who have thrown their hat in the ring. So, what is a paid search marketer to do? Fortunately for you there are ways in which businesses can come on top this year. One of those ways is to look to your competitors to optimize the content of your ad copy, for the other 10,000 click here.

A Case Study on Breaking Marketing Constraints

14There are a great many bottlenecks for businesses that are their adolescent stage of development, especially if it’s an agency. In many cases, the bottleneck doesn’t have to be the amount of effort each person puts into coming up with creative content, nor does it have to do with the amount of content produced in a month/week/year. One thing that most agencies do have in common when it comes to bottlenecks is a number of client approvals they get each week. According to a case study, productivity in many cases isn’t just about gritting one’s teeth and trying to do more, it’s about publishing the kind of content that really matters, which in turn improves client approvals.

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Tips for Webmasters to Use Social Media the Right Way

15The conundrum for most webmasters is, knowing which post to share, where to share it and when to share it. When it comes to content sharing, knowing how different platforms work and how the people react to different types of content is essential. For instance, users of Facebook would react and interact differently to certain content as compared to Twitter users. What makes things even worse for webmasters is that the results of their efforts are now fully quantifiable, especially if they are blanket publishing across various social media platforms. Ryan Stewart, founder of WEBRIS explains what webmasters can do to change their current predicament.

Creating Infographics for Instagram

16If you’re a business looking for more user engagement on Instagram then what better way to do it then by using a neatly designed infographic of what your business is all about. But, that’s easier said than done although including well-designed and informative infographics to your arsenal of marketing techniques is just what you need to smell success. To make your life easier, here are a few ways in which you can create interesting infographics for Instagram.

Google AdWords takes a Walk Down Memory Lane

17If you missed the doodle, Google turned 15 this month. In the last 15 years we’ve seen a tremendous change in the way businesses carry out their online marketing campaigns. A major reason for that change was the arrival of Google’s AdWords service which first started off as an advertising tool and later on spread its tentacles to other formats, making it a constant companion of any marketer who’s worth his (or her) salt. AdWords turned 15 this month and celebrated by taking a walk down memory lane on its official blog.

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Friday Catch Up: The Latest News and Updates from Google, Facebook and the e-Commerce Business Space

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