Friday Catch up – The Latest News From Google, Facebook and Beyond

2015-10-16_18-11_jpgIf you’re a technology geek, you probably came here looking for a deeper understanding of what technology actually means to you. Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place, because this is where you will get up close and personal with all the latest happenings in the tech world, from finding out the latest eCommerce success metrics to getting more out of Google. You will find all this information right here. So, let’s get on with it!


Zuckerberg wants ‘You’ to Sell Products within Facebook

2Look out Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist, there’s a new player in town. According to reports, Facebook is looking to attract more retailers to get them to sell their products and services straight from Facebook without having to visit an ecommerce website. While the news is cool, the company’s rationale on creating a more retail friendly Facebook has got many other online retailers on edge, and rightly so. Bad enough that online retailing is at an all time high and many outlets are more than ready to give up an arm and a leg to attract more customers, now they have to worry about the phenomenon that is Facebook too!

New “Maps Search” Launched by Google

3The ginormous search engine company, Google is just full of surprises. Over the weekend, it announced of its brand new Maps search results interface which will provide for users a more in-depth results page…but only for local businesses. According to reports, while the new feature had been undergoing testing for quite some time now, it has finally been launched. Google says that the new feature will tie in with the recently released Hotel Finder results and will provide users with better search results than ever before. This announcement comes only days after Google further improved on its Web results page, which from now on, will only display three local results rather than seven.

Instagram Introduces New Business-centric Account

4While word of this has been out for some time now, Instagram has finally decided to make it official by releasing the new account titled @instagramforbusiness. And yes, as the name implies, the new Instagram account is for business, but more importantly, for businesses to play nice and share their business tips and case studies with everybody else. The sole purpose of the new account is to inspire, inform, and educate those who are a part of the business community and those who want to be. Instagram explained that while business has always played a major role in the photo sharing service, this is a way that the famous platform can give back to the community which is all set to increase in size, especially after the launch of Instagram ads.


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Are Consumers Really “Content” with Online Content Nowadays?

5It seems that trust between online content and the consumers is eroding. This was made clear in a recent report where nearly 53% of consumers in the U.S., complained that there is just too much content available on the internet as compared to a few years ago. This makes scoping out and identifying authentic content even more difficult than before. The report also came up with some other very interesting findings – you can read all about those right here.

Essential E-Commerce Add-ons You Just Can’t Do Without

6If you’re a novice eCommerce retailer, the only shot you have of being successful is by using technology to your advantage (and being really good at it). It is a brutally true fact that in order to be successful in the online retailing business, one needs to be a ninja with the tools that are at their disposal. If you were wondering about the tools and add-ons you can use to make your business successful, you have come to the right place, because we have the goods right here.

Research Proves Amazon is Numero Uno in Online Retail

7When it comes to online shopping, it doesn’t get any bigger than Amazon. The company is an absolute giant in the online retail sector, and by the looks of it, is only going to get bigger. Recently, a new study by BloomReach was conducted which peered into the inner workings of how Amazon is able to pull off this amazing feat and on what is really behind the troves of customers who search for products at the online store. The results that they found were amazing, since reportedly, around 44% of searchers go straight to Amazon to find a product as compared to Google, which only gets 34% of the initial search pie. The following news is also disturbing for retailers since they get only 21% of the consumer searches.

Creating a Better Customer Testimonials Page

8>When it comes to purchasing a product or service online, the decision that is made by the consumer is often times an emotional one. This can lead to either the person being ecstatic or disappointed with what they get. As a rule of thumb, businesses should always provide visitors or potential buyers to their website with social proof that their product or service is actually worth it. And what better way to do this than by creating an effective testimonials page. So, what makes a compelling customer testimonial page, you ask? Your answer lies here.

The Right Way of Using Snippets in eCommerce Websites

9>It is true that snippet-rich pages enjoy a much better click through rate along with more targeted traffic which consequently increases the number of sales of the eCommerce website. But, what can be defined as rich snippets anyway? Normally, ecommerce store owners usually add just add markup tags so that Google is able to identify things like product availability, its price and ratings. But, there is more than one way to skin a cat. If you are wondering about those ways, click here to find out more.

The Top Success Metrics for E-Retailers

10>No eCommerce website worth its salt takes actions without evaluating their situation first. That would be a very unwise thing to do. Analyzing data on the performance of your eCommerce website provides you with valuable information on how your site is performing and the areas where it lacks. The regular monitoring of these metrics give you a better idea on how to make your eCommerce website better, the only caveat being, with so many metrics easily available, which ones do you use to make your site stand out? Well, if you happen to be wondering about the exact same thing, you can click here to find out just what those metrics are.

Make Your Previous Tweets Sharable with Twitter’s Moments

11With the release of Twitter’s newest feature, Twitter Moments, many are wondering on the benefits of the new Twitter tool. To answer that question, first off, Twitter users can now use the new Moments tool to make previously shared Tweets visible so that other users can find them and share them with their friends. While we all know that Twitter is one of those services where a tweet is shared and only remains in the spotlight for a few minutes before fading away into the gray areas of the internet. With around 9,000 tweets posted every second on the micro-blogging site, the new Moments tool makes it a lot easier to find the tweets that matter, or more precisely, mattered. For a more in-depth look at the new tool, you click here.

The Latest Content Marketing Trends for B2C 2016

12B2C marketers are now putting more of their budget towards content marketing, according to a recent report. This marks a major shift in the way that B2C marketers use content to promote their products or services online. Over the past few years, it has also been found that B2C marketers have made much progress in their efforts and their impressive results have been clear as day. You can click here to find out more on the progress of B2C marketers and the ways in which they achieved their success.

Getting the Most out of Google+

13Circles is the latest feature that has been introduced by Google. The feature enables a person to truly customize their Google+ experience like never before. But the best part about the new Circles tool is that it differs significantly from other Google+ features such as Hangouts and can make a significant impact to your Google+ page if you are thinking of building a presence on the social site. Google Circles makes it easier for users to sort out their contacts and pages, allowing you to get the information you need in no time. To find out more about the new feature, you can click here.

Tips for Better Keyword Forecasting

14When it comes to online marketing, the only way a business has a fighting chance to get ahead of the competition is by providing their customers with effective and informative content on their business website. And the only way a business is able to create good content which serves its purpose is by carrying out the proper research when it comes to keywords and forecasting the keywords that will matter to their target demographic.

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The Art of Winning Back Visitors

15Making a good first impression on visitors online is always a tough nut to crack. For starters, you don’t get to meet with them face-to-face. Secondly, there is always a chance that the person visiting your ecommerce website didn’t get your message, which means more often than not, visitors to your site will click on the x mark at the top right of the screen and get on with their life. For the person who is running an eCommerce website, that is just unacceptable. This week, Whiteboard Friday discusses the topic of how to win back the audience that left.

Getting the Info Right…in Your Infographics

16Creating interesting infographics is by far the best way of attracting an online audience, getting your business philosophy across to people who don’t know you, and making sure those users get what you are trying to sell them. But, coming up with an interesting design for an infographic is never easy. Wouldn’t you agree? If you do, then read more about it here.

Creating Stellar Infographics

17Make no mistake, infographics has become the new buzzword in online marketing. A good example of this can be given of the fact that nowadays, one can’t get through five minutes on Pinterest without finding themselves staring at a colorful infographic. If you are an online marketer it behooves you to find out more ways to attract more customers by creating great looking infographics.

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Friday Catch up – The Latest News From Google, Facebook and Beyond

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