Friday Catch-Up: The Much Awaited Avalanche of Brand New Launches & Releases

2015-04-17_16-49_FridayCatchHello Everybody! We hope the work week hasn’t stripped you of all your enthusiasm and zeal because we have a lot of interesting posts for you that are worth a read.

Like we said last week, the rate of acceleration of the entire internet industry is increasing by leaps and bounds, and the online networks that rule the markets are working to make their platforms more complex and helpful. You’ll know what we’re talking about once you go through the news section. This week’s updates are being ruled by Dropbox, Foursquare, and LinkedIn as the social media giants battle among each other with new launches and features announced to be launched soon. Along with the steamy news section, we have some wonderful posts that have sprouted during the last week and are filled with interesting tips, tricks, and information that can solve a lot of riddles for internet marketers and developers. So, without making you wait any longer than necessary, let us take you through what happened around the internet last week if you’ve managed to miss most of the action.

News & Updates

DropBox has Revealed their Wonderfully Kept Secret

2015-04-17_16-51_FridayCatchOnly last Friday, Product Hunt received a brand new mysterious product called the Project Composer which left the trendy online community where millions of products are discovered and shared, highly intrigued. Composer looks like an online processor for word which is very similar to Evernote and Google Docs, and it had been briefly available for use before all the user access was cut-off according to some reports. The people who did review the new Composer stated that it was a simple note-taking tool that enables multiple users simultaneously to share and edit files while Dropbox users will be allowed to edit and create entire documents right on the spot, without having to create it elsewhere at first and then manage the transferring details. As interesting as the tool sounds, you won’t find out enough about it unless you read more here: Business Insider

LinkedIn Announces the Elevate App

2015-04-17_16-51Earlier today, LinkedIn announced their new application called Elevate, which has been designed to help internet marketers and developers share their high-quality content straight from their employing companies and clearly exhibit how that particular content can generate sales leads, traffic, and even new hires. The Elevate App provides content that users can easily share on Twitter and LinkedIn; it has been created to help organizations appear highly relatable and more engaging than they ever would by themselves. Research suggests that only 2% of all employees actively share content posted by their employing companies, and there needed to be something that could help bridge this gap. Find out more about the brand new app here: Venture Beat

Foursquare Launches Cross-Platform, Location Based Advertisement Targeting – Pinpoint

2015-04-17_16-51_FridayCatch(2)Foursquare has pointed out after their recent partnership with Twitter that the company has managed to accumulate a treasure chest of location-based data and it was about time they found a more lucrative use for it. The company announced today how it was soon launching Pinpoint- a cross-platform targeting technology for advertisements that is based on geographical locations. The leading partners that have come together with this launch include Google, AT&T, Wild Turkey, FedEx, Jaguar, and many others. Pinpoint will be all set for advertisers where they can use the data from Foursquare to target specific ads on tablet, mobile and desktops. Intrigued? So are we! Read more here: Social Times

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Post Worth Reading

Hacks to Improve Your Ecommerce Emails

In the world of ecommerce marketing, it is quite easy for anyone to get stuck in the ‘big results come from big investments’ mentality. As you overhaul your templates, make your website and emails mobile-friendly, and embark on A/B testing projects, there are some resource incentive activities that can act as hacks that help you improve the quality of all your Ecommerce Emails. The great thing is that with some minor tweaks, you can have an incrementally positive effect on all your marketing efforts. So find out what these amazing hacks are by following this link: OMETRIA


Measuring Any Start-Up’s Health through Online Marketing

2015-04-17_16-52_FridayCatch(3)When you set out to measure the success of your new start-up business, you can find some obstacles that make it really difficult. Especially when your start-up is in its growing phase and customer acquisitions matter much more than bigger revenues at that point. When you start to look through the lens of your own brand’s online presence and marketing, you will begin to comprehensively understand the impact of a start-up in terms of traction and recognition. The biggest factors that help you in measuring your success are the overall online footprints of your brand, the growth of your online audience, your mastery over social media networking platforms, and the proper amount of media coverage. Read more about these metrics here: The Next Web

Tracking True Referrals through Google Analytics

2015-04-17_16-53_FridayCatchMany businesses make use of third-party payment options and companies like PayPal to accept any online transactions – this can create a number of tracking issues within Google Analytics. Essentially, a payment gateway or portal is a service that you can use to accept all debit/credit card payments or any other kinds of electronic transactions right on your website, and PayPal is great example of such a service. When a customer decides to leave your website to make a payment and then return from the payment gateway back to your website, Google Analytics will automatically attribute those sales to the gateway of payment you are using instead of your website, which is the original source of all the traffic. This is what you call a referral and you can find out in detail about how you can manage your third-party referrals in Google Analytics by following this link: Optimize Smart

Best Content Marketing Tools for Start-Ups

2015-04-17_16-53_FridayCatch(2)Tools are always a fun and less tedious subject than algorithms and lead generation, and getting the right tool in place can help you substantially amplify the outcome of everything else that you tend to do. These are some of the leverage points that we must all always tap into so that we can replicate results for all our customers. This post contains some great short-listed tools that come highly recommended by all developers and marketers so that your progress can be drastically improved. Take a look: Medium

All the Places You Should Be Sharing Your Blog

2015-04-17_16-53_FridayCatch(3)When you want your company to gain as much exposure as it can, simply publishing written blogs will never be enough. There is a lot of digital noise out there these days and it is not like ‘if you keep building it they will keep coming at it’ anymore. When you hit the Publish button – that is where your work actually begins, and you must find suitable places where you can share and promote that published content to gain the most out of it. Where and How? Follow this link and find out: Search Engine Journal

Inbound Lead Generation

If, in the world of ecommerce, businesses hope to sustain their competitiveness with giants like eBay, Amazon, big box brands, and other retail juggernauts, they need to learn how successful content marketing is conducted, how leads are generated, and how contacts and communications are nurtured based on a comprehensive marketing strategy for inbound lead generation. Some of the most important factors have been discussed in the article, which you can view by following this link: MOZ

How You Can Drive Ecommerce Sales With the Help of Quizzes?

2015-04-17_16-53_FridayCatch(4)When you are a marketer at an ecommerce website, there is constant pressure that is laid upon you to deliver bigger and better sales. Quizzes can help by personalizing the selection of your products and personalizing your ecommerce website to offer exceptionally tailored products for all customers, helping you increase the conversion rates by 30%. But in reality, personalization software can be highly time consuming and very expensive to implement. Unless you start using quizzes for your marketing. Find out how you can make quizzes work for your benefit here: Econsultancy

20 Best Websites with FREE Images

2015-04-17_16-54_FridayCatchThe entire world of completely free stock photos is quite hard to navigate, and if you are using an image repository that is paid, you can have your responsibilities and rights clearly stated. However, if you choose to take the FREE road, it can become very confusing to know which photos you can openly use and which you can’t. You can use one of the 20 amazing sites mentioned in this post to get free stock photos without much hassle – take a look: Inc.

Picking the Right Domain Name

2015-04-17_16-54_FridayCatch(2)The domain name you end up getting is hardly ever the domain name that you initially wanted. It depends on how you are currently making money online and how you plan to make money in the future. Are you producing content as a producer or as ‘The’ producer? Are you selling your products as a seller or as ‘The’ seller? All this depends on a few factors that are discussed in this post: Search Engine People

How You PR Non-Product Brands

2015-04-17_16-54_FridayCatch(3)In an ideal world, all the customers that walk through your doorstep would be well-established and have shed many products to PR to all authoritative websites. But this isn’t always the case, and some clients choose to sell services rather than actual products which effectively makes your SEO tactics more complex and your work a lot more stressful. If you’re looking for any help in this regard, follow this link to find out more on how you must PR for brands that don’t sell products: State of Digital

Infographics, Presentations, & Videos

The Most Groundbreaking Apps and Social Media Sites of 2015

2015-04-17_16-55_FridayCatchThe real concepts behind social networking and how it’s done is nothing new for us. Ever since humans have existed, there has been an impending need for communication, networking and promotion. But these things have taken on completely new meanings and the digital age has changed many aspects of it. This means there are a number of things that savvy business owners need to do to step up their game and stay in business, and those things have been discussed in this article: Social Media Today

The Importance of Mobile Devices in Ecommerce

Mobile Devices have become the new drivers of ecommerce businesses, and many website owners and brands have adapted their content for mobile to gain as much exposure as they can. Mobile devices play a very crucial role when it comes to online retail shopping, and this amazing infographic highlights it visually in a clear and objective way. Take a look: Alex Tachalova

The Elements of Personalization

2015-04-17_16-55_FridayCatch(2)Starting from the data about your geographical location and device to the searches that people have performed in the past, Google now offers a massive amount of information that can help you personalize you searching results. Check out this week’s Whiteboard Friday to find out to which extent this information is, and can be, used: MOZ

While you check out all the updates we brought to you this week, we’ll get right to collecting new updates for the next! Stay tuned for next week’s Friday Catch-Up and have a great weekend!

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Friday Catch-Up: The Much Awaited Avalanche of Brand New Launches & Releases

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