Friday Catch-Up: The Secret of the World Wide Web

1Have you ever wondered how Jason must feel about Fridays? The only day of the week when a person can start to look at the bright side and hope for the best next two days is Friday, and the next two days are probably the best ’15 minutes’ of the entire work week.

It’s alright, if the extra work at office is giving you the blues, you can just go through this week’s updates to get your mood on the right track. With news, updates and infographics, this week’s Friday Catch-Up is packed with the latest scoops and the most happening updates from all over the internet. Let’s move on to see what the giants are up to this week.

News & Updates

Google User Experience is a Ranking Signal Only for Mobile

2Google’s Gary Illyes has recently given us some insights on how user experience acts as a ranking signal only for mobile friendly websites and not for the desktop versions. This is done thanks to the mobile friendly algorithm, but when desktop comes to question, there is no UX algorithm. The company is well aware that most of the mobile friendly algorithm is made up of how rendering is done for mobile devices. UX is not a direct ranking signal for desktop websites, but it may change soon. Read more here: Search Engine Land

Google Forced to Suspend Map Maker

3The tech giant has recently been forced to suspend Google Map Maker, which is a service that allows community members to edit Google maps similarly to the way people can edit Wikipedia results. The reason behind the big change was the recent public edits that were made, which elaborated upon how easy it was to make fraudulent alterations to business information and locations. These hacks and certain edits have been a problem for the tech giant for a long time before the service was suspended, and you can read more about it here: Search Engine Land

Facebook Instant Articles

4Google must be surprised by Facebook’s brand new update which is a pitch to host content from publishers can be a great way to improve on the social media networking platform’s user experience a.k.a. UX. In case Google decides to follow this path though, the internet will be faced by an alarming number of troubles. The Facebook Instant Articles tool is a way for publishers to post directly on the social networking website, and there is still much debate about whether this will be good or bad in case Google decides to follow their path. Read more here: Marketing Land

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New Pinterest Research

5If Pinterest is part of your marketing strategy, listen closely to this; a recent research suggests that Pinterest has a very unique setup that allows brands to have a larger selling potential than any other social media marketing platforms. Due to the fact that users can follow both boards and other pinners, the channel is very useful in leading users to items as much as it is useful for finding people. Read more here: Social Media Examiner

Facebook Allows People to Call Businesses

6Facebook has become more handy than we would’ve expected, and even more so for local business advertisers. The social network added a brand new call-to-action button that would help the News Feeds ads. The new Call Now button will easily enable people to telephone businesses, and mobile users who tap the button will be re-redirected to their dialer screens. Read more here: Marketing Land

Useful Posts

What Digital Marketers and Marketing Managers Can Learn From the Agile Manifesto


The Agile movement has been very helpful for the digital world of marketing and the term Agile Marketing only came into existence around 2010. And by the year 2012, there were many types of content available around it. This article discusses the full potential the Agile Manifesto has for digital marketing managers – read more here: MOZ

Tips for Better Ecommerce Video Results

If you base your Ecommerce advertising on a good product video, your online clients can learn a great deal about the item, make an emotional connection with it with the help of visuals, and then make a buying decision. The requirements for this success are quite simple; in fact, there are only about three things that you have to take care of. Want to know what they are? Follow this link: Practical Ecommerce

The Ingredients of an Ultra Powerful Link Building Campaign

8Nowadays, SEOs, digital marketers and webmasters have their own tasks and responsibilities, but collectively, their work will always revolve around link building. The concept behind link building reflects a way to create a website with high authority, in addition to a great page rank which will help your company’s marketing efforts. Link building is basically the process of getting other and external pages to link back to your website. Read more about it here: CognitiveSEO

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy


In today’s digital age, all businesses act like publishers, and publishers will always need a steady stream of good content. But more often than not, that is easier said than done. If you are putting efforts in creating content which will resonate on social media and with your audience to separate you from the bulk of other brands out there? The first thing you will need is a sturdy content marketing strategy. Read more about it here: HootSuite

How Pretty Are Your Email Subject Lines?

10The rate at which clients will read your emails will heavily depend upon the subject lines you choose, the phrases, keywords and the lengths. This recent assessment is especially very helpful for retailers who are looking for prospects and leads through their email marketing efforts. If your business makes use of email marketing, you will need to read more about this: Emarketer


4 Tips for Summer Ads

11Summer is right around the corner, and your PPC campaigns will need some efforts so that they are also in their best shape for swimsuit season. This will really help the traffic and sales of your website during the shopping and holiday season as well. There are a number of things that you can do to refine your advertising and gain exposure; take a look at these simple tricks of the trade: Word Stream

How Customers Form Queries in Search Engines

12If you own a business, you must’ve wondered at some point how customers search for information online and which words would they type into the search engines. The Blue Nile Research interviewed random online customers how they formulate queries; their findings can be found here: Marketing Sherpa

Four Great Content Marketing Examples 2015

Content marketing is one thing that has the potential to drive sales for retail, but for small and mid-sized business merchants, it is hard to determine the kind of content needed. Fortunately, there are examples all over the internet that can help them decide which content strategy would be bets for their business. Content marketing, in its true essence, is the act of creating, publishing, and promoting content with an objective of building relationships with customers. Read more here: Practical Ecommerce

Creating Engaging Social Media Images

13If you are sharing digital content online, your images need to stand out among the rest in order to get you the exposure you need. Creating and then managing great visual content can help you keep your prospects engaged for longer periods of time. The more your consumers relate to your brand, the higher your sales and revenues. Read more here: Social Media Examiner

5 Tips for Securing Your Cloud Computing

As convenient as it becomes for your business to make use of cloud computing, you always need to keep yourself completely aware of how these systems are operating. Your system must always be secure enough to prevent anything from being lost, hacked or stolen, and there are many tips that can help you get there: Data Center Knowledge

Presentations and Videos

Should I Rebrand my Site?

Deciding to make changes to your brand is a huge step, and the best path forward is not the one to be taken lightly. Check out today’s Whiteboard Friday where Rand explains how or why rebranding a site will be right or which alternatives should they take. Follow this link: MOZ

Social Media Active Users Study

142015 has seen some great developments, but the social media networking game is changing. While Facebook still leads in the largest number of active user’s category, there are more social networks that are growing and offering better advantages to businesses. Take a look: Digital Information World

Places to Connect With Consumers

15Brands are living in a competitive space today where they need a lot of interaction with their prospects in order to stay atop their game. Not only are there many names offering the same service, there are similar names too! Check out this link on how you can connect effectively with your consumers: Digital Information World


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Friday Catch-Up: The Secret of the World Wide Web

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