Friday Catch-Up: This is Where the ‘Weekend’ Begins

1We all know that feeling, waking up on a bright Friday morning and getting ready for work with a dreadful feeling in your gut. But you suck it up and put your game face on for one more day, only to find yourself devising a plan to blow up the entire office while you sit at your table sipping coffee two hours later.

Killing time will prove to be much better than killing ‘people’ in the long run, at least for your professional career. So don’t let a couple of more hours bring you down and think about all the alcohol that’s going to make its way into your system, releasing the pain and all this anxiety of the soul-wrenchingly long work week.

We don’t mean to make every job seem like hell, but, okay, maybe we kinda do.

Now that we have established that every desk job in the world is a curse (and won your approval because, clearly, you agree), let’s move on to the news updates that the internet world has to offer this week. Maybe that’ll keep the knives and Ak-47s out of your head; if not, there’s always therapy!

News & Updates

“Googlebot Cannot Access Your JavaScript and CSS Files”

2Google has been warning webmasters through email about how the Googlebot cannot access your JavaScript or CSS files, so don’ be alarmed if you find one in your inbox too. This warning was sent out by Google via Search Console and it also reminded the users about how their rankings may become ‘suboptimal’ if the Googlebot is unable to access your files. We know that sounds really bad, but don’t worry, there’s always a fix. Follow this link to find out what you need to do about this warning: Search Engine Journal

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Truecaller Has Been Raising Some Serious Funds

3These days, communication apps that are able to strike a few chords with its users are the hottest property on the internet. One of such communication apps will soon be entering the unicorn club, and the caller ID application has now reached a user base of a staggering 150 million. The company aims to raise $100 million from a valuation of $1 billion. Take a look at what the fundraising plan is all about: Tech Crunch

Google Shutting Down Autocomplete API

4Google is finally ready to say farewell to the Autocomplete API, which will probably have a huge impact on your favorite keyword researching tool. The company announced on the 10th of August, 2015, that the Autocomplete API will be shut down soon. They stated that the unsupported API previously being used had no stringent and official restrictions and it was being used in both useful and useless ways. Check out this link to see how the giant aims to provide more meaningful benefits to the users: Search Engine Land

Useful Posts

Tips for Starting a Business from Scratch

5A small business insurer – Hiscox, recently released a docu-series about entrepreneurs named Courageous leaders in affiliation with Vox Media, and the series offer some very important insights about starting businesses. The featured interviews in the series talk about entrepreneurs who found success, and their recipe for progress. Take a look: Small Biz Trends

Mobile Makes up for At Least Half of China’s Ecommerce Revenues

6In the year 2016, a lot more than almost 10% of the retail sales in China would take place through mobile. The retail sales on smartphones, tablets and other kinds of mobile devices is forecasted to be around $333.99 billion in 2015, and the latest estimates state that this revenue is a result of an 81% boost in the retail market from last year. This figure also represents at least 49.7% of all retail ecommerce in China this year. Read more about the retail industry in China here: EMarketer

Google+ on its Way to Becoming an Option

7Google’s VP of Photos, Streams, and Sharing – Bradley Horowitz, has recently stated about the future of Google+ and not much can be said at this point since all of us are already confused. Google+ was launched almost 4 years ago, and the platform was highly promising with its featured services and products which enhanced usability. But now, we have recently heard that Google+ will soon become an option rather than a MUST-HAVE, so let’s see what this actually means for online Google+ users: Google Plus Daily

Writing Magnetic Call-to-Actions in Only 5 Minutes

8If you are a business owner, you know the constant struggle of trying to remain on the same page as the clients and potential prospects. However, you will always need to ensure that your messages have a lot of substance and are compelling enough for your audience. You could also be trying to keep your users engaged with beautiful and meaningful stories, but that’s not all that it will take. Studies indicate that most business websites lack a proper call-to-action, and that just may be the reason behind your poor conversion rates. Check out this link to learn how to create compelling call-to-actions to increase your revenues: Kissmetrics

Increasing your Page Views per Visitor

9If you have been investing considerable effort and time in attracting customers to your website, you have to find a way to prevent them from leaving your website after viewing the second or third page. It can be a lot easier to keep an old user coming back to your website than accumulating newer visitors to gain more exposure. But guess what? There are some really great insights in this post which can help you understand which prospect is worth your time, so take a look: Quick Sprout

Omnichannel Customer Services

10There are so many details regarding Omnichannel integrated shopping experiences, but the only thing that you cannot afford to overlook is the Omnichannel customer services.  Most times, customers expect a higher level of quality when dealing with retailers, and businesses should adapt to this mindset in order to succeed. Check out this insightful post for more information about what you need to do as a business: Get Elastic

Setting Yourself Up to Create Great Content

12If you ever thought ideation was a fun job, get ready to do something even better; Content Creation. We have all surely written things before, but when you are developing a content marketing strategy, the creation phase will be where you actually get to witness how your idea is being translated. Before you can start the process of content creation, you will have to take care of a number of things which will eventually help you in fine-tuning your marketing strategy, so read this post for more information on how you can create high quality content: MOZ

Time Management Tips for Social Media Managers

13From what it looks like, a social media manger’s job can never be completed. It does not matter what time it is, or whether it’s the weekend or not, there will always be more stuff for you do and you will always be stressed about how much you have to get done. Social media evolves at astronomical lightning fast speed, and most times, the fast pace can be very hard to keep up with. Read more about how you can manage your time more effectively as a social media manager here: To Prank Blog

Writing an Author Bio that DOES NOT SUCK

14Guest posting is part of any good content distribution and promotion strategy, but the process can be extremely frustrating. You write an article for any publication and a small paragraph in the end which talks about you. This little paragraph is highly important, and you can gain a huge number of audiences with an exceptionally well-written paragraph about the writer. So read this post to find out what you need to do to make sure your intro converts: HubSpot

Interview with Owner of Link Fish Media

15Link building is not an easy task, but some companies have recently come to our attention trying very dynamic ways of link building and succeeding at it with flying colors. Check out this interview with expert link builder Julie Joyce to see what you can do: SEMRUSH


Presentations & Videos

Online Shopping Marketing – Important Dates

We all know the crazy holiday shopping frenzy we get to witness on a number of occasions each year, and most businesses revise their strategies just before holiday breaks to make the most of the opportunity. Holiday shoppers are big spenders, and this infographic offers you a detailed timeline of all the important dates which you can advertise on, to make sales just like all the other businesses capitalizing on the holiday fever. Take a look: Reddit

Email Support 2015

In the marketing world, you will always need an edge that puts you ahead of your competition, and Email marketing seems to be making big waves in 2015. Check out this video of the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit 2015 to learn about ways to make emailing work effectively for your business: Marketing Experiments

Ecommerce SEO Checklist

2015-07-31_17-50_pngEcommerce sites must always be optimized for search engines so that they get a lot of exposure and a good search rank. Ecommerce SEO may seem intimidating, but the process can be tricky too. So check out this infographic which makes understanding the Ecommerce SEO game a lot simpler: Promodo


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Friday Catch-Up: This is Where the ‘Weekend’ Begins

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