Friday Catch-Up: Twitter Partnerships, Google Launches and More

1We are no stranger to how good the word ‘Weekend’ sounds at the end of a long and tiring week, but you know what sounds even better? Friday!

The internet world has recently been advancing so fast that it has kept us on our toes, and everywhere you look industry giants are introducing new tools and launching new projects. To help you keep up with the fast pace, this week’s Friday catch-Up has it all; read on to find out who Twitter has partnered with, what Google is doing, and what else has happened around the internet that is worth your attention.

Buckle up guys, the Friday Catch-Up roller coaster is known for its speed.

News & Updates

Twitter Partners with Foursquare

2All Tweeters will soon be enabled to tag and specify locations that have been pulled from the database of Foursquare all thanks to their recent partnership. The deal basically now allows users to access the complete database of locations available on Foursquare, which is one of the most detailed repositories that exist. These tags can be highly specific, as well as general and mobile users will still have labeled tweets that tell the exact location along with any additional label you have selected. Read more at The Next Web

Google Launches a Serious ‘Push’ for Local Online Businesses

3Google is all set to introduce a program called Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map, which is a new portal for getting your business online and is quite similar to Facebook’s Blueprint and learn How sites that were launched very recently. The program offers resources for business owners and their potential partners and helps them get their business online. It can also help in correcting any business’s online presence and we think this piece of news is definitely worth a read if you’re looking to venture out in the online business world, read more at Search Engine Land

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Google Updates Webmaster Yet Again

4Google has recently added sub-domain support to the change of address tool that is available in Google Webmaster Tools enabling users to communicate sub domain moves. When you view the documentation that has been updated to include the ‘Or Subdomain’ to its instructions it reads; you must use change of address tool whenever your website’s domain or subdomain needs a change. What is interesting here is that Google has been updating the Webmaster Tools very frequently and the program keeps becoming more complex and providing further feasibility to webmasters. Read more here: Search Engine Land

Interesting Posts

The Future of Mobile

5The Mobile Industry has advanced more in the recent years than in the past fifty, and the future still seems bright. The Smartphone and tablet markets have arrived at a state where they are increasingly becoming saturated and long gone are the days of pungent hardware growth. The growth of these industry sectors is gradually penetrating into media, software, advertising, and a wide array of services. While on the other hand, latest devices are working to completely redefine and widen the meaning of Mobile. Intrigued? Follow this link to read more: Business Insider

Smartphones Driving the Usage of Internet in Emerging Markets

6The International Data Corporation or the IDC has recently conducted a global study that reveals that the combined market of media tablets, Smartphones, and PCs is forecasted to grow from 1.8 to 2.5 billion units by 2019. Among all the smart connected devices, Smartphones will be representing the majority of the growth during the period of the forecast and dwarf both PCs and tablets in matters of shipment quantity. But PC’s still made up for the lion’s share till 2010, so it would be interesting to see Smartphones take over. Read more: Digital Lifescapes – GEO Active Group

The Best Ways for Local Businesses to Get Links

7Let’s face the facts; locally building links is a difficult job. Even when you have all the resources and the budget to build or earn links, it is bound to take a lot of time. For verified success of your website in search engines, having a sturdy link profile is quite vital. And if you are new to the world of link building, you’ll need to develop a comprehensive understanding of it. Follow this link to find out the eleven best ways for all local businesses to generate links: MOZ

Ways of Capturing Email Leads without Disturbing Your Visitors

8The emailing list that you have is one of your biggest assets and its strength can be used to build entire businesses from scratch. According to Michael Hyatt, the author of “International Leadership” who has built a multi-million dollar business, list building is the most vital aspect of a regal online presence. The techniques that you use for building the list often affect the user’s experience as well, apart from the fact that it is annoying. Read more here: KISS Metrics

Great Tips for Targeting Mobile-Only Shoppers

9ComScore states that 13% of all US shoppers use mobiles only for their ecommerce purchases, and it is a customer segment that needs attention. The mobile only segment needs to be considered seriously because online shoppers and mobile only shoppers are different in nature, and optimizing your website for both segments is becoming increasingly crucial. Read more here: Get Elastic

Five Productivity Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

10If you are a conversion rate optimization professional, no doubt you’ve tried many tools to help in making your work easier, either by simplifying the analytical data or just improving the collaboration, along with other options. Increasing your productivity can become crucial at a certain point, which is why we have collected the five best known tools that can help you do your job in a much more efficient way. Take a look: Crazy Egg

Smartphones Are Rewiring Our Brains!

The Smartphones we so excessively use today are changing our brain and thumb interactions, according to researchers from the University of Zurich. Meaning the way you scroll and surf on the internet with your mobile device is slowly and gradually changing the way your thumb and brain interacts. The study measured people’s brain activity using a number of electrodes placed on their scalp and what the maps then indicated was essentially the amount of variance between people that we could explain by simply viewing their phone logs. A lot of the history of brain activity can be easily explained by only looking at the nature of usage of the devices alone. Take a look at the study here: Reuters

Addressing Real-Time Search Results through Trending Topics Connected to Names Entities

11When a user performs a search in any one of the major search engines, the engine concentrates on generating quick and helpful responses and part of that involves looking for the queries in all the topics that have been recently trending. This is done to see if there is any latest news that can be reported to the user, and this is exactly how only search engines are slowly becoming real-time monitors of the entire world. Read more here: SEO by the Sea

Connected Stores

12In order for retail stores to thrive, retailers have probably already gotten the message that they need to upgrade the tech-ante. Customers are looking for the best shopping environment and experience, and it is the responsibility of the retailers to make their wishes come true. Adding interactive technology to your brick and mortar stores can help you have as much fun with real shopping as you do with ecommerce shopping these days. Take a look: Third Wave Fashion

Ecommerce Home Pages in 2015

13Based on how they treated home page designing, ecommerce has gradually been divided into two groups through 2014. A homepage based on a single photo and many parallax effects was what took 2014 by storm, and in 2015 we will see some of the most brilliant examples of their effective usage. Follow this link: Amasty


Amazing Blogs Related to Guerilla Marketing and Advertising

14Similar to how designers always have a list of blogs that they religiously follow, marketers need their own prized list as well. Some blogs feature great information and once you find one which suits your way of working, there is no stopping you from learning effective tricks and techniques that can help you excel at work. Check out this link for the best blogs for marketers: Guerilla Freelancing

Shopping Cart Abandonment

15Online retailers lose a substantial amount of potential revenue every year, only because visitors on their website only fill up their shopping carts and leave without making the purchases. The term used for this is shopping cart abandonment and there a number of reasons that compel a client to leave a shopping cart full of potential purchases. Check out this infographic to see why shoppers abandon their purchases: Nextopia

Illuminating Ecommerce Statistics

16A round up is published almost every week about the best digital marketing stats and the gigantic database is added to very month. Stats are important because they depict the progress you have made clearly, outline the potential, and give accurate results. Along with that they can be used effectively for your website as well, so check out this great infographic that features some of the most interesting ecommerce stats from around the world: Econsultancy

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Friday Catch-Up: Twitter Partnerships, Google Launches and More

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