Friday Catch-up: Your Latest Round of News from Google, SEO, SMX and Beyond

1So, it’s Friday once again, and we’re back with the latest Friday catch-up for you. This week, prepare to learn about some insider SEO tips from the best in the business. You will also get to find out some of the best content marketing ideas of October 2015. You will also learn about new and exciting ideas to improve your social media profiles with the least effort. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Big Announcement from Google Keynote

2It isn’t unheard of for Google executives to share some new and crazy insights on their inner workings on the SMX stage, and we weren’t disappointed this time either. Vice President of product management at Google Display Network, Brad Bender made some big announcements at this year’s event on key issues, such as using programmatic advertising and spotting conversion trends for ads on Google. So, if you want to think about ads differently from now on, click here.

Do Not Repeat the Same Words on a Page – Google

3For those of you who have no clue on how Google works anymore, Google’s very own John Mueller addressed the questions that are mostly on the user’s mind in a video that was released recently. Most of the answers have got to do with the repetitive nature of content on category landing pages which proves to be a tough nut to crack for most SEO specialists. Well, Mueller explains it all in detail in the video.

Google Introduces its New “Customer Match” Service

4The new service which has been introduced by Google only recently enables marketers to tailor make their ads for specific audiences. The new service also allows advertisers to upload email lists which are matched up with Google sign in emails, but anonymized so that the advertisers cannot view the person’s name or any other personal information apart from their email address. To find out more about the service, you can click here.


SMX East Touches on SEO Issues

5Few would deny that SEO specialists face the kinds of challenges that most people would just love to avoid. The only thing is that, as an SEO specialist, you simply can’t avoid them. One big problem for ecommerce websites is duplicate content. All these questions and more have been answered at the recently held SEO-centered SMX East event.

Find out the Importance of Content

6We all know that content is king, but exactly how great of a king is it? Well, it’s seems like the folks up at Moz and BuzzSumo where thinking of the same thing when they thought of analyzing the content of nearly a million articles to find out what makes content on the internet tick. Their findings help shed some light on the types of posts which receive fewer shares of links and also the impact of content format on the shares and links. The answers that they came up with are pretty interesting, if you want to find out more, you can read more here.

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The Online Marketing Ideas for October

7October is a big month in the US, Yom Kippur, Columbus Day, and Halloween. There’s even an Apple Day in the UK (not related to the company though!). With so many interesting and exciting events happening in October, it makes sense to come up with a content marketing strategy that fits the festivities. Some of the best cost-effective ways for small to medium businesses to market their goods online in October have been mentioned here.

Ways to Plan Next Year’s Training Budget

8Running a business ain’t easy, especially when you’re looking for new ways to grow and expand out to other markets. One factor that plays a major role in the scalability of a business is the budget. It is without a doubt that the right distribution of a budget makes a big difference to the overall productivity of a business. If you’re on the fence on which functions of your business should be in-house and which should be outsourced you can gain some inside tips here.

Send the Right Signals Through the Right Use of Structured Data

9While we all know that using structured data is by far the best way to send out the right vibes to the search engines about your website. Finding out the best starting point is often times a tough nut to crack. If you find that leveraging the schema markup of your website is eluding you, fret not, because you’re not alone. The fact of the matter is that finding out the right schemas have always been tough, which is why being ranked on the top spot in a search engine is so exciting. If you want your business website to be on the top real estate of some of the biggest search engines such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing, you can read all about it here.

Why Doesn’t Anybody Want Your Ebook

10You don’t have to struggle when it comes to selling your e-book. There are ways in which you can set your e-book apart from the rest. The only problem is, you haven’t been using the techniques that could help you do that. Believe it or not, there are some “out-of-the-book” ways out there that can help you cure those low subscription rates for your e-books and help you grow your email list.

A Dozen Ways to Build a Cool Social Media Profile

11Everybody wants to look cool online. And the best way of doing that is by creating a killer profile. While this might sound simple at first, the fact of the matter is that it’s pretty hard to stand out in the digital world. While most people include a name and a photo on their profile, surprisingly, that is not all you can do to spruce up your digital image. So, now that you’ve found that out, it’s time to put that game controller down, get on the monkey bars and optimize your profile on all your social media accounts so that you can get noticed like you never have before. You can start by using these.

Rival IQ Shares New LinkedIn Insights

12If you own a business and you’re looking for ways to analyze how your official LinkedIn page is doing then you’re probably wondering how it’s done. No matter how small or large a business may be, the importance of LinkedIn analytics cannot be denied. To find out more on some of the key factors that will make your LinkedIn profile successful, Rival IQ has released some of their very useful insights when it comes to planning goals and building a more efficient team by getting in-depth knowledge of your web and social media analytics. You can read more on their findings here.

Google Analytics & Google Analytics Premium—What’s the Difference?

13Ever wondered what’s the difference between the services of Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium? Well, for starters, there’s the name, but the fancy name does mean that there’s more to look forward to. If you have no idea what those differences are then sit back and read more on how Google treats their Premium and normal customers. It’s a given that added perks normally come with a price in most services, so why should Google be any different, right?

Getting Started with Your YouTube Advertising

14Wouldn’t it be great if you could just crush the competition by creating and posting awesome ads on YouTube? Whether they are video ads or banner ads, having a successful ad campaign on YouTube can easily shoot your sales through the roof, which is why they are so important for businesses regardless of their size. Since we all now agree that online video is huge, here you will find the best practices of pushing your product or service on YouTube.

Presentations & Videos

The Best Internet Life Hacks

15Life hacks, what would we do without them! They make our lives easier, they improve our existence, and they allow us to “hack” without actually getting in to trouble with the law. Few would deny that the internet is the best thing that happened to use since sliced bread. But, are we using it to its full potential.  Maybe not, that is, not unless you’re using these internet hacks.

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Friday Catch-up: Your Latest Round of News from Google, SEO, SMX and Beyond

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