Friday Catch-Up: The Web of Giants

friday_awesome_quote1Hello Everyone! It’s our favorite time of the week again and we are back with all the latest news related to the web giants that have been ruffling up some feathers in the online market and trying to gain widespread attention – Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, and Adwords are in the big news this week. Let us take a look at what has been happening recently in the tech world, what’s worth reading, and some amazing new infographics as per tradition.

News & Updates

Google Finally Launches its Mobile Friendly Label

1Google has been testing it for months and it’s finally here – the mobile-friendly label in mobile search results. In an effort to make mobile searches a lot easier than they used to be, Google has now added a text label linked to the URL that will denote if the website is mobile-friendly or not. This has made a searcher’s life incredibly easy. Google never seems to stop trying to come up with ways that can help make the web experience simple and sophisticated at the same time. Read more: Search Engine Land.

AdWords Now Offers New Insights on Gender, Age, and Parental Status

Under the display section of AdWords, a new demographics tab has been added that displays charts on age, gender, and parental status for any campaigns that may be running on the network (even the retargeted ones). The rollout began last month and these charts have made it simpler to estimate what kind of audience your ads are reaching. The reach can now be accessed through these charts by clicks and conversions with the drop-down and impressions. You can even analyze the data by comparing it to other combinations! Sounds interesting? Follow this link to read more: Search Engine Land.

Yahoo Search Adds Black Friday Countdown

Friday, November 28th is Black Friday – How do we know? Because unlike all its competitors, Yahoo is now giving you a countdown widget till the big day. If you search straight away for Black Friday, the widget does not appear, but it does show when you are making searches that are completely unrelated. Find out more: Search Engine Roundtable.

Mozilla and Google Part Ways

Google has been Firefox’s default search engine since 2004, which had made Mozilla extremely rich since 85% of their income came from Google. This deal has now come to an end and the companies are not looking to renew it. Mozilla has recently announced that it will be shifting to a variety of search providers – Yahoo in US, Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China, and so on. They have signed a five-year contract with Yahoo and the agreement entails that Yahoo will start to limit its ability to track user activity through advertisements. While the move comes as a surprise to most, it kind of makes sense given that Google has Chrome which is a direct competitor of Firefox. Read more: ARS Technica.

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Posts worth Reading and Bookmarking

How to Use Customer insights to Succeed

2Understanding customer behavior is probably the most important skill that any B2B company needs to acquire and it can help you boost your business substantially. With the help of a few questions, some successful B2B companies have shared their valued insights and all of them agree on the fact that it is very important to use the client’s feedback, experience, and analytics for the benefit of the organization. Find out how: User Testing.

Data Visualization

There is something very compelling about taking complexity and presenting it in the simplest form possible with the motive of letting the accumulated insight drive accomplishment. Data visualization can be used to communicate efficiently while using a very minimalistic approach that does not strain the viewer’s mind. Follow this link to look at a few good data visualizations that work perfectly: Kaushik.

SEO Tools and Other Useful Resources

3The one thing that stands correct offline as well as online is that people are more sharing and open in this field. The online individuals are generally very passionate about the things they do and this majorly contributes to the entire online marketing community. Are you interested in learning more about tools that you could use to be more productive as an online marketer? Read more: Portent.

Creating Delightful Landing Page Experiences for Mobile Users

4Isn’t pinching and zooming in to read the copy of a landing page a bit annoying? That is exactly how the users of your landing page must feel as well if you haven’t given them any serious thought. Optimizing your landing page experience for mobile is a strategy you simply cannot ignore, but there are a number of things you need to know about the mobile visitors to get a fair idea of what you need to do. Read more to find out: Unbounce.

7 Differences between Mobile Commerce and Desktop

Mobile Ecommerce (or mcommerce) has been growing substantially in the recent years. Interestingly, most mobile shoppers have much different shopping habits than laptop or desktop users. Without studying their purchasing habits, one cannot expect to successfully launch any small mobile ecommerce business venture. Follow this link to view a list of differences between mobile and desktop customers: Practical Ecommerce.

Checking Your Blog Conversion

5We should be aware of how well our blog is converting and if the content is taking your business forward or not. But Google Analytics can help us with that, it provides us with information that can help us realize how big an impact our content is making. Follow this link to view some great tips for conversion optimization: Search Engine People.

Global Pages Out-Performed By Local Pages

6There are a number of brands that have extended their promotions to local pages on Facebook and recent studies have shown that the activity rate of local pages has proved to be much higher than that of global pages of the same brand. It also revealed that global pages do have more total interactions, but interaction per 1000 on local pages is substantially higher. This is probably because social networks, like Facebook, are much more interactive and a simple post can help you spread the word about any updates to a large number of audiences. Such platforms are a good place to test your brand’s initial capabilities as well. Follow this link to read more: Inside Facebook.

Prep Up You Marketing Strategy for Holiday Shopping Season!

Christmas stress - busy woman wearing santa hat stressing for chOnly a few days are left till Christmas and Black Friday – a good time to reassess your marketing strategy wouldn’t you say? The last few weeks are critical and marketers will be looking for creative ideas to implement in their strategies of digital marketing or otherwise. Since everyone knows how crazy all the ecommerce shoppers can get around this time of the year, we think analyzing your strategy might not be such a bad idea after all. Follow this link to find out about some valuable promotional tactics to implement this holiday season: Marketing Profs.

Choosing the Right Social Video Platform

8One of the most powerful online business tools are social media videos, but smaller companies find it quite challenging to gain a large audience only because they are marketing their content on the wrong platforms. Videos generally require more effort and time than any other medium of content and there are currently many social media platforms online that offer a good audience. But how do you know which one would be best for your business? Follow the link to find out: HootSuite.


This week, we have some really amazing infographics and slides in store for you. Take a look:

How to Mind Map Your Content

9Once you have created your content and posted it online, you can’t just sit back and relax. You need to start mapping your content to estimate its reach and ensure it makes an impact on your target audience. It is very important to map your content not only before its creation but after it too, by linking it with other content for curation purposes. This physical mind map will help you realize your objectives and follow the audience response so that you can direct it in your own favor. Check out our new infographic to find out more: Content Marketing Institute.

What to Do While Site Crawling

10All marketers are required to do a quarterly crawl through their own website to identify any repeated content or errors, optimized texts, internal linking, and overall structure. It is very important that these errors and mishaps are realized and eliminated to ensure a good response on your website. But how do you assess this information and use it? Check out this very interactive infographic that explains it all in detail: Slide Share.

How to be Intentional with Your Content

11You face certain failures if you are not actively intentional with your content and SEO. More and more companies are now investing in the field of marketing but they are generally observed to not focus on the quality of their content or what goals they are set to achieve. Check out Today’s Whiteboard Friday where Rand explains what goals are implied while targeting different sorts of people: MOZ.

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Friday Catch-Up: The Web of Giants

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