March Round-Up: Recent News from the World of Digital Marketing

Finally the warm days have come and the post-Easter mood is in the air. We would like to expand your good mood on our first spring digest, that’s why we prepared a portion of the most recent and talked about news. Follow us and please, do not hesitate to drop us a line in case any additional questions arrive.   

  1. Continuing to make the web more mobile friendly

A year ago Google announced they are going to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. The announcement of March states the process is going on, however you still have time till May (time when Google is going to roll out an update to mobile search results) to optimize your website, making it mobile-friendly. Check whether your site displays correctly on mobile with a Google Mobile-friendly Test.

Mobile-Friendly Test

  1. Video ads are coming to Facebook instant articles

Instant Articles on Facebook is an additional section aimed to help you communicate with your customers through content, allowing to post articles directly on Facebook with no need to link to your website. Till now publishers could post only one ad for each 350 words of content. The upcoming improvement will make it possible to post an additional ad unit at the bottom of each instant article as well as add videos to your content. The tool is invaluable considering growing popularity of video content, that’s why we would highly recommend you to pay attention to it and to include it to your social media marketing strategy. If you are a beginner on Facebook check out our Facebook beginners guide by Promodo professional – Mary Shvets.

Video Ads Are Coming to Facebook

  1. The real impact of Google’s new paid search ad layout on organic search

We have already enlightened the news stating Google changes its paid-ads strategy – there will be no more paid ads on a right-hand side of search results. In our February Round-Up we provided an analytics on how it will influence PPC marketers and businesses approaches to paid search ads. In this material we would like to show you the reverse side of the coin – the analytics on how this Google’s change will influence organic search.

The real impact of Google’s new ad policy

  1. Gmail Ads: Email marketing without the emails

In 2015 Gmail rolled out native Gmail Ads to AdWords advertisers worldwide, making it possible to target more than 900 million active Gmail users. In the provided article, all the available options of using Gmail Ads are explored, and accompanied with a real-life cases; based on the experience of Periscopix (a Merkle company).

Gmail Ads- Email marketing

  1. How Google’s AMP Will Influence Your Online Marketing

Google AMP allows to load your content faster and make it look better on mobile search. The article explains how Google AMP works, how to set it up, and which benefits and weaknesses it has. In our time of high speeds – each second matters to keep your consumer on your web source – consider this article to make improvements to your website.

How Google's AMP Will look like

  1. Ad Blockers and the Future of Digital Advertising

According to the IBM studies, 144 million people worldwide used ad blocker, which is an increase for 70 % comparing to 2014. Being an issue for marketers – this news is also an area for creative native ads, becoming more and more popular. In this material, the ways to overcome the “adblock” issue are discussed as well as the tools to adjust to these new circumstances are provided.

Ad Blockers and the Future of Marketing

  1. 3 Reasons Why Instagram has 60-second videos

As videos are growing in popularity among all the other types of content – Instagram rolled up a new feature allowing its users to upload videos with a length up to 60 seconds. The material provides the detailed analysis of this decision my Instagram.  For your business it means Instagram becomes a video platform along with YouTube and Snapchat, however you should specify your content for the requirements of this platform.

  1. Why content marketing isn’t SEO and why SEO isn’t just content

You’ve probably heard the idea that SEO is all about content marketing and user engagement. The article aims to dispute this opinion showing you differences between the two terms and the components of each of them. Need to get more ideas on SEO content strategy? Read our material – 6 tips on SEO content strategy.

Why content marketing isn’t SEO

  1. Instagram Is Testing Algorithmic Filtering In Its Photo Feed

Instagram is about to implement a search algorithm used by its parent company – Facebook. It means users will see pictures depending not on the date of posting, but rather on a relevance of content. For your marketing strategy it means even more narrow targeting and audience restriction. Read the material to prepare yourself and stay up-to-date to the new ranking system.

  1. Are chatbots the next big step forward for mobile marketing?

Chatbots are a new blowth in mobile world, allowing users to get additional functions together with basic messaging as well as marketers to create mini-interfaces inside a messaging app for any marketing purposes. The article describes the mechanisms of how everything works out as well as analytics on whether chatbots are the next big chapter in mobile marketing or just a temporary fashion trend.

Are chatbots the next big thing

  1. Which content marketing metrics you need to track

Content marketing is becoming one of the essentials for effective promotion online and one of the most critical things in digital marketing planning. However, posting interesting and relevant content is not the only thing that matters. The more important is to understand which content brings you leads and conversions (and, accordingly, brings you money). In this article, the main metrics are discussed and explained. Read it to enlarge the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.


  1. This Tool Puts Your Keyword Campaigns Into Overdrive

If you are already an experienced marketer and know how to work with keyword search and set up Google AdWords campaigns – this article will be helpful, offering you the methods of keyword matching. If you are new to keyword optimization – you can find the basics in our material – How Proper Keyword Optimization Can Help Your Business Grow.

Hope this edition of our digest was interesting and useful. Need more tips and tricks? Contact us!

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March Round-Up: Recent News from the World of Digital Marketing

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