Marijuana Majority: how to attract the tens of celebrities and millions of impressions in a week

We would like to bring to your attention a Marijuana Majority digital marketing plan which had managed to reach more than four million people in three weeks. The platform has been designed by a famous American Collective Agency, which, by the way, has designed a Burning Map for the Burning man festival.

This resource shares opinion of those famous and influential people of new technologies field, show business, and politics – who are not agree with marijuana criminalization. 

As Marijuana Majority’s team state the whole deal is not about addicts. According to Gallup Poll from last year, 50% of those who responded to the poll supported legalizing marijuana. The goal of the organization is to explain people they are not alone in their love to marijuana, and the low has run its course.

Morgan Freeman, Academy award-winning actor:

“It’s just the stupidest law possible… You’re just making criminals out of people who aren’t engaged in criminal activity. And we’re spending zillions of dollars trying to fight a war we can’t win! We could make zillions, just legalize it and tax it like we do liquor. It’s stupid.”

Each of the project participants is able to specify in what way he or she would like the low to be reformed:

• Use of marijuana for medical purposes;

• Decriminalization of marijuana;

• Legalizing of marijuana.

The idea has been already supported by Sean Parker, Dustin Moskovitz, Peter Thiel, Pamela Anderson, David Duchovny, Whoopi Goldberg, and many others. There are also pictures of people marked with question:

This means they use social networking sites and they are able to recall mind to a subject. Anyone can click on the pictures of those celebrities and tweet them a pre-written messages to get out the quote.

Tom Angell, the founder and chairman at Marijuana Majority, tells:

“Anyone that understands that the laws are broken and should be fixed shouldn’t be afraid to say so…Rihanna often tweets about how she loves marijuana but hasn’t said anything publicly about the policy”.


For the moment marijuana is legalized in Colorado and Washington. Marijuana law reform will allow those under the age of 21 to legally purchase one ounce (28.3 grams) of recreational drug in a special point of sale and use it for personal purposes (not in public places). In California marijuana is legalized for medical purposes and may be purchased on prescription.

Here is the list of tech leaders who support legalizing of marijuana:

▪ Peter Thiel, American entrepreneur and co-founder of PayPal – has donated $70,000 to the Yes on Proposition 19 Campaign, the 2010 California Initiative to Legalize Marijuana.

▪ Sean Parker, big investor and co-founder of Napster and Airtime – has donated $100,000 to the Yes on Proposition 19 Campaign.

▪ Dustin Moskovitz – co-founder of Facebook and Asana. Dustin stated a California initiative to legalize marijuana could stabilize national security, aid the economy, and reduce the number of prisoners who serve their sentences for non-violent offenders.

▪ John Perry Barlow, American poet and essayist, one of the co-founders of Electronic Frontier Foundation – expressed a hope “the US and Mexico could try decriminalizing drugs”.

▪ Paul Bucheit, former Google member and creator of Gmail, considers “marijuana prohibition is an attack on our right to control our bodies and minds, as well as a multi-billion subsidy to organized crime”.

The results of this digital marketing campaign

Here is what Collective Agency representatives write:

“In our campaign strategy phase, we integrated social media strategy into the fabric of the site. For instance, many of the top quotes included a link to “Share Image Meme,” which would send the user to a beautifully designed image on Facebook, displaying the quote superimposed over a portrait. The images on Facebook had a URL that linked back to the site, which created a strong viral loop. Within the first week of launch, the most visible meme was shared tens of thousands of times and was seen by millions”.

The website received positive feedbacks from the leading technology online publications, so digital media marketing specialist may want to seriously consider this case.


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Marijuana Majority: how to attract the tens of celebrities and millions of impressions in a week

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