What Pandas, Penguins and Pigeons are doing this Christmas!

1We have been waiting for Friday ever since Monday, and finally it’s here! Our weekly ritual of bringing in the latest SEO and internet marketing news to our loyal readers has long been the source of inspiration that gets us through the long and tiring work week. With 2015 right around the corner, and the jingle bells and cold winds chilling you to the bone, grab a cup of warm delicious coffee as you read about all that is happening in the online world, because we have collected every bit of information to keep you updated about what this week’s posts are all about.

This week, Google seems to be getting all the limelight and attention with their annual statistics.

News & Updates

The Top Search Trends of 2014 by Google

2Marking the third consecutive year that the demise of an iconic personality tops the trending search topics, this year’s most searched term was Robin Williams – the actor who committed suicide in August, 2014. Even though news events figured prominently, Google did not feature any tech related devices as top search items unlike the way things were done previously. Check out this link to see who else landed the top searched list: Marketing Charts.

Google Pigeon Updates Expand Their Horizons – UK & Canada Roll-Out

Google confirms the roll-out of their local Pigeon update expanding to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. BrightLocal were the first to spot the alteration, and when asked, Google indeed confirmed that local ranking algorithm has expanded. The original update aimed at giving useful, appropriate and precise local search results that are tied to the traditional search ranking signals. As Google covers more territory through this rollout that took place last week, a major impact is expected on the local shopping traffic and merchants based in Canada, UK, and Australia. We all expected Google to wait till after the holiday season for this update, but apparently, the cat is out of the bag. Take a look: Search Engine Land

SEL’s Year in Review

3It’s just a matter of days when we will turn our calendars over to 2015 and say our goodbyes to 2014. But before everything is said and done, the editorial team at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land that brings you the daily features and news looks back at the popular most content published in 2014 on these two websites. New readers can find some great news or commentaries that they might have missed the first time and regular readers will enjoy these sweet reminders to updates that shaped the marketing industry this year. The update also reveals how over the span of next two weeks, they will be revealing the most well-liked columns and most shared posts. Take a look: Search Engine Land

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Useful Posts

Awesome Tools for Social Media Success

4Do you know what the most daunting task to do is? Managing you social media profiles. All big networks follow their own set of rules and some of them even seriously lack the presence or working of any crucial statistics along with the ability to properly and successfully schedule their posts. To increase the level of interaction with prospects on your social media, improve the quality of user engagement, and save valuable time as well, the only thing you can do to perform successfully is by using tools. This post discusses some of the best tools you can use for complete success with social media. Read more here: Semrush

2014’s Best AdWords Features

5Google has constantly been running tests and introducing latest features in AdWords – in fact, the current rate is a hundred every year. Although there is no telling what the future holds, considering the pace at which Google has been developing AdWords, it looks pretty promising! Advertisers were highly excited with a lot of the updates that happened and this post tells you more about the Top Ten AdWords features released in 2014 that have been recommended by experts. Sorry for the spoilers, but the Shopping Campaigns featured in AdWords that took us by storm tops the list! Read more here: Word Stream

The Most Fundamental Plug-Ins You Can Use For Your Website

6Content Management systems such as the likes of WordPress have made the creation, maintenance, and management of a website extremely easy. All the activities related to content management and publishing can be easily handled with the help of these CMSs. For any flourishing and serious business, content marketing has become extremely important as it literally now predicts how well your services or products will do in the market. This is why we have found you this God-send of a post! Here are the seven most helpful marketing plug-ins that come highly recommended by experts for content marketing campaigns. Take a look: Stuart J. Davidson

Beat the Competition of Local Queries with These Amazing Fixes

7Search engines are important. Period. Anybody who owns any kind of e-commerce or serious business knows this to be true. But you witness an exponential magnification in the importance when you look at local business statistics. Almost 80% of all prospects and consumers turn to search engines for any kind of local information they may be looking for. Not only that, consumers have a higher chance of conversion through local searches as compared to search results that are non-local. It’s about time we start giving local searches the focus and effort they actually demand. Follow this link to find out the Top Ten fixes that will keep you in the competitive game of local query pop-ups. Read more here: Search Engine Journal

SEO Answer For Your Development Team – 2015

8As SEOs, we share the responsibility of positively styling the outcome of Web development projects that we are a constant part of. This effectively means that we are also responsible for providing answers to the questions of stakeholders and developers about the state of the search currently. We need to do everything keeping in mind that our primary goal is to ensure that the sites that are created in 2015 will be built based on accurate SEO standards, that a site is created to engage traffic and drive it, and that the performance of the website can easily be measured. All your important questions related to this have been asked and answered here: Search Engine Watch

Extend Your Holiday Marketing to 2015

9Creating long-term relationships with your prospects based on customer loyalty and profits requires marketing professionals to find a way through which they can successfully extend the holiday sales into the next year. Months are spent in preparing for the holiday craze as marketers undertake campaigns, initiatives for data accumulation and mobile device e-commerce website optimization. The rush and flow seems to end on December 26th, when all of us look back at Black Friday, Christmas, and Cyber Monday sales. But there is really no reason to say goodbye to 2014 sales just because the mistletoe has been taken down. Check out this informative post on how to extend that period of crazy sales during the holidays. Take a look: Marketing Profs

Optimizing Your Pricing Page through Psychological Triggers

Online sales are majorly affected by pricing pages, and designing the most fluent pricing page is highly crucial to increasing your revenue and check-outs. This, however, does not mean that the design of the page is the only thing you focus on. There are many things that can influence and trigger psychological purchasing behaviors, and since the products and services are supplied on the consumer’s demand to compensate their emotional requirements, the pricing page should embody those needs to reel the prospects in. The way you present your product will define your prospect’s decision-making process, so we have decided to tell you more about Psychological Triggers that can be used to influence a buyer’s behavior. Take a look: Kiss Metrics

E-Commerce Design Trends – 2015

10Mobile device friendly e-commerce websites will become a necessity if you want to win any kind of business online in 2015. Keeping that in mind, we can assume there will be a huge impact on how online retail websites and B2B sites will be designed. Mobile friendly devices are known to be a competitive advantage that gives you leverage over competing businesses, but in 2015, it will become mandatory to have a mobile-ready design or version of your site. This only leaves businesses to compete with powerful designing strategies, which is why you need to follow this link to find out six web design trends that could change e-commerce website for good. Read more here: Practical Ecommerce

Setting Up a Facebook Strategy For 2015

11The landscape of social media has been undergoing a continuous transformation and a brand’s strategy should go through a change along with it. As 2014 gradually comes to an end, marketers are busy in preparing effective strategies to leverage the maximum number of opportunities and overcome any obstacles. The manner in which the audience is consuming content is also going through a change and it is purely up to brands to ensure that their Facebook social media strategy is aligned with those habits to guarantee unbound success in 2015. Check out these interesting predictions for the New Year: Inside Facebook

Target’s Holiday Season Preparation: the Good and the Bad

Major Ecommerce websites and their UX designs were reviewed along with Stephanie Prevost – Lowe Profero’s head of user experience – New York assesses Target’s website to check out how well they have prepared for the holiday craze. Take a look: The Drum


Inspiring Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations Every Marketer Should See

12Some presentations have gorgeous and efficient designs, some possess fluently actionable takeaways, and some just provide valuable advice, but the best kinds of presentations have all of these attributes. If you are starting up working on attractive PowerPoint presentations, follow this link for some inspiration: Hub Spot

Sound Proof Boxes as Office Spaces for Complete Introverts

13We were supposed to be liberated from cubicle land with the help of open offices, but with the release of these new designs of sound proof boxes that can serve as offices, the critical belief that open office spaces hinder your productivity has prevailed. Take a look: The Atlantic.

Social Shoppers and Holiday Season

It makes sense for consumers to be searching around on the net for products of their interest during the biggest e-commerce shopping events of the year – Cyber Monday and Black Friday. This makes it extremely important for all retailers to understand the major differences between offline and online shoppers. Advertising can give businesses unprecedented capabilities to target the right audience at the right time. Find out more about this interesting post here: Retail Touch Points

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What Pandas, Penguins and Pigeons are doing this Christmas!

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